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  • 23 Mar 2020

There is nothing new about students getting confused about choosing a good topic for their essays. They grumble and begin to complain to their teachers. However, good their writing skills maybe if students fail to select the right topic for their essays they cannot come up with an impressive essay and end up ruining their grades. If you want to hire an essay writing service, it is advisable to let that service know a good topic to work on.

A Piece of Valuable Advice to Choose the Right Topic:

Essay writing is an art and to come up with an influential essay becomes all the more difficult in the lack of a good essay topic. For the purpose of choosing a good topic, students need to take care of certain things like is the topic interesting and talked about. Is there enough literary material to write on the topic and can it be presented effectively?

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Brainstorm with your peers so that a lot of potential ideas can be generated
  • Write down all the ideas that you come across
  • Go through the list and select some topics to discuss
  • Make research on the selected topics and find out whether there is enough evidence to support the claims.

Essay Topics to Choose by Category:

There can be different essay types. There can be persuasive or argumentative essay topics and there can be narrative essay topics that are totally different.

Argumentative Essay Topics:

Some of the argumentative essay topics that students can work on should be interesting and such that both sides of the topics can be presented. Given here is an idea about these topics:

  • Are teenagers undergoing the stress of going to college?
  • Should immigrants be given more rights?
  • How are reality shows influencing society?
  • Should English be made the official national language?
  • How does fake news change social and political lives?

Persuasive Essay Topics:

  • Should students be allowed to use phones in elementary and high schools?
  • Is it time to reform the immigration laws?
  • Should teenage girls be allowed to use birth control pills?
  • Dogs or Cats Which one makes a better pet?
  • Capitalism Vs Communalism

Effects and Causes of the Essay Topics

  • What is the effect of family vacations on family relations?
  • How technology development affects the state of nature?
  • What are the causes of catastrophes?
  • What are the causes and effects of social media addiction?

Narrative Essay Topics:

  • Write about an incident of rebellion in your life.
  • Explain why tolerance in the workplace is important
  • What are the causes of the technological advancements?
  • What is the social significance of wearing uniforms at schools?
  • Explain the possible consequences of dropping out of college.
  • Define the effects and causes of not voting in the elections.

Contrast and Compare Essay Topics:

Making the choice of the compare and contrast essay topics is not an easy task as the students need to present their analytical skills. Given here are a few suggestions pertaining to the choice of the correct topics for contrast and compare essays:

  • Which one is the better choice for the students: Remote learning or traditional education?
  • Nazism and fascism: are these two concepts the same or different?
  • Is being a freelancer a better alternative to being a full-time employee?
  • MySpace or Facebook: Which social network offers better opportunities?

If one or more of these topics are chosen they are able to grab the attention of the audience. Compare and contrast essays are the most difficult to complete in comparison to the other types of essays as they need significant analytical skills.

Informative Essay Topics:

Good topics for informative essays are the ones that focus on significant issues. Informative essays should be able to add value to the task and should be able to engage the readers. Given here a few topics on which informative essays can be written.

  • How can we improve American football to make it safer?
  • How do improve health standards in German Schools?
  • What is the importance of having a democratic system in the Government?
  • Types of social evils in the poorly developed countries
  • Essential health types for pregnant women who travel by plane?
  • Methods of preventing excessive air pollution

Contrary to this, contrast and compare essays, do not offer any comparison of different subjects, events, and actions. Informative essays are descriptive in nature and therefore they are easier to complete if a sufficient amount of matter is available for writing. You can also follow the steps to write a great essay.

Proposal Essay Topics:

The main goal of the proposal essay topic is to prove the idea that can be actually implemented. Given here are a number of ideas for proposal essay topics.

  • Can money be a better motivation to work?
  • Should children in high school learn religious studies as a part of their curriculum?
  • Do we need to be worried about environmental protection?
  • Does Society treat people with disabilities well?
  • How should corporations reward employees?

Proposal essay topics are used for developing ideas primarily and hence when you reach out to an academic essay help it is good to come up with your suggestions first. Once you are through with finding the right essay writing help you should go ahead with suggesting a good topic to them so they can work their very best and present a good essay to you.

In short, a thoroughly researched and well-written essay can help students obtain high grades. If they are short of time or confused about the topic given or are overburdened and want to save efforts they should reach out to a good assignment writing service after a thorough reach work and, conduct a thorough research work to choose a good essay topic and be rest-assured to get the best value.

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