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La Trobe University is known for making a positive contribution to the life of students, partners, and communities. The recent strategic plan of 2020-2030 reflects on the problems of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has followed the guidelines laid down by Australian Higher Education. La Trobe promises to respond comprehensively to ensure that actions help to equip the university with a current problem and create a sustainable approach that is highly valued and remains relevant until global normalcy is achieved.

La Trobe University is focused to work with diversity and inclusion which provides a long commitment towards diversity as well as social justice. Among the other Australian universities, La Trobe works as one of the most diverse universities. The University of La Trobe promises to share a workplace where the staff feels highly valued, supported which helps to achieve the best potential.

Besides imparting education, La Trobe focuses on community building, sustaining diversity, and assisting people to achieve the best.

La Trobe University Campuses

  • Melbourne Campus

Melbourne Campus has located just 14 km from the Melbourne city center among bushlands. The courses offered on the Melbourne campus are Arts, social science and communication, business and commerce, education and teaching, health, IT and engineering, law and criminology, and Science subjects. Among the arts subjects are Bachelor Archaeology, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, etc. Among other subjects are Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Humanities, Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of Language and Linguistics, Bachelor of Media and Communications. Lastly, Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

  • Albury-Wodonga Campus

Studying at the La Trobe Albury-Wodonga Campus provides a unique Australian experience for the students. Studying at the campus provides a personalized learning experience with supportive staff and modern facilities for study. The university also provides benefits for the students with connection with local industry leaders and provide an agile experience of working through an integrated learning program agenda. A close-knit facility will be reflected against a community at the backdrop of Murry River with snowfields and historic towns. It comes with plenty of elements, culture as well as spotting scopes.

  • Bendigo Campus

Studying at the Bendigo campus comes with the scope to develop a clever future. Bendigo campus is known for world-class in rural health. The regional campuses are providing support to Australia’s largest rural health school. The nursing subject at the Bendigo campus is ranked among the top 100 global courses. Besides Bendigo campus is known for its world-class engineering research. The research in civil-engineering is state of art and top-rated among national courses and is considered above the global standards. Around 94 percent of the students are secured with employment by their date of graduation. 

  • City Campus

City Campus is located at 360 Collins St. where a postgraduate course of business is provided across the businesses, health as well as law. The city campus is well equipped with La Trobe and International students, career services, library learning, and help, learning space and meeting room, well-being services.

  • Mildura Campus

Mildura campus highly benefits from state-of-art world-class university service which is close-knit with the various supportive campus. Mildura campus has associated with the local workforce where 87 percent of the students are staying and working in a local environment. More than 1800 people at La Trobe alumni are working within the Mildura region. The staff at Mildura donate a part of their salary to Mildura Staff giving scholarships. The staff is highly engaged in innovative research which helps to sustain the local region. La Trobe campus at Mildura has made its mark by producing community champions.

  • Shepperton Campus

Shepperton Campus is known for the association with a rural community which helps to create a close-knit supportive campus. Studying in the heart of Shepperton comes with high standard study options which involve clinical learning along with teaching imparted with help of teaching technology. The students at the campus benefit from small-size classes that come with access to dedicated and supportive teaching staff who are committed to positive success. A tailored study experience comes with a connection that is associated with the community and industry located in the locality.

Students receive a tailored studying experience which is done in association with the local community as well as industry. It provides a hands-on approach to experience with industry learning activities. The campus offers undergraduate, postgraduate as well research degree with full-time association and engagement with part-time study opportunities. The students get an opportunity to regional reward which guarantees the opportunity of work participation and placement programs and receive a student exchange mobility grant for studying overseas.

  • Sydney Campus

Sydney Campus is one of the best and state of art among Australian universities. La Trobe opened its Sydney Campus was opened during 2017. The campus is located in the middle of the city business and the campus is well near the part-time and internship opportunities. The campus is well connected with major transport as well as a shopping center. It is one of the most vibrant districts with world-class icons.

The Sydney campus comes with 1000 students who offer friendly as well as support communities which can help to make newer friends. The students at the Sydney Campus come from 30 countries who contribute to a rich and multi-cultural educational environment. The courses offered at the Sydney vary from studies, diploma programs with various postgraduate and undergraduate degrees available in subjects of accounts, business, management, information technology, and health sciences.

