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  • 15 Feb 2020

How to Write an Economics Essay?

When you get the task to write an economics essay, it is expected that you present a clear argument and provide proper evidence to substantiate the argument. In each of the paragraphs, there should be a flow of the main idea which is the thesis, explanation, and reasoning, and evidence or example is the right structure to use.

An essay has conventional sections which you should follow these sections are the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Although this is a structure that is much used, still it is best to follow because it offers great clarity to the reader. Let us look at what you need to do in a stepwise manner to be able to write a great economics essay if you are not opting for economics essay writing help.

Read the question carefully

This is the first thing to do and that is to read and analyze the question carefully. You should understand completely what is being asked of you and you should keep this in mind throughout the writing of the essay. You need to look at the essential point in the question and highlight it. If the question is complex then you should break it down into parts. Make sure that you keep the question at the forefront of your thought process and don’t veer off the topic.

Research the topic properly

If you have understood the question clearly then the next step is to conduct thorough research on the topic. You can take the help of reading lists and the economics textbooks that you have. At the same time, you can also conduct thorough research online. Make sure that you understand all the main terms that are being discussed. Keep your research focused close to the essay question. You should also refer to any lecture or class notes that you have.

Think of a thesis statement

A thesis statement is usually one or two sentences in length and should be a response to the main question being asked. The thesis statement is of great help in forming the structure of the body of the essay and every point that you make should be related to the thesis statement. The approach that we are discussing here is also followed by the professionals providing economics and leadership essay help. These professionals follow this kind of structured and logical method to write essays which result in an excellent flow of thought and a well-formed essay.

Plan the content of the essay

Once you have given good thought to the question and conducted good research, you will by then have developed some ideas about what you wish to write in the essay. Creating a good plan for an essay will ensure that you stay focused on the key points. This, in turn, will result in a clearly structured essay that flows and develops in a fluent manner. Note down the main points that you want to focus on and make a basic list. Once you have noted down the main points add details to them and bring in the elements from the research. When writing the actual essay you should create a paragraph based on each point.

Think about the structure

Once you have mapped out the main points that need to be discussed in the essay, the next step is to take some time and decide how you will put them together. The structure of the essay is very important and you should place a lot of focus on it. The structure of the essay as mentioned above is introduction, body, and conclusion. The explanation and evidence all will be in the main body of the essay. The key points that you have thought out should be in the main body in a naturally fluent manner. In a longer essay, the main body can be broken into different segments. If there is a word limit to the essay then you should allocate a rough number of words in each segment. It is usually sufficient to write a paragraph each in the introduction and conclusion.

Now comes the part of actually writing the essay

First of all, there are two different approaches to writing an introduction. Some students feel that they get bogged down by the difficult task of writing the introduction first. These students can take leeway and write the main body first and then write the introduction based on the flow of the main body. Some students, however, prefer to write the introduction first. Whichever way you choose to do it your introduction should be interesting and coax the reader to go on reading further. The professionals who provide essay writing help also follow these methods. The introduction should contain the topic that you are discussing in the body of the essay. Along with this, it contains the material covered in the essay and the argument.

Outlining the argument

It is good to summarize the main argument in one or two sentences in the introductory paragraph and this will be your thesis statement. While writing the thesis statement you should aim at directly addressing and answering the question. Once you have stated this clearly, in the beginning, you can focus on the question as you continue to write the essay. This thesis statement should be at the forefront of your thought process while writing the essay. And you can also read about How To Write An Exploratory Essay?


Writing the body of the essay

This is the portion where you elucidate your argument and also mention the evidence supporting it. It is important for this section to be fluent and in proper order. Try to start each paragraph with a sentence that provides an outline of what you are going to cover in the paragraph. Each of the opening sentences of the paragraphs should address the essay question that we have discussed. The conclusion will summarize the body and this completes an essay that is usually written in this quality by management essay writing help providers.

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