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CDR Engineers Australia- Your Door towards migrating to Australia!

CDR Engineers Australia is a professional body formed for the progression of the engineering field in Australia. IEAust (The institution of Engineers Australia), now known as EA (Engineers Australia) is responsible to access various engineering applicants from around the world who want to migrate to Australia.

International applicants need to present a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) with their application. They get assessed by the EA based on this CDR. This is another reason why EA is also called as CDR Engineers Australia. Let’s get to know more about EA and its working.


What is CDR Engineers Australia?

CDR Engineers Australia (EA) is a body formed by professional engineers in Australia for the advancement of the engineering profession in Australia. It represents all the branches falling under engineering like computer science, civil, mechanical, electrical, etc. It has approx. 100,000 members from 9 different geographic divisions and 5 international chapters. It includes 41,000 students from different engineering disciplines, 4,400 Engineering Associates & Technologists and 55,600 Professional engineers. As per the information, 20,000 are Chartered Engineers.

The organization was developed after the First World War. The need for a single engineering organization was recognized, rather than having various small organizations which exited earlier. In 1919, Professor William Warren from the University of Sydney was elected as the first president. On May 1st 1926, this organization was incorporated as company Ltd. On 10th March 1938, this organization was granted a charter of incorporation by his majesty King George the Sixth. It was reconstituted as a corporate body and was politic by the Royal Charter.

 The Board of Engineers Australia is monitored by The National Congress. NC (National Congress) consists of 35 members who elect members for the Board of Engineers Australia. The structure and responsibilities of NC are resolute by the Royal Charter & By-Laws.  The Board of EA has six members whose role is to appoint members, sets rules & regulations, manage strategic directions and also to monitor financial sustainability. Each 9 Engineering colleges registered under EA is managed by a College Board. These college Boards re are under the direction of the Board of Engineer Australia.

So, CDR Engineers it’s a system that works on proper rules and regulations. If you want to become a part, you need to prove your competencies by presenting a CDR.  Let’s see what this CDR for Electronics Engineers is?

CDR for Engineers Australia

It is crucial to understand what CDR is and why it is required by CDR Engineers Australia? For that, we need to understand the purpose of a CDR Report. Australia is considered one of the best countries for pursuing Engineering courses and to work in this field. Therefore, various engineering professionals want to migrate to Australia. Engineers from various countries who want to migrate to Australia are required to present a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) before Engineers Australia (EA). As we have already discussed above that EA is the assessing authority for engineers who want to immigrate to Australia. Your CDR tells about your educational qualifications and your work competencies.

Engineers Australia CDR is an essential document on which your immigration depends. This type of document showcases your eligibility to work with other engineers in Australia. It reflects that you are eligible and have the required skills to meet up the Australian standards. All applicants need to attach their CDR with the application form for their skills assessment.

CDR Engineers Australia Skills Assessment

Engineers Australia Skills Assessment is based on various factors like applicant’s academic qualifications, English language knowledge, work profile, working skills, etc. All this needs to be mentioned in the application form and the CDR. Applicants must get a positive skill assessment result and then only they can get a green signal for their Australian visa.


According to EA the skills assessment result will remain valid forever, but as per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the result of assessment should not be older than three years at the time of application for immigration. The applicant must contact the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) to renew their assessment results. It is a mandatory procedure as the old assessment letter will not work. For that, the applicant will have to return the old original assessment letter to MSA with the payment form. Then only he/she will be able to receive the newly updated letter.

Once all the procedures are done, an assessment outcome letter will be sent to the applicant via email. This new letter needs to be submitted while applying for migration. If the letter can’t be sent via email, then it will be sent to you through postal service for which you will be charged an amount. You can even check upon the confirmation of your outcome letter online, by just entering your application details on their official Outcome Verification Page.

CDR Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment Categories

It is important for all the applicants to understand that what CDR is based on? What their category is, under which they have to apply? And what is the eligibility criteria for Australian Immigration? Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment is based upon the applicant’s graduate competencies and qualifications.  There are 4 categories that EA recognizes. Each category has its own graduate competencies. If you see yourself fitting into any of these categories mentioned below, then you are 100% eligible to migrate to Australia for work.

  1. Professional Engineers:
  • Holds complete four years of Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.
  • Should have good work experience.
  • Experience in handling different stakeholders.
  • Understands cost, various risks & limitations of a project.
  • Experience in handling technical and non-technical considerations.

Professional engineers are believed to be creative and innovative with the ability to handle various work pressures of different projects. They are good at research and the evolution of science and technology.

  1. Engineering Technologist:
  • Holds three years of either a degree or diploma in any of the Engineering disciplines.
  • Is familiar with current and emerging technologies related to his/her domain & their current applications.
  1. Engineering Associate:
  • Holds a two-year diploma or degree in any of the engineering disciplines.
  • Holds knowledge of different codes and standards of the engineering practice.
  • Has knowledge about safely operating plants and equipment in a cost-effective manner.
  • Experienced in the management of different materials and quality assurance.

Engineering associates are considered as experts who have a good hold over different areas under their field of expertise. They are also known as ‘para-professionals’ in Australia. It is said that these associates are capable of owning a company one day, or they may also become senior managers.

  1. Engineering Manager:
  • Holds in-depth knowledge about various processes in the field of engineering technology.
  • Capable of planning various strategies and policies to bring a smoother transition in various processes.
  • Holds a minimum seven years of experience as a Professional Engineer and
  • Minimum of three years of experience as an Engineer manager.
  • Reporting team members should be of the Professional Engineer level.

Immigration aspirants falling under this category can easily get a visa if they fulfill all the requirements mentioned above.

Preparing CDR for Engineers Australia becomes an essential point if you fit into any of the categories mentioned above. You need to present this CDR report with your application form so that CDR Engineers Australia can assess you well. CDR provides an amazing opportunity to showcase your work competencies & engineering skills. It is basically to show that your skills level matches the Australian standards. A professional CDR should include documentary evidence of the candidate’s core technical engineering skills and his/her knowledge about this field. A CDR should specifically highlight the candidate’s technical competencies.

Receive CDR which will directly get approved by CDR Engineers Australia

If you have read all the information above, that means you are thinking to apply for a visa to migrate to Australia. Well, so now you know the importance of a CDR for an Engineer planning to work in Australia. We will suggest you to not take any risk by preparing an unprofessional CDR. You may get rejected by CDR Engineers Australia. CDR is intense to prepare and there are various technicalities which you need to take care of like what to mention first, and what to not to mention. There is a proper format of a CDR Report Writing. You can take the help of professional CDR experts online. provides you the right platform where you can get professional help with CDR writing. Our team of experts includes Professional Engineers who have faced the EA assessment themselves. They know what should be included in your CDR Report Writers so that you can easily pass your assessment. You can check any of the Cdr Engineers Australia Sample provided on our website. We assure you that you will like our samples as they are of high quality. Our experts are capable enough to prepare error-free reports for you with which you can easily get a green signal for your Visa to Australia. So, don’t wait and order your CDR Report now!

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