  • Online Campus

The online campus has been directly working with students for more than 50 years. The online courses are flexible and students are free to choose when to study. The students can learn the courses at their own time and space, interact with the lecturers, research supervisors as well as with the learning management system or LMS.

The courses are well supported by industry accreditation and provide chances of putting the learning into practice. The B-school which online offers is among the world which offers courses which are accredited under the European Foundation of Knowledge as well as development in the context. High-quality business management and practices are provided based on international perspectives.

Students receive learning outcome which enables them to achieve a result from face-to-face study and highly qualified staffs are associated with learning and development. The student can easily avail the course materials which helps to develop a flexible learning style that can work for the student.

The online course system believes in creating a curriculum which will evolve the experience the know-how of the industry and develop the need for improving strong professional relationship while enhancing the skillset needed to explore various new opportunities and scopes.  Studying through the online course give student flexibility in terms of when a student wants, where a student wants and place.

Courses Offered In La Trobe University

Arts, Social science and communication

The need for humanities is to create a creative and lateral thinking habit that observes the world differently and expands the scopes of the future by studying the favorite humanities subject. The courses in arts involve bachelor archaeology, bachelor of arts, bachelor of creative arts, bachelor of international relations, bachelor in politics, philosophy, and economics. It also provides a diploma degree in arts which prepares the student for transition within the second year of a bachelor of arts or find an entry-level role.

Business and Commerce

With the dynamic and changing global situation in business, the degrees provided by La Trobe University provides the complete toolkit for the students following digital transformation. It helps the students to thrive in digital technology, analytics, and data, create an adaptable and versatile innovative individual. The tutors at the university provide scope to learn from the major business mentors. Lastly, students can hone their skills with practical work placement and provide real-world experience.

The La Trobe business school has received accreditation from the Association of advance schools of business. Further to connect theory with practice, students are given two weeks of placement in Australia or overseas with international funding and sustainability experience. The courses include Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Agri-business, Bachelor of business analytics, bachelor of commerce, bachelor of commerce and law, bachelor of digital business with a bachelor in international business.

Education and teaching

La Trobe University looks ahead to inspire an entire generation of students to take up teaching challenges. The coursework helps to develop technical skills as well as confidence in the classroom. The teaching method includes allowing practice in the board and works with culturally diverse schools. The graduate-level courses at La Trobe include Bachelor of Early education and primary education, Bachelor of early childhood education, bachelor of education, bachelor of secondary education, and a bachelor of educational studies.

At the postgraduate level, courses offered are master of education, masters in educational leadership and management, masters of primary teaching, and masters of secondary teaching. The students graduating will generate the skillsets of becoming teachers who can educate and inspire with the technologies and data in favor of learning. La Trobe’s network of diverse schooling placement and help to discover the learning spaces which are safe, diverse as well as passionate.


La Trobe helps to create individuals who can make difference in someone’s life. The health curriculum at La Trobe helps to develop these individuals who can save lives and make difference. The undergraduate courses involved bachelor of biological science, bachelor of health science, Bachelor of nursing as an enrolled nurse, Bachelor of Psychological science. The health courses are tailor-made to suit the individuals with a huge range of degrees, tailor size classes with world-class level facilities at the university. The tutors include health professionals with on-campus clinics, classrooms within the hospitals, and placements did at Victoria and New South Wales.

The postgraduate courses include a graduate certificate in Public Health, Masters in digital health, Masters of disability practices, Masters of health administration, Masters of health information management, Masters of mental health and nursing, Masters in Nursing, Masters in Nursing Science, Masters of Public health and Masters of Health Administration.

IT and Engineering

IT and Engineering undergraduate courses involve bachelor of civil engineering, bachelor of computer science, bachelor of cybersecurity, Bachelor of psychological science/ cybersecurity. Besides, courses like Bachelor of Engineering Honors in Industry, Bachelor of Information and technology. In post-graduate courses Graduate certificate in Information Technology Fundamentals, Masters of Cybersecurity, Masters in cybersecurity computer science, Masters in civil engineering, Masters in engineering, Masters of Information and communication technology and masters in the internet of things.

Law and Criminology

The undergraduate courses include Bachelor of criminology, Bachelor of Criminology and law, Bachelor of criminology and Psychological science. Further courses include a bachelor of law, bachelor of laws and arts, Bachelor of international relations, Bachelor of law in politics, philosophy, and economics. The postgraduate course involves a Juris doctor.

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