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  • 13 Feb 2020

It’s no more a secret that Academic writing is not an easy task, but surely it plays an important role in the life of every student as it helps them to get the best grades in the class. Therefore, it is crucial for every student to master the art of writing the best papers. Being a student you should always try to work hard to develop the best research papers. If you also have got the task to write a research paper for any of your subjects, then this guide can help you in developing the one. This guide includes the five simple steps that can take you to the path of developing the best research papers for every subject.

Five steps to writing the Best Research Paper

These five easy steps will help you to develop the best research paper that can fetch the best marks and grades from your professor.

  1. Choose the Topic wisely

The vital requirement for writing a good research paper is to choose the topic wisely. If you have got any requirements from your professor, then you need to go through those requirements. The requirements can also give you the best idea regarding the choice of the topic. But if you do not have any requirement that can help you to get the topic of the assignment then it is the time to dig into the research process. This process includes broad steps such as understanding the subject, formulating the ideas by taking help from various sources such as Google Scholar, Books, Publications, etc. This will also help you choose the best topic for your research paper.

  1. Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is that part of your assignment which reflects the type of paper you are writing. It helps in guiding the readers about the main idea and discussion of your paper. If the requirements of your paper do not demand any thesis statement, then also you should try to start your paper with a good thesis statement. It can be termed as that part of your paper from where everything flows. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest your time in constructing a good and attractive thesis statement for your research paper.

  1. Outlining your paper

Outlining the paper is the next important step that you must follow while writing your research paper. Outlining can be termed as the technique of organizing your paper. It helps to get the idea of structuring your research paper. It also provides a rough idea to keep all the content on-track. For example, your research paper can be outlined into 5 broad sections which are as follows:

  • Introduction: This is the beginning of your research paper. This part defines what next is going to come in your paper. This part of your paper will also have the hypothesis or the research question of your paper.
  • Literature Review: This is the next important part of the research paper. Literature Review can be defined as the research and analysis of the already existing literature on the particular chosen topic. It synthesis the information presented by different authors in the form of a summary.
  • Methodology: This section of your research paper defines the research process undertaken by you in preparing your paper. Make sure that this part of your paper provides adequate information about every method, tool, and technique that you have used in preparing your paper.
  • Main Body: It can be termed as the largest and the longest part of your research paper. It should also be framed and presented in a logical order of various arguments. If the body of your research paper is too long, then it is good to divide the whole body of your research paper into different paragraphs using headings and sub-headings.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion helps you to bookend your research paper. In the conclusion paragraph, you should try to cover all the key points and findings of your research paper in the most appropriate manner.
  1. Writing the paper

Finally, it is time to write your research paper. The work you have done up to this point will provide you with great help in writing your research paper. This will ensure that you create the best and the most interesting research paper. You must find the right words to write, but you do not need to be a perfectionist in this as you will get the chance to perfect your research paper in the next step. Using quotes, statistics, etc. will add up more credibility and authenticity to your writing. While writing your research paper, you can take help from various other sources such as Journal articles, Books, Websites, webpages, etc., but remember to avoid plagiarism in your paper. You should also add the references of all these sources at the end of the research paper so that the reader could know the sources that have helped you in writing your research paper.

  1. Editing

Now as you have written and has framed your whole paper, it is the time to congratulate yourself and move ahead to the next step which is called the editing. Till now you have done a great job. But it is important to look back to your paper again and do the task of proofreading. This will help you to develop a perfect research paper to fetch the best grades from your professors.

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