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Assignments are a standard evaluation method for college or school education. A school or college asks the student to write an appointment of a particular subject to understand their expertise in the issue. Hence, if a student wants to get a good grade in their final result, they need to give importance to their assignment writing skill.

Now, a lot of students are confused about how to write the assignment. They might get the answers right but often make mistakes in the writing format. Many students also search for student assignment help online to understand the assignment writing format. Some even hire assignment moving agencies to provide them with solved assignments. It is because students have a fear of failing the task.

But, solving an assignment is not a daunting task. It is fairly easy if you know the basic rules. Are you confused about how to write your next assignment? Then this is the right article for you.

Read till the end to know about the best guide that can provide help with assignment writing

Start with proper planning

The best way to successfully write and submit your assignment you need to plan and work accordingly. It is the initial and one of the crucial steps. It is better to gather everything before starting. Take your necessary resources like your laptop or PC or your assignment printout, paper or pens, and other things.

You need to understand what type of assignment you have to solve. An appointment can have questions, MCQs, essay writing, report writing, article writing, etc. Hence, try to have a basic knowledge about the style before starting help.

Check the assignment thoroughly and make a draft

The next step you need to do is to check the assignment and its question thoroughly. Understand your task and plan an outline for solving the job-

For example, if you need to write an essay, you need to follow the format of the introduction, followed by the main topic discussion. For simple question and answer-based assignments, you need to write the answers correctly.

In academic writing, you need to check the assignment direction or the college website properly at least once. Academic papers have different formats, and you need to use the prescribed form in your institution. If you are confused, you may search for help with the suggested size assignment format.

Collect information

If you want to solve your assignment correctly and earn good grades, you need to research. Research the topics to gather as much as information you can collect. Please make sure to obtain only the relevant information for your assignment. You can easily search in your institution's library or on the internet. Alternatively, you may ask your seniors or teachers for some suggestions for references.

Start writing

After you have gathered all the needed information, you can start writing your assignment. If you need to submit a printed format or online assignment, use your computer. Some institutions also prefer written assignments. It is better to use proper quality sheets with a smooth pen for free-flowing handwriting.

If you are writing, then make sure to start with the draft. After the initial selection is complete, begin editing the draft and make it professional academic work. It should involve editing and proofreading. If you need some help, you may check your writing grammar through a professional grammar checker.  At last, check if you have completed the assignment according to the guidelines for a final time.

Some basic writing guidelines

The assignment writing task involves some general writing instructions. If you want to submit a clean and crisp assignment then you need to be attentive, You can use these tips to write your homework correctly.

The paper size

If your institution asks for written assignments, then you need to use proper paper sheets that are clear and ideal for writing.


In general, for written assignments, a 2.5 cm margin on the four sides is advised. Check the website of your institution to know the margin style.

Ink and style

You can only use blue or black pens to write the assignments.  Using any other color is not permitted and one tries to avoid any different colored ink for writing. If there are any mistakes, make sure to strikethrough the word or phrase. Using a whitener or any corrector pen can decrease the value of your assignment.

These are some exclusive and special instructions and tips that you need to follow if you are writing your assignment by hand. But in the case of written or printed or online assignments, the tips vary a little. Here are the tips that you need to follow-

Title page

The title page often remains the same for both handwritten and printed assignments. The title page must contain all the information like the title of your task, student details, and word count. Some institutions have an extra set of guidelines. You have to check the college website for further information.  The title page needs to have the title at the top, followed by the author details or students' details, including your name, stream, student number, etc.

Fonts and titles

In general, institutions have a particular font style, and you must abide by the rules. If there is no specified style, use a plain font to write your assignment.

Titles are an essential part of your assignment, and you need to highlight the headings and subtitles throughout the task. For the title use 18 point font with centered alignment, you can use bold fonts with an underline for a systematic approach. In the case of the answer, use a 12-point font in the usual style.

For the section headlines, you need to use 14-point fonts in bold characters. If you need to use subtitles, then use 12 points and bold fonts.

Please make sure to write all the section titles in justified alignment. For subtitles, left or center alignment is enough.

Main text style

In general, colleges or universities around the world prefer 12-point fonts for the main text. The fonts should be regular, and your alignment must be “Justified” with one space between the words.


For paragraphs, make sure to keep a single space between the sections. No indent is required for sections. If you are writing answers, then you need to keep a bank line between each question.

Word counts

In general, academic assignments like essays or articles come with set word limits. You should not exceed the word limit by more than 10%.


Citation is necessary for academic or scholarly writings. If you are using references, you need to cite your references. Make sure to use an in-text citation format. You need to follow the instruction of your college website to know about the citation format. Make sure to follow the citation format properly and maintain consistency in the reference citation. If there is scope for author citation, you can always use it.


References are crucial if you are writing an academic paper or an academic essay. You need to use references that are relevant to your writing. Any unnecessary text can make your writing less valuable. Hence, only refer to books or journals or blogs or ebooks on need. If you are using different references, then use the proper citation for each type of source. 

At the end of your writing, make sure to include a reference list with Bibliography. Make sure to write the reference table correctly. Any small mistake can be fatal here.

Use a reference generator

If your assignment involves references, then you can use a reference generator. Often students make mistakes in the reference list, and it can lower the impression of their assignments. Online assignment generators are available for free, and you can generate a clean and correct reference list within minutes with the help of these tools. You can find a capable reference generator for finance assignments help to avoid the fuss of writing and designing a reference list by yourself. It saves time and minimizes the chance of errors.

Check the plagiarism

Students often tend to perform unintentional plagiarism in their assignments. But, plagiarism must be avoided. Hence, make sure to check your homework through a unique plagiarism tool for management assignment help.  The device will help you to check if your article contains any type of plagiarism. You can then rephrase your plagiarized portion by using a paraphrasing tool and keep your content as unique as possible.

You can follow these guidelines and tips to write your assignment correctly. It is better to start early with your homework if you do not want to hurry up at the last stage. Try to submit your assignment at least a day before the final deadline. And you can also check out careers in nursing.

For your assignment, you can take the help of My Assignment Help, Au. We have an exceptional team of writers who will do your writing with utmost precision.

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