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  • 06 Jan 2020

First Day of University

Going to a university is a proud moment for any student and the first day can be exciting and memorable for a student. Following is a checklist of information that you must gather on the first day of university for a hassle-free experience.

  1. Enquire to see if there is an Orientation program: Usually, students attend an orientation program wherein they are welcomed by the university officials and are then given a tour around campus. They take pictures for their id cards and they are told how to sign up for various classes on campus. Get acquainted with the various university buildings, their names, etc., and copy down your timetable for your classes.
  2. Find out if you require any documents from your previous school in order to open any accounts: Universities in Australia ask for a banking letter that states you are a student before they allow you to open an account in a bank. For any assistance, approach the student services office.
  3. Find out how to get access to your university email or internet: Find out where you have to go to obtain university updates. Enquire if you are required to register your laptop of yours in order to use it on the university network and if you are required to do so, find out if you have to pay or just set up an account for students, i.e. student account.
  4. Enquire how your university plans to handle student loans: Some universities that give an overage will provide you with an overage cheque, while other universities instruct students to cash their checks to pay for their tuition fees. Every institution has its own set of rules and guidelines and you should have proper knowledge about them and be aware of them in order to conform to the rules and regulations of your chosen university. Take assistance from the finance department of your university to understand the process of getting an overage if by chance you intend on using the overage for living expenses. Also, find out the duration of time it would take for you to deposit. Remember that it usually takes three months to set up a bank account in a foreign land and ensure that you have adequate money in your bank account in order to live until your cheques are cleared otherwise your parents would have to send you money in order to live.
  5. Find out if you have to pay your complete fees before your first day of university or if your university blocks certain things for students who have not paid their entire fees: Enquire if your course registration will be blocked until you have made the complete payment. In case your loans are still being processed, find out if officials at the student services can help you and find a solution while your loans are being processed. Officials at the student services are helpful and are bound to help you and if they know that you have pending loans and your loans are being processed, they can remove all restrictions.

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