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  • 05 Nov 2019

Over a period of time, the learning pattern of students has undergone a vast change. Rather than just reading books, students can learn in many other ways. Such as, watching a video or playing a game or a quiz.

Learning can be fun.

Nowadays people have become too dependent upon mobile devices.

Well, why not?

There is nothing that your mobile cannot do for you. Think of anything that can be done easily in a few clicks on your mobile. With the advancement of technology, many applications have been developed. These applications come with unique features that can help you solve your daily problems of life.

Want to go shopping? Or Want to read a book? Or want to book your movie tickets?

Everything is possible through your mobile phone.

Is excessive usage of the mobile phone becoming a disadvantage for the students?

Well, yes, if it is used solely for entertainment purposes. On the other hand, you can also use your mobile apps to learn many new things, and that too in a fun way.

Let us discuss how these mobile apps can help you out in your learning process:

Learn by watching a video: 

Learning by reading books becomes very boring sometimes. Nowadays, many apps contain a lot of videos on a given topic. You can get a well understanding of the entire topic by just watching them. These videos are made by institutes that intend to promote their online learning courses. You will have a similar experience as if you are sitting in a class with a teacher giving a lecture on a particular topic. You can also make your notes and use them as references in preparing for your exams.

Learn by playing a quiz:

Some apps have come out with a unique way of making students learn. They have a short video where you are being introduced to a given topic. Once you are done with that, you get a chance in appearing in the quiz organized by them. The interesting part is, that you earn points if you are eligible to crack the quiz questions. You can use your points in unlocking further courses without further paying for it.

Download E-Books:

Some apps have the feature of providing books in an electronic format. Thus, you are no longer required to carry your book everywhere you go. You can read them any time you want. The most interesting part is, that you can download as many books as you want. Just imagine if you are to carry several books with you. Instead of that, download each of your books through the app and keep it in a particular folder on your phone. You can read any book at any time you want.

Easily affordable:

These apps are not that costly. You just need a supportable device for them to run easily. Thus, students can easily afford them. Moreover, these apps are being upgraded from time to time. You are not required to pay anything for using the upgraded version. Thus, you can use the upgraded app without paying anything for using it.

Does the mobile app have a future in the field of education?

Of course, Yes.

There are many benefits that a student can get during his learning by using these apps:

  1. All-time availability:

These apps will be there with you every time. You can use them whenever you want. Whether you are in a class or a garden or anywhere on earth, you can use them easily. Thus, the best advantage of using these apps is that they are available all the time.

  1. Updated Version:

These apps are updated on a timely basis by the companies developing them. Thus, you can always use the latest features introduced by it. You get new and more interesting ways of learning your subjects. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your device can support these updated apps.

  1. Everything in one place:

Students face the problem of losing things when they do not keep it in a proper place. They face a lot of trouble when they cannot find it at times when they need it the most. Thus, by using mobile apps, you can keep all your documents in one place. You just need to type in your file name whenever you need it. Thus, you will be relieved of the tension of keeping your important documents in a safe place.

  1. Use it as a book

While reading a book you highlight the important points and mark the pages containing important chapters. The same feature is available in your mobile app. You can mark all the important points using the highlighter feature in your app. You can even mark your chapters or contents as important ones. If you want, you can easily take out the prints of the chapter you require.

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