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  • 28 Aug 2020

The demand of engineers in the recent decade has rapidly grown and it is also why a hundred engineers fly to several countries hoping to make their career shine out. Several engineering jobs were released across Australia and it is equipping students to building the career as an engineers.

However, in order to achieve the best, it is important for you to be aware of the writing procedure of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR Report) that facilitates an improved ability to bag the best job.

This is making it extremely popular to submit a well crafted CDR report for engineers wanting to avail jobs as a professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associate and more.

This emerges the need to submit an efficient CDR and highlight the competency and earn a skilled migration visa by the native government in Australia, irrespective of the category to choose. Furthermore, the Engineers Australia has been set up to further assess the skills of the engineer. The report comprises of three following sections:

  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement

In order to prepare an impressive CDR, it is important to create a few benchmarks and for that a few tips and guidance serves the purpose.

Before understanding the tips, it is crucial to understand more about what CDR report writing is all about.

Complete guide for CDR writing

The CDR Engineers Australia report is referred as the document which typically demonstrates the skills and knowledge that an engineer needs to meet with the Australian standards.

The Engineers Australia aims to assess the CDR prior to deciding whether you fit in the occupational category you are applying in. This in turns essentially forms the basis of approval of the immigration to Australia.

As CDR forms the backbone and the foundation pillar of the Skilled Migration application, you need not be complacent with the report writing.

The report comprises a large team of experts having a firsthand experience of being engineers to be positively assessed by EA. Furthermore, they also will be more than happy to assist you in any manner and prepare an ideal CDR report highlighting your career growth and achievements.

In this article, let us talk about the best 10 ways and tips to prepare an effective CDR writing

Evaluate and understand the purpose

Before you start working on the CDR, you need to at first understand the purpose of the report in order to write it successfully.

Make sure you are aware about your roles and achievements and are also versed with the necessary guidelines stated by the EA.

The EA comprises a specific structure for writing the report and usually comprises a CPD, 3 career episodes along with a summary statement.

Be truthful

A number of times, we are often blinded by ambition where applicants often write exorbitant lies in the report with an aim to impress.

This might make the report look quite brilliant, however it can be one of the worst mistakes of your lifetime. This is more so if the truth tends to get unravelled anyhow. You might also look at the report and the claiming achievements that have not been attained.

Do not forget to abstain from any temptation of doing the same and always be truthful about the milestones. The Engineers Australia has a foolproof procedure and cross check the details included in the report.

Choice of topic

Half of the battle is certainly lost with well-written CDR offering valuable good topics for the three career episodes in the report. Does it sound easier than done? The best tip here is to go through the competencies that the EA usually looks for in an engineer.

While writing the topics, you can check the samples and get a comprehensive idea of the episodes. Be extremely careful about the categories you choose along with the topics in order to highlight the efficiency in a proper manner.

The right choice of words

This is also when it is a must to be careful with the words and tone you opt for. The tone needs be extremely formal with choosing a writing style that fits well with the standards set by the Engineers Australia.

If you are not from the native land of Australia, it is recommended to keep the differences in dialect in mind in addition to the spellings.

If the English language tends to differ, hence you also need to be careful about the words while ensuring to look for consistencies, if any. Do not forget to edit the inconsistencies and frame them accordingly.

Keep it extremely crisp and concise

There is hardly anybody who likes to read the verbose texts and the CDR for Electronics Engineers needs to be brief and also comprehensive.

It is mandatory to ensure that it offers the required information in regards to the skills and in a precise manner. Make sure your skip over the additional details and also write more about the personal responsibilities and the achievements.

Hence, instead of offering any brand/company information, it is recommended to stick to the personal recognition and also remember to back up with optimum proofs.

Tone of the CDR report

The three career episodes that need to be written in an active voice. This further will make it a lot more personal and appealing.

The tone of the report needs to be formal and also engaging. Instead of making it quite wordy, it must include more details and facts about the experiences as faced by an engineer. Do not forget to talk about any significant awards you have achieved in your lifetime.

Importance of the summary statement

The summary statement is the very first impression that the reader assesses of the CDR report. It should be enough explanatory and the person reading it needs to get an insight of you and the career episodes before you move ahead with the report.

Refrain from plagiarism

The act of plagiarism is an enemy who can get the CDR report rejected. Hence, it is recommended to be aware of the facts that need to be used in the report while cross checking whether they are credible or not.

This is quite a common mistake that many of you do is seeking information and data from the CDR report available online. The samples need to be used only for reference purposes and not anything more.

In order to avoid unintentional plagiarism, it is recommended to make most of reliable plagiarism software online and detect the percentage of plagiarism.

Break the report into distinctive sections

The report can be tedious and difficult if you do not have optimum knowledge of the steps to write an efficient CDR report.

This is when it is crucial to break the report into several sections and this is when the CDR reports can be divided into distinctive categories such as three career episodes, continuing professional development, and summary statement and implements the report accordingly.

Seek professional academic writing service

There are candidates facing issues in writing the CDR reports and the above mentioned steps can be helpful in writing one. However, if you still need assistance to frame a professional CDR for Australia Immigration, you can reach out to seeking assignment assistance.

You can reach out to the services offering professional academic services; the experts make the best competency report for engineers Australia. However, ensure that you conduct a deep analysis before employing one.

A professional assistance to help you live stress free

Seeking the best job in Australia can be certainly a difficult affair, if you do not have the right professional assistance by your side. This is why reaching out to professional assistance serves to play the pivotal role in helping you live a stress free life.

Visit, and avail a varied expert professional assistance and let your CDR report speak volume. Here are a few major services as offered by the writing experts in the team:

Aware of the writing guidelines

The CDR report complies with a particular writing guideline, as offered by the professionals at The CDR report writers are well aware of the writing guidelines that need to be adhered by in order to offer a well crafted report.

No plagiarism

Aspiring candidates can further reach out to acquire a plagiarism free CDR report, as written by the best experts in the country. With the access to the most unique information, citation styles and more, the professionals offer a plagiarism free CDR Report.

Unlimited revisions

If you have been looking for securing unlimited revisions, you can always seek assistance from the professionals. The experts keep offering CDR Help unless and until you are completely satisfied with one. Feel free to reach out to the best group of experts in Australia with the ultimate promise to help you attain a well fabricated CDR report.

Wait no longer, instead reach out to attaining assistance and secure a stress free life. Your dream of grabbing the best job is now going to be a reality.  

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