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  • 24 Feb 2020

What is Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Competency Demonstration Report popularly called CDR. It consists of three career episodes, career professional development, and a summary statement. This is the report required by EA, engineers Australia. It helps to access engineering credentials from the institutions or countries that are not the signatories or members of various countries. CDR is required to be prepared by Engineers who will get their engineering qualification from Engineer Australia for getting skilled relocation to Australia. If you require help to write the CDR report then you can take the help of CDR report writers.

How will you write a career episode?

Career episode displays the experience and knowledge that you have in the field of engineering. It could be either be your education or your job experience.

The career episode depends on the different aspects of engineering. The 3 episodes must be from distinct aspects or episodes of the engineering. It is essential to show proof in what manner you should have used expertise and engineering knowledge in the particular profession. Career episodes must always be written in good English and in your own words.

The basis of Career episodes:

  • Engineering assignment that was taken as a part of the academic program
  • And, the project on which you have worked earlier or on which you are presently working
  • The respective position that used to occupy earlier or that presently occupies. The particular engineering problem needs to be sorted.

What is the duration of the career episode?

The length of each career episode should come before between 1000-2,500 words. Also,  there is no need of including technical facts in the career episodes.

Career episode should do

You must have written good and effective communication. The engineering application skills and knowledge. You must emphasize your personal role. Always use the first-person singular such as I designed, I investigated, and much more. Also, you must use technical data. But the excess technical data is not required such as calculations, tables, and photos. Also, you must focus on engineer problems recognized by any specific problem-solving tools. Also, you must follow the desired structure and format of the career episode.

Parts of the career episodes

There should be separate sections in the career episodes. The sections that you need to include in each career episode are history, introduction, activity, summary, and engineering.


The length of this part should be close to 100 words. This part should have the mentioned data- chronology, length as well as dates of career episode, organization's name, and title of the position held.

Background- Background gives you the situation in which you are studying or working. The length of this part should vary from 200- 500 words. The background should have information like the primary goal of the project, complete engineering project, features of the particular work area, organizational arrangement, and job illustration and the duties.

Personal engineering activity- The primary section of any career episode,  that mentions the work completed as an engineer. The length of this portion should range from 500 and 1000 words. You must focus on engineering tasks. You must elaborate on your role in the place of the team. If you are thinking hard to write the CDR report then you can take the help of CDR report writing. Also, CDR pricing is quite nominal. It easily comes in your budget.

The section should include the below details:

  • How you should have used engineering expertise and knowledge.
  • Tasks allowed and have accomplished them.
  • Any particular technical problems or difficulties that you have faced and how you have solved those problems.
  • The strategies were designed by incorporating innovative design work.
  • How you have been associated with the team members?

It is essential for you to write the ideas for the engineering activities. And,  your duties in it. The length should be close to 50-100 words. The section should include information like the view of the project, in what manner the project will be proceeded after meeting needs and goals, and your contributions to the project.

Summary statement

It is the most important as well as a complex part of any CDR. Therefore, it is better to take recommendations from professionals to write the summary statement. It is necessary for you to observe what you have mentioned about all the parts for the nominated occupational category. You are required to write references to the paragraphs mentioned in the career episode. You are also required to follow a certain structure of writing the CDE report. If you are struggling to write the career episode then you can take the help of CDR Engineers Australia.

You are required to write the summary statement for all three episodes. If you are finding it quite difficult then you can take the help of CDR for Electronics Engineers. They have a team of experts who are experienced and qualified to write the CDR report. They also proofread the content and look for errors. They look for different errors such as spelling, grammar, and sentence formation. They also look for the flow of the content from the starting till the end. So, you must take care while selecting the right CDR report writer. The CDR writers must edit the content and rectify the errors.

They must research the content before writing career episodes. Also, they must check the content from research tools for original content and other English errors. They also share the reports of various paid tools. They remain in touch with the student from starting of the project till the end.

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