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Nursing is a virtuous and noble profession. It entails taking care of people who are unwell and are undergoing treatment for their illness or are in the process of recovery. They supervise and monitor the patients and provide food and medicines to patients at regular intervals. Nurses also assist doctors in clinical laboratories and operation theatres. In order to become a nurse, one has to study medicine, and nursing and become well trained to look after patients as many a time, the lives of patients depend on them.

Ways to Become a Nurse

Those wanting to be a nurse can enroll themselves in the Health Worker or Auxiliary Midwife course. The course can be joined after a student has finished class ten and is for one and a half years. The other option is to enroll in the General Nursing Assignment Help and Midwifery course. This program is for three and a half years and is a diploma course and can be joined after class twelve.

There is also an option of doing a BSc in Nursing from any medical college. After completing the course and obtaining a degree, nursing students have to register with the Nursing Council of their respective states in order to be eligible to get a job. Nurses can further do their postgraduate courses like Masters, M. Phil, and doctoral in nursing.  Nurses may also specialize in a certain field by doing a diploma course that lasts for a year. Some of the nursing courses on offer are as follows:

  1. Critical care nursing
  2. Cardio-Thoracic nursing
  3. Neonatal nursing
  4. Oncology Nursing
  5. Neurological Nursing
  6. Nursing Education and Administration
  7. Operation room nursing
  8. Practitioner in Midwifery
  9. Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation nursing
  10. Emergency and Disaster Nursing
  11. Psychiatric Nursing
  12. Ophthalmic Nursing
  13. Cancer Nursing
  14. Cardio logical nursing
  15. Nephrological nursing
  16. Pediatric Nursing

Deciding to be a Nurse

If you are compassionate and kind and want to serve and help people especially those in pain, then you can think of joining this profession. You should also have excellent communication skills to be able to communicate with patients who are undoing treatment and their families. One also needs to be emotionally stable as well as empathetic and have great empathy towards the suffering and pain of patients. You must also be willing to work late hours if required and be flexible with your work timings.

You should also be meticulous and pay close attention to detail. In addition, a nurse is required to have strong interpersonal skills, should have strong endurance, and be able to solve problems quickly. Nurses should be able to respond quickly to emergencies that arise and be well prepared always. They should always be very respectful towards patients and treat them with respect, kindness, and compassion, and should also harbor respect towards other members of their hospital.

Job Prospects of Nurses

There are a plethora of job opportunities for nurses. They can join a government or a private hospital, nursing homes, the home of patients, orphanages, old age homes, sanatoriums, industries, educational institutions as well as work for the armed forces. They can also work at various nursing institutions in their respective countries. In addition, nurses can take up teaching and administrative positions in nursing schools and medical colleges. There is also an option of starting nursing bureaus. You can also read about College Application Essay Tips.


The demand for Nurses and their supply

There is always an increasing demand for well-qualified nurses and the supply of nurses often falls short and is unable to meet the increasing demand for well-qualified and well-trained nurses. The rise in population and the increasing growth of medical facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, etc. ensures that nurses are always in demand so rest assured, if you are well qualified and well-trained, there is a plethora of opportunities and places where you can work and you shall not remain unemployed after completing your course. The job of a nurse is secure and there is no lack of opportunities for a nurse who is well trained apart from being well qualified.

Different Types of Nurses

Although all nurses are expected to take care of people who are unwell and are undergoing treatment for their illness or are in the process of recovery, they can be classified into three categories. They are as follows:

  1. General Nurses: Nurses who work at hospitals, various nursing homes, and other medical establishments are called General Nurses. Their main job is to look after patients, provide assistance to doctors and perform administrative services.
  2. Midwives: Nurses who specialize in taking care of mothers who are expecting a child and assisting them in childbirth are called Midwives.
  3. Health Workers: Nurses who offer medical assistance and aid to people residing in rural areas are called Health workers.

Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

  1. Job Satisfaction: The feeling that comes after helping people and making a difference in the lives people daily is a rewarding experience. The joy of watching a patient recover is truly special and being able to help them and contribute to their process of recovery is a rewarding and heartwarming experience.
  1. Shortage of Nurses: This unfortunate problem always ensures that you will never be out of employment if you are well-qualified and well-trained.
  1. Opportunity to work in several locations: You can choose to work in the city, the suburbs, or in rural areas.
  1. Career growth and mobility: After becoming a registered nurse, you can work as a nurse in the justice system or work in wound care or in trauma care. There are numerous options and possibilities.
  1. High Salaries: You get a good salary and you can increase your pay by working on holidays, weekends, etc.
  1. Lots of specializations to choose from: There are over two hundred specializations in nursing to choose from when it comes to specialization. So regardless of the kind of nursing you would want to do, there is a specialty available and a job for that specialization.

Thus being a nurse is truly a noble profession and will offer you a rewarding experience.

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