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  • 21 Jan 2020

Hey Guys! Here we come again to enlighten you on another topic. Today we will be discussing how to write a critical essay. A critical essay is a type of write-up that focuses on analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting a specific piece of text or different media forms. If we move into detail, this type of critical write-up is normally read by academic audiences, and it usually supports the argument made by the author.

As per our essay writing help experts, the main goal of a critical essay is to allow the writers to improve their critical writing skills. The write-up should extant readers with an inspiring explanation. Here the writer’s interpretation of the medium can be critiqued as well.

In simpler terms, a critical essay is written to critically analyze a case where the writer carefully observes both positives and the negatives raised over the chosen topic. In the end, the writer can come to an individual conclusion where he is free to express his thoughts taking sides of both positive and negative or even just one of both. He has to express his point of view with supporting evidence and facts.

In critical analysis, the writer could also be asked to give his opinion on a specific theme in a film or a book with a broader spectrum. This type of essay needs good observation, analytical, and thinking skills. Students who face problems in drafting a critical essay move towards taking essay writing services. In the sections below we are sharing a few points. If you will learn these points by heart and will follow them aptly, then you will be able to write your critical essay quickly and effectively.

Some of the major goals of critical writing are:

  • Offer an objective view of the original work of a writer, painter, etc.
  • Offer a complete analysis of the consistency of an original work.
  • Up fronting the strengths and weaknesses of a journal or an article.
  • Offer a detailed assessment of an original write-up piece and support & maintain its primary concept point or argument.
  • To criticize the original work of a writer or an artist.

Various Types of Critical Essays

There are different types of critical essays that students get assigned by their professors. Some of the common types for which our writers provide help to students are mentioned below:

  • Reader-response Criticism
  • Mythological Criticism
  • New Historicism
  • Formalist Criticisms
  • Sociological Criticism
  • Gender Criticism
  • Biographical Criticism
  • Psychoanalytical Criticisms

Structure of a Critical Essay

Every essay follows a standard structure. It starts with an introduction (thesis statement), then comes the body which may include 3 paragraphs or more as per the requirements, and in the end, we have our conclusion (closing statement). To make an essay interesting, it is important for a student to follow the proper structure.

Our experts also suggest that before moving on to the write-up part, students should prepare an outline and collect or pen down the important sources. The outline will help in maintaining a flow in the write-up as your thoughts will get sorted and you will be able to prioritize your headings or content.

Penning down the sources will help you write down the information at the right time when it is required. You can also collect data like tables, charts, figures, images, etc. You can jot down your write-up around this data. It is better to be prepared firsthand. So, now let’s move on to the structure.  

Introduction (Thesis Statement)

  • Your introduction should clear the topic on which you are writing your academic essay or critical essay.
  • Your statement should be précised but should clear the facts.
  • Be specific and crisp.
  • Strictly avoid Cliché statements.


The body of your essay should communicate each point precisely. This is the section where you have to work to the point and think critically. You can’t come to a conclusion until and unless you analyze the work in detail. Your critics should be followed by proper evidence.

Conclusion (Closing statement)

You should summarize your essay by summarizing the key argument. It is always suggested to leave the readers with something to consider, which ties them to the essay. A desire should get created among the readers to learn more and to research moreover your topic in their free time.

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