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  • 10 Feb 2020

 Education tests in most schools and colleges involve writing a narrative essay. This test is one of the most important and expressive because, with this task, the teacher can evaluate the knowledge of the student along with the creative skills, potential, and overall mindset. It is often difficult to write a narrative essay and not all of us have a creative bent of mind. This is the reason that more and more students are taking the help of narrative essay writing services.

Choosing the right topic for the essay is the most difficult part. Then again there is the narration of any incident of your life – from your childhood, the most embarrassing time in your life, or some other topic. On the whole, this is a tough task and that is why many students choose to hire essay writing help from reliable companies. Let us look at how to choose the best topic for writing a narrative essay.

A narrative essay should tell a story

It could be an incident from your personal past, or of someone you know. The essay could be regarding a place, a person, an item, emotion or experience. You do not simply have to put down a description of the event or place, instead, you should write about it makes you feel. Hence you are not just drawing a picture with words, you are also putting forth your attitude. The reader should be able to relate with you and could also take a life lesson from the incident that you are writing about.

Pick a topic according to the length of the paper

Sometimes, students end up choosing a topic that is too wide, and it becomes impossible to cover while writing an essay of a particular length. On the other hand, if you choose a narrow topic then it becomes difficult to adopt a mode of close observation.

If you want to choose a narrow topic then it is better to choose an incident from your childhood. For instance, you could write about your childhood spent in a small town. Here again, you should not include your entire childhood, but instead a specific phase of it. On the other hand, if you choose to write about women’s rights it will be a good idea to talk about one incident rather than writing the entire history of women’s rights. If you are not taking a leaf out of your own life and choose a narrow topic then it becomes difficult to find research material because you will not be able to find sufficient credible resources to form the essay. The difficulties that arise in choosing a topic and then writing a narrative essay make many students look for academic essay help.

Proper brainstorming is necessary

When you start a brainstorming session for your narrative essay, you should not put aside any idea that comes to your mind. An idea may appear complicated, too far-fetched, too shallow or even downright silly. However, you need to note every idea because you never know which one of these ideas may evolve into something really remarkable. It is also a good idea to do the brainstorming in groups where you can discuss each other’s ideas. Make it a point to record all ideas that come up in a brainstorming session, whether you are doing it alone or in a group. It is a good idea to take the help of technology and either record your conversation in a group or note down the ideas that come up in your mind with the help of one of the many apps available for this purpose.

Think of the questions that you wish to answer

The best way to come up with topics for your essay is to think about the question you want to address. If you have never done such heavy thinking then it may seem a little overwhelming and this is the reason that many students opt for essay writing help. Your focus should not be on competing with all the other students in the fray. Instead, you simply need to come up with a novel idea that none of your predecessors ever focused on.

You should have a plan

You need to bear in mind that a proper plan is the main thing behind the success of a narrative essay. If you don’t plan from the beginning, then you may be able to decide on the best topic but you will not be able to write the essay with the right attitude. If you think that you are not adept as a writer or not so imaginative, it is a good idea to opt for an admission essay help from professionals. Needless to say, planning is a very important aspect of finding a great topic for your essay.

Even if you are not really great at essay writing you should try something fresh with a narrative essay. You should play around with various topics, and for this, you can explore the aspects of emotional or everyday experiences. You can also write the essay from the perspective of a person who you have never met – for instance, a historical figure or a celebrity or maybe an ancestor who you have always admired. One interesting method is to write an essay from the perspective of an antagonist or an evil character.

Once you choose a topic properly half your job is done. The right topic will in itself help you write the proper essay which will fetch you good marks.

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