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  • 04 Feb 2020

Writing essays can be a tough task and all students have to write essays during their academic years. While in the junior classes it is necessary for all students, but when you choose a subject like literature or even finance, during your higher studies then it becomes even more difficult. This is the reason that many students opt for essay writing help. Let us look at the following tips which can help you to write better essays. Even if you decide to take the help of essay writing services it is always better to educate yourself in the art of essay writing.

Analyze the subject promptly

This is the most important part of writing an essay. You need to fully understand the essay question because even if you write well and craft a good essay, you will end up with poor marks if the basic question of the prompt is not answered properly. Here there are two questions that you need to ask yourself – what is the prompt asking directly and what it is asking indirectly. You need to understand the following points:

  • What the essay topic is
  • What is the research needed to understand the topic completely?
  • What length the essay should be?
  • Do you need to put in your own opinion, or solely provide the opinion of credible scholarly resources?
  • How you can relate the essay to what has been taught in the class?

You can begin to form your essay once you have the answer to these questions.

Making an outline

It is always better to form an outline of the essay before you write it. This is what professionals working with essay writing services do. You need to organize your thoughts before you write the essay and creating an outline will help you to do just that. So make it a point to write down your ideas and organize them. Write the topic at the top and list out your main ideas below this. Leave some space between these, so that you can list down other smaller ideas related to the main idea. If you do this you will be able to see the connections clearly and write a more organized essay.

Write a thesis statement

Once you have understood the subject of the essay and sorted your ideas into an outline, the next step that most professionals providing academic essay help take is to write a thesis statement. The thesis statement is meant to provide the reader with an understanding of the point of your essay. If the professionals do it, so should you. You should split the thesis statement into two parts – the first part is of the topic and the second part is of the point of the essay.

Write the body

Most students make the mistake of struggling with the introduction first, but it is always better to leave that to do later. This is because writing the introduction is the most difficult part of essay writing. This is why even professionals who provide admission essay help advise students to write the body of the essay first. Once you have written the body of the essay it becomes easier to write the introduction.

The body of the essay should explain, argue or elaborate on the topic. Each of the main ideas you wrote while making the outline should become an individual part within the body. The main idea can be an introductory sentence and the supporting ideas should be written in the format of a sentence. You should also give detailed explanations to back up your position. The smaller ideas should be linked together with relative information. This way you can form the body of the essay in easy steps. It is always better to take a stepwise approach while writing the body of the essay. This makes writing easier and also more attractive to the reader.

Writing the introduction

Once the thesis and the overall body of the essay have been developed you should write an introduction. The introduction of an essay should be such that it attracts the attention of the reader and show them the focus of your essay. The introduction should grab the readers’ attention and for this, you should start with a dialogue, story, quote or a summary of your topic. This is the methodology that professionals providing essay writing help adopt while writing essays. Whatever angle you adopt it should be in sync with your thesis statement which should be included in the last sentence of the introduction.

Writing the conclusion

The conclusion should be the closure of the topic and it sums up the ideas and provides a final perspective to the readers reading your essay. A conclusion should be of about 5-6 strong sentences. The best method to follow is to review your main points and write a reinforcement of the thesis statement. This will create a strong conclusion and will stay with the readers for a while.

Adding the finishing touches

Your essay does not end simply by writing the conclusion. This is because you need to pay attention to all the small details. Check whether the paragraphs are in proper order. The first and last paragraph of the body should carry the strongest points and the other paragraphs should be in the middle.

Double-check to see if your essay is in the format required and review what you have written. Make sure that your sentences flow smoothly one after the other and you can add phrases to help in connecting ideas or thoughts. Also double-check for grammatical or spelling errors.

If you follow these steps you will be able to write a good essay that is sure to get your good marks from the assessor.

Writing an essay is not difficult. When the thoughts are organized, you can write everything in a detailed manner. If you find it difficult to write an essay, then you must take the services of essay writing help. One such top-class service is provided by myassignmenthelpau where you can get the help of the professionals and experts for writing an essay.

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