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  • 18 Feb 2020

If you are a college or university student then being able to write a good essay is an important skill for you. This skill will also be useful to you if you opt for an academic career or take up any field that requires analytical or persuasive writing. When writing an essay the first important thing to bear in mind is the guidelines provided by your teacher. You should also conduct thorough research using authentic and reputable sources.

The essay should be organized carefully and your arguments should be supported with strong evidence and examples. Once you have drafted you should double-check your essay to ensure that you have put in your best effort. If you feel that you will not be able to write the perfect essay for any reason then you should opt for academic essay help. Let us look at the things that even professional essay writers follow when writing an essay.

Follow the instructions in the letter

It is necessary to understand what the essay is about and you should also check for any specific rules to follow. You should check your assignment thoroughly and make sure what you need to do. The different tasks that an essay puts forth can be specific. For instance:

  • The essay may require you to answer a specific question
  • The essay may be a critical analysis of any source, like a book, film, poem or work of art
  • The objective of the essay may be to check your ability to put forth an argument after researching the subject given.
  • You may be asked to compare different ideas, events, etc.

Make sure you follow the formatting requirements

Teachers differ a lot from each other as far as the formatting requirements are concerned. You should carefully check the assignment for the guidelines for formatting. The formatting guidelines may be about spacing between lines, length of the essay, font size, number of paragraphs and pages, etc. If the formatting requirements are not clarified on the assignment sheet then you should ask for them. If you are taking essay writing help from professionals then you should provide the formatting guidelines to them also.

If you don’t understand something ask for clarification

Do not feel shy while asking for clarification if you have any questions. Most instructors will happily explain something that is not clear to you. They may also offer advice on how to go about writing your essay.

Pick your topic carefully

Usually, essay assignments are not specific and students have to pick their own topics based on the subject. For this, you should find out what the main point of the essay should be and how you are going to approach it. For this, you should choose a topic which you find really interesting. It could also point out a question that you will like to provide the answer to. If you feel too bogged down by the essay assignment and if it is some difficult subject like economics then you should opt for economics essay writing help.

Research the topic extensively

If you feel that you do not have the time to conduct the research required for your management-related essay then it is advisable to opt for management essay writing help. However, if you are writing the essay yourself then you should make optimum use of the resources of your school. Most schools have a good library and you should start by checking the library website and searching for keywords related to your essay topic. This will be good for building your essay bibliography. Your teacher or the librarian can also suggest some good sources for the essay.

You should also choose the sources carefully because these sources should be well-sourced, reputable, and updated. Ideally, you should use sources that have been published in the past 5 or 10 years. Avoid popular publications and user-edited websites. It is a good idea to use peer-reviewed articles, scholarly books, or academic journals which will be easily available in your college library. The professionals providing leadership essay help or help for essays on any topic usually have their own reputable and reliable sources which they consult while writing your essay.

As far as the writing of the actual essay is concerned you can follow a particular pattern. Our writers can also assist you to write an economic essay.

Writing the thesis statement

The first thing to do is to create a clear thesis statement, which is the most important part of the essay. In fact, your essay should revolve around the thesis statement. This is the main argument of the essay and it should be clear, and concise in explaining the argument. The thesis statement should be 1 or 2 sentences. The thesis should be presented towards the end of the introduction along with a brief outline of the evidence which will support the thesis statement.

Making an outline

Once you have decided on the topic and conducted the research required for the essay then is the time to organize your thoughts. For this, you should note down the most important points which you would like to touch and these should be in the order in which you are going to address them in your essay. The introduction and conclusion can be written later. This is because writing the introduction is usually tough and you may get bogged down by it at the beginning itself. However, if you create the body of the essay first then you will have enough material to create the introduction. Here you need to bear in mind that the very first task as mentioned above is creating the thesis statement.

Once you have noted all the points in the proper order then is the time to form the essay in the format that has been asked for. If you follow the methods mentioned above then writing the essay will be an enjoyable task.

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