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Academic Essay Help

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What is an Academic Essay?

There are many types of papers and essays you will be asked to write when you are a student. One of the most common assignments among those is an academic essay help. Academic essays present a logical point of view on a variety of topics. These essays are a reflection of your understanding of the basic course material, your extra effort that you have made in researching for your essay topic and your analytical ability in choosing and commenting on the materials you have used for your research.

An academic essay help should provide a solid thesis that advances a debate which is then supported by relevant evidence, analysis, and interpretation. No doubt your essay should be written in an organized way so that the readers follow and value your thoughts and ideas. The essays are variable in terms of content and length, which depends on your subject of study, your level, and your specific course requirements.

Academic Essay Help

Types of Academic Essays

There are four main types of academic essays, such as narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive.

Narrative Essay – It is like storytelling. For this type of writing the author needs to create a story about something that has happened to him. It may be either a situation or a memory or an incident that has happened in his life at some point in time. This type of essay shows the imagination power as well as the creative ability of an author that motivates the reader to read the whole narration.

Descriptive Essay – This type of essay is used to describe something, such as an idea, emotion, experience, person, location, or piece of art. Writing this type of essay is somehow the same as narrative essay writing services. Here the author needs to be creative as well as subjective. A careful and powerful selection of words is a must to help connect the readers to the subject of the paper.

Expository Essay – This type of essay persuades your readers and makes them agree with your opinion and also show them that you are competent and able to think critically. Its main goal is to deliver information about an issue or subject. You are supposed to inform, explain, or describe your readers about a particular issue or subject. You can analyze or describe your issue or subject through evidence, discussion, or by presenting an idea.

Persuasive Essay – This essay is also known as argumentative essay. This type of essay persuades your readers and makes them understand your project, opinion, or idea. Here you argue something, a point or a topic. You base your essay around points that support your topic. You have to try and convince the reader of your point of view.

Different Topics of Academic Essay

Topics of Narrative Essay

  • Explain any adverse situation that you have faced and overcame in your life.
  • Write about your passion without which you will feel incomplete if it is not in your life.
  • Write a story that tells the value of honesty and morality.
  • Write a story that describes the importance of discipline and hard work.

Topics of Descriptive Essay

  • Explain love in your own words.
  • What makes a hero and what is a heroic action?
  • What is a genius and how they act?
  • What is a businessperson and what are their characteristics?

Topics of Expository Essay

  • How do social media affect the relationships and communications between two persons?
  • What strategies does society need to follow to reduce the risks of global warming?
  • What are the different methods that society needs to execute to prevent online bullying?
  • What is racism and what are the reasons behind it?

Topics of Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

  • Present an argument on whether the death sentence should be terminated or not.
  • Do we need to give more rights to the animals instead of just using them as property?
  • Does the United States need to have a stringent policy on usage of arms or weapons?
  • Was the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing a mass murder or it was needed to end World War II?

Tips to Write an Academic Essay

  • Develop a Topic
  • Determine your topic and establish your thesis statement which should reflect the main idea behind your essay.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to write one of the above four types of essays like narrative, descriptive, expository or persuasive.
  • You may be asked to select a topic of your choice. Think about memory, experience or incident and write a story about it.
  • Do Proper Research
  • While writing about an experience, a memory or an incident you may not need to do any kind of research since that has happened to you and you are able to explain it well. But other kinds of essays need proper research to collect the necessary information that will support your argument.
  • Try to make notes as well. Give yourself enough time for your research.
  • Find the Right Sources and Make Notes
  • You can take online help to collect your required information or you can refer to different books, academic journals and newspapers also.
  • Find authentic sources and make notes of names, dates, and numbers whenever required.
  • Write down all the information about your references including the URL of the source so that it will be easier for you to refer to that source while writing your essay.
  • Create an Outline
  • After gathering all the information, you need to organize it. Your essay should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion.
  • Create a rough outline, which will help you in getting started with your writing.
  • Each paragraph should deal with a different idea. You can arrange those ideas in separate paragraphs as topic sentences.
  • Make sure the transitions between paragraphs are smooth to make your essay coordinated and organized.
  • Write Your Essay
  • Start with writing your introduction, which needs to include your thesis statement. It gives background information to the topic so that the reader is able to understand what your essay is all about. An outline will briefly describe the points that will be discussed in the essay. It also involves the arguments that need to be addressed in the essay.
  • The body of your essay is where you develop your argument logically that support your thesis, provide relevant evidence and develop your ideas. Here you present, interpret as well as analyze the sources and information that you have collected to support your arguments.
  • Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence. Topic sentences are used to create smooth transitions between paragraphs. Each topic sentence forms a transition between the previous and the present paragraph by introducing a new argument in the present paragraph. Transitions between sentences can be created using transition words. After writing each of your topic sentences, you need to present pieces of evidence to your readers in the form of examples, data or quotes. You should explain and interpret your shreds of evidence and show how you are able to develop your overall argument with the help of paragraphs.
  • There should be clear differences between the contents of each paragraph. Each paragraph should deal with something different. If two paragraphs talk on the same topic, both of them should approach the topic in slightly different ways. These differences should be visible and need to be noticed in the topic sentences.
  • Always provide a citation to sources that you have used in your essay to avoid plagiarism.
  • Write your conclusion at the end. It reminds your readers what your essay is all about. It should be precise. Here you need to restate your thesis statement. You should summarize the major points of your argument and make sure your argument supports your conclusion.
  • Include a bibliography at the end of your essay. Follow a specific citation style, such as APA, MLA or Harvard style to write your references. Each one has a different format which you need to follow to create your reference list or bibliography.
  • Edit and Proofread Your Work
  • After writing you need to revise your rough draft several times so that your essay will keep focused. Check and remove words and phrases that are used as fillers, improve your selection of words, and do correct the punctuation and grammatical errors if any. Look for sentences that are incomplete, mistakes in spellings, apostrophes in plurals, quotation rules followed or not, comma use, elimination of contracted words.

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Academic Essay Help

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