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  • 11 Feb 2020

If you need to write an essay in a short time, it will be necessary to get all your attention together and focus on the task at hand. An essay needs a lot of planning and formatting in order for you to get good grades. Many students do not have the correct writing or imaginative skills to write essays that are interesting and will get you good marks.

This is the reason that a lot of students nowadays are opting for essay writing help. However, there may be a situation where you are unable to avail of such help and have to write the essay yourself. This is the time when this article will be of great help. It is a good idea to prepare yourself in advance for such an eventuality by taking some training or a proper plan for how to write an essay in a short span of time. Let us look at the following tips to understand how to write an essay fast.

Plan your time

It is very important to plan your time when writing an essay in a short period. Here you may consider that you have about half an hour to write an essay. In this situation, you should give 10 minutes for outlining, 15 minutes for writing the essay, and 5 minutes for editing and revision. If you have more time then you should distribute it accordingly. Here you need to bear in mind that you should spend 1/5 of the time that you have on structuring and minimum half of the time on shaping the body of the essay. Also, make sure to revise what you have written otherwise there may be some mistakes that can cost you marks.

Read the question and answer it properly

This is a crucial task because if you don’t understand the question of the essay then you will not be able to focus on the writing. Vagueness with the question means that you will keep going back to it instead of focusing on writing. You should understand the question and come up with a quick answer according to which you can write the answer in the form of an essay. Unless you are writing the essay during an exam, there are chances that you may need academic essay help from professionals and this is easily available online. However, when you are writing an essay during your exam, any such help taken earlier can be of assistance. This is because you will have read professionally written essays and you will be able to emulate their style and voice during the exam. This, in turn, will help you expand the answer to the above-mentioned question in a proper manner.

Research to the point

If you need to research the topic, you should do it, and here you should look for more specific information. It is necessary to search the key concepts which will be used in your essay. Of course here you need to understand that sometimes, you may not get the time to conduct enough research or computers may not be allowed in the examination room. However, essay topics for such situations are usually those that don’t require research and can be written from whatever experience and exposure you have till then.

Spend enough time on outlining

The best and simplest thing to do is to break your essay into 5 paragraphs which include the introduction and conclusion. Each paragraph should contain the main point, supporting argument, sentences that summarize the paragraph and there should be a smooth transition to the next paragraph. Your thesis statement should be written in the introduction and you should make sure that the key sentence of each paragraph should be connected with the thesis statement. This is the stage where you need to just draft the essay. It may seem difficult for anyone who is not too good at writing, and in these situations, students often buy essay help. This used to be taboo earlier but now it is totally acceptable for students who want to get great marks in their essay writing.

Make the introduction and conclusion strong

The thesis statement is already included in the introduction, so you should write a hook preceding it. This hook may be a relevant anecdote or even a quote that takes a sentence or two. This is to catch the interest of the reader. You can also write some statistical information about the topic. The end of the intro should be a transition to the body of the essay. The thesis statement should be summarized again in the conclusion and the evidence that you have given in the body of the essay should be linked to the conclusion. The last sentence of the essay should be a strong one that places the information in the essay in a broader context.

These tips will help you create a proper essay with the strength of the proper words used in the right context. Of course, some students may not be able to come up with the right words for an essay because they are not exactly super writers. This is the reason that they opt for an essay writing service. These services are available at a reasonable price. However, if you are in a situation where you cannot escape the task then these tips will be quite useful.

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