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Writing an essay can be a daunting task, and especially for young students. Irrespective of the underlying nature of the work, students often find the task quite overwhelming. The paper indeed is a huge task and there are several steps that a student needs to comprehend the essay writing strategies better.

Do your thoughts on writing a well articulated essay seem too overpowering? Does it lead to you spending a few sleepless nights? Well, now it is about time to equip yourself and handle every kind of essay topic, as you like.

Purpose of an essay

Essay writing has always been quite a challenge that multiple students face of varying degrees and levels. It is quite a part of the academic life, and hence it is a must to determine the literacy, analytical skill and fluency.

Essay writing can be an ideal friend for someone who loves writing and analyzing deeper research methods. If you are also instructed to write an essay, you might as well understand the purpose of one.

The purpose of writing an essay is the sole reason for writing an article of any kind, including that of an essay. It is the definite aim, and how you want the paper to communicate out to your readers. Discovering this is the basic challenge that you will encounter while writing an article or an essay. The purpose can either be any one or all of the ones mentioned as below:

  • To evaluate
  • To summarize
  • To argue
  • To recommend
  • To propose
  • To provoke a thought
  • To express something
  • To offer an aesthetic pleasure
  • To entertain
  • To change an attitude

Ascertaining the primary purpose of the paper can be quite a tricky affair. However, there are instructors on board specifying the kind of paper that needs to be written.

This helps to finalize the tone and style of writing to be followed. Let us now discuss a few of the best available tips for writing a well fabricated essay, as offered by experts performing Academic Blog Writing Help.

Top 11 tips to make an essay appealing

Determine the kind of essay you are going to write

Now that you have been assigned an essay, you might as well ascertain the type of one. There are several kinds of essays that you need to write upon, and include expository, narrative, persuasive, argumentative, literary, comparative and more.

Ascertain the type of essay that you need to write upon. Check whether you are writing an essay that talks about a topic or a narrative one, or whether you are offering an analysis (an expository one), or you need to convince readers to adopt a particular point of view, or seek a specific action (persuasive). Check whether the nature entails you to write an essay on a particular book that you have recently read, or a literary essay.

Choose a topic of your choice

When you have the flexibility to choose a topic, you are offered the free reign to pick any topics. If you are offered a topic, you need to evaluate the kind of paper you need to produce.

Ascertain whether it should be a general overview, a specific kind of analysis, or a subject analysis. As based upon this evaluation, narrow down your focus, whenever necessary.

In a different light, if you have been offered a topic, you do not have much work to do. Now determine the purpose, and perform your research based upon it.

Evaluate your life and what interests you. At the end, evaluate the opinions. If the primary goal is to educate, make sure you choose a subject accordingly. Alternatively, whatever lies as your goal, make sure you choose the topic accordingly.

Evaluate the target audience

The selection of your topic brings us to the third step, revolving around the evaluation of your target audience. You need to perform a thorough research which will further help you to come up with a voice in regards to the target audience.

The academic experts offering Academic Essay Help are experienced in evaluating the target audience.  

Learn and make notes of the specific style

The primary purpose to write can be understood and analyzed based upon the type of styled adhered by. A writer can easily use multiple elements such as tone, syntax, imagery and more to compose an essay.

On the other hand, some writers even use analogies, figurative language, and metaphors to enunciate objectives with the help of a comparison.

Fabricate an outline

The outline is certainly the road map, based upon which you shall design the entire essay. First, write the topic on the top and list the arguments and points you wish to build your essay upon. Finally, the examples, facts and statistics can help strengthen the paper even further.

Build a thesis statement

The thesis you write needs to serve the purpose of informing a reader about your goal. This is where you need to highlight the question your essay is likely going to answer.

Hence, ensure that you make the statement extremely specific and address one primary idea, instead of several.  Strong thesis furthermore takes a stand and illustrates the nature of the topic chosen. If you are unsure of building one, do not hesitate to seek Essay Help from professionals.

Introduce the topic

The very first paragraph of the essay draws introduction to the topic while offering direction to the essay. Hence, this part needs to discuss the primary idea while stating the points and arguments that support the written thesis.

Along with this, it also forms a primary basis and helps grab the attention. In order to capture the attention, it is also recommended to claim any topic while offering a few surprising facts and information.

Write the body

This is where the writer needs to frame and organize the points. Make sure you manage the points and divide them in particular sections while ensuring you mention the ideas in a paragraph. At this point, fabricate an idea and support your point likewise.

Do not forget to offer optimum evidence in favour of the viewpoints and persuade the reader further. While writing the main context of your body identify the pathos, logos, and ethos and build your context accordingly. Make most of Academic Writing Services and create a strong essay body.

Present the conclusion

This is the final part of the essay that aims to summarize the context and offer a closure to the reader. This section particularly is not at all lengthy, instead needs to reiterate the thesis while reviewing the primary points of the body. Make sure that you do not restate the previous words in an exact tone and style.

Alternatively, you can describe and explain the opinion. The final sentence needs to uphold the primary idea and in a compelling manner. Hence, remember to take care of each and every step and through baby steps. You can work on it well by building a rough draft and properly proofread it to revise it until and unless a strong and well formulated essay is acquired.

Add finishing touches

Once you are done writing the conclusion, you still have a lot left. Before you ponder on having a final work on hand, you need to adhere by the intricate details. Hence take your time to add the appropriate finishes by adhering to several minute details.

Remember to analyze the order of the paragraphs and most potent points need to be the first and last point mentioned. Alternatively, ensure that the order of your paragraphs as stated makes appropriate sense. If at any point, the essay describes something, ensure that the paragraphs are laid out in the correct order.

Do not forget to review instructions as offered to you. Several universities and examiners have distinctive formats and hence you need to double check before submitting one. Finally, go through the entirety that you have built your essay on and proofread it to ensure that it is completely error free.

Run through a plagiarism software

Now that your essay is ready, all you need to do is to submit the paper. However, a major step should be adhered by before the final step of submission.

Do not forget to run your essay through a plagiarism checking tool and check the plagiarism percentage of the paper. As plagiarism is strictly prohibited across universities, hence checking the concern is a must. Alternatively, you can also seek an Essay Writing Service and obtain a plagiarism free essay.

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