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  • 11 Feb 2021

Effective time management strategies to excel in your university career

A large number of students pursuing higher education across the globe usually find it extremely challenging to manage their time adequately as they have to juggle multiple responsibilities in their life simultaneously.

Be it a part-time job, family responsibilities, an extracurricular activity, an internship, a hectic class schedule, or social gatherings the never-ending pressure of each of these aspects affects the time management abilities of a scholar drastically. Efficient time control plays an important role in the life of a student irrespective of his academic level.

Remember, the ability to prioritize distinct tasks brilliantly is the key to maintaining a harmonious balance between your study and leisure life. Accurate time optimization comes along with plentiful advantages that will make the academic sail smoother for you, your family, as well as your friends.

time management tips for university students

This article will introduce you to the best time management strategies that are tried and tested by the Ph.D. and Masters's qualified experts from your background. 

  1. Rise and shine during early hours: By setting your alarm clock to the early hours of the morning, you are prepping up your day to maximize your productivity. When you are up early, you are more in control and thus stress less. Since your body is up from a fresh night's sleep, you will be able to tackle complex tasks more easily and set a positive tone for your day.

Does waking up at 6:00 a.m. sound out of your reach? The good news is that it is never too late to start. Develop this habit by going to bed at your usual time and then wake up at 6:00 a.m.  You might face some struggle in the morning but push yourself to get up.

The following night you can sleep early and then wake up at 6 a.m. on the next day easily. A few days later, your body clock will reset itself and you will find it convenient to start your day at early hours.

  1. Prepare a to-do list for your day: A to-do list serves as a reminder of the significant tasks that you need to tackle on a priority basis. Arrange them in order so that you can manage the most important tasks first.

You can post the list in your digital calendar or any other prominent place that is easy to access such as on a bulletin board, refrigerator, mirror, post-it notes, or a physical calendar.

  1. Focus only on one task at a time: Various neuroscience studies highlight that multitasking is just a myth. Our brain is trained to perform one function at a time and while you believe that you are doing two things at a time, multiple pauses and stoppages are happening during the process.

Switching back and forth continuously is super exhausting and often hampers your concentration and performance. Hence it is always better to move on to the next task only upon the completion of the first one. You can even time yourself while approaching a particular task only and compare how much more you can finish as compared to going for the multitasking approach.

  1. Focus on prioritizing your tasks constantly: You should opt for a weekly planner to keep a note of short-term goals such as studying for an assessment or reviewing lectures. Determine which task is important and needs to be completed first. 

Scheduling your tasks appropriately can help you to spare enough time for non-academic activities, maintain a healthy balance, and accomplish the desired goals. This will help you to shape a better picture of what your week will look like.

Using a yearly planner can help you to determine how to work for the entire semester and focus on the far-off deadlines and other upcoming events.

  1. Eradicate distractions: Distractions are everywhere, especially in today's technology-driven era. You can use multiple applications or your willpower to stay locked out of the internet for a while, especially f you cannot help but check your social media accounts every few minutes.

If you do not feel like opting for digital mode,  you can try leaving your phone in a separate room altogether and creating a specific location where you can only focus on the educational task at hand.

Do not follow this only when you have a hectic day ahead, this approach can turn out to be quite handy when you have company over as you can spend some relaxing time with them.

  1. Work out your optimum study methodology: Identify the best time and situations for you to study and grasp the most out of your notes. Whether you prefer studying at home with music as a background or in the quiet at the library,  figuring out your learning preferences will help you to efficiently and effectively perform better in your program.
  2. Do not shy away from seeking help when you need it: Share your study or academic writing schedule with your family members and do not hesitate to seek their help if required. Your family members will understand and only support you to achieve your quality goals. With their helping hand on your back, tackling the hurdles of university assignments help life will be a lot easier for you. 
  3. Do not hesitate from saying ‘No’ to certain plans: Many times, students think that saying ‘no’ is impolite or the most difficult task to do. However, if you want to spend your time studying for an upcoming quiz or finishing an assignment writing, there is nothing wrong with saying no to the party plans.

Declining politely and explaining your reason clearly will cause you no harm. You can negotiate a time when you are free to comply with the request made or spend time with your friends at a club. 

Developing good habits for effective time management doesn't have to happen magically all at once. You can start by incorporating one or two suggestions from this list into your everyday schedule. Do not forget to be realistic and set achievable goals. Getting comfortable with even a few of these tips will make it easier to adopt other aspects. Try to measure your progress and reward yourself for the small changes you are making in how to manage your time precisely.

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