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Telstra, the leading Australian company dealing in the area of telecommunications and media Is worth $25 billion in the present time. The organization stands at 11th position, in terms of market capitalization, among the world’s largest telecom companies. Students pursuing their education in different areas are often asked to conduct an intensive and contextual analysis of a person, group or any other subject related to the Telstra organization in order to evaluate the contemporary real-life situations and further provide a strong basis for the application of specific ideas along with the extension of relevant methods. 

Telstra Case Study Assignment Help

there are two main approaches followed for writing on Telstra to study i.e. analytical approach and problem-solving approach. A well-written case study on Telstra acts as an indirect promotional asset for the company. Also, a well-structured case study helps the team at Telstra to check how well they are performing in the industry. The reason why scholars are assigned to perform case studies is to allow them to learn different research skills and understand the relevance of a case study. Due to the unavailability of a large amount of information about Telstra students often seek the assistance of a professional Telstra case study assignment help platform.

Telstra is widely known for offering static line, portable and broadband internet facilities to users across the globe. Along with this, the company is also popular for its cable television facilities, cyber almanack, and yellow pages accounts which shape the root of its mass media service. Telstra’s social inheritance is one of the Australian administration possessed monopolies that has gradually modified into an expandingly liberalized, competitive, and commercial atmosphere. A case study focusing on Telstra allows the students and researches to gather a large number of observations and opinions to implement on the current scenario of the organization. 

The history and profile of Telstra as demonstrated by the expert panel of a case study assignment help platform 

Originated in 1901 and headquartered in Melbourne, Telstra Corporation Limited provides telecommunication and media services in Australia and also internationally. The organization deals with remote and fixed internet services, network infrastructure, and broadband access. Along with this Telstra also provides wholesale facilities, cable circulation facilities, pay management services, resident and foreign phone call facilities, subject matter facilities, publicity facilities, research facilities, and info facilities effectively to the clients of the organization. Telstra is known to operate in nine major business segments namely International, Consumer & Countrywide, TelstraClear, Operations, Wholesale, Business, Media Group, Enterprise & Government, and Innovation, Products, and Marketing. 

It is the consumer and countrywide sector of Telstra which presents a wide variety of telecommunication goods, facilities, and resolutions to the customers located in different urban, local, country, and isolated areas of Australia. The enterprise and government segment of the organization offers mobile applications and cohesive speech facilities, internet and cell phone solutions, and network services to the consumers via the assistance of the Telstra next-generation services.

The wholesale segment of the organization provides telecommunication products and services to its consumers by making the delivery through the networks of the telecom giant and other related maintenance arrangements to non-Telstra branded carriers, internet facility suppliers, and carrier facility contributors. The operations sector of the organization includes the entire planning, engineering, architecture, and designing of the telecom networks, technology and info technology, and delivery and transfer of info technology resolutions to sustain its manufactured products, facilities, consumer support roles.

The media group sector of the organization includes the organization and development of local directories and promotion of businesses which further entails voice, print, digital almanacks, digital mapping, and satellite course plotting, digital display promotion, and commercial info facilities. The business segment of the organization offers telecommunication goods and facilities, communication resolutions, and info & communication technology facilities to the clients operating a small or medium enterprise of their own. The TelstraClear business sector offers telecommunication facilities specifically to the users in New Zealand.

The innovation, products, and marketing segment of telecom corporation is accountable for the invention of new products, promotion of new products or services, and determining their prices across all the Telstra branches. Along with this the innovation, products, and marketing segment of the organization also focuses on the total label endorsement, advertising, and sponsorship route of the corporation. The International Group segment of Telstra organization focuses on managing the assets of the organization outdoor of Australia and New Zealand.

The key facts related to the telecommunications giant highlighted by the team of a case study assignment writing platform are mentioned below

  1. The Australian telecommunication services were initially coped up by the Postmaster General’s Department (PMG Department) which was originated in 1901 as a result of the Australian Federation.
  2. ACT was rebuilt as the Australian Telecommunications Corporation in 1989.
  3. The Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC) was combined with the Australian Telecommunications Corporation in the year 1992.  OTC, initially, was a separate government body which came into existence in 1946. The two establishments came together to form the transitory company, AOTC, Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation, which eventually continued its business underneath the previously set up characteristics of Telecom and Overseas telecommunications.
  4. It is interesting to know that in the year 1993, AOTC was retitled as Telstra Corporation Limited. A unique amalgamation of two words Telecommunication and Australia form the term Telstra for the telecom giant. The first half that is ‘Tel’ was taken from telecommunication and the second half that is ‘stra’ was taken from Australia. 
  5. Telstra organization has always faced a major threat from an organization named Optus. Optus is considered to be the second-largest telecommunications organization in Australia. Their competition has been in existence since the early 1990s. Along with this, a number of small telecommunication service providers are also known as the competitors of Telstra Corp. Limited.
  6. Telstra was widely privatized in three different stages in formerly termed as T1, T2, and T3. The first stage took place in the year 1997 followed by the second stage in 1999 and the third stage of privatization happened in 2006. 
  7. The formation of Telstra digital was announced in February 2011 under the leadership of Gerd Schenkel. The main objective of this establishment was to advance the quality of digital means used for the purpose of client facility. 
  8. Telstra introduced a new brand identity and color scheme for the organization in October 2011.  the new identity of the brand was unveiled with the tagline “It’s how we connect”. Logo, however, was “T” from their preceding identity in a diversity of colors. Along with this, the brand has refreshed its identity in February 2014 as well.
  9. You should not be astonished to know that in 2013 Telstra Corp. was identified as the third most treasured label of the entire continent of Australia.
  • Telstra treats a local marketing application that was released by the organization in  June 2014. The application was suitable with both Android and IOS devices.
  • At the same time, i.e. in June 2014, Telstra telecommunications also publicized that it was functioning on an innovative arrangement that will help their organization to book and track callouts from its technicians.
  • Telstra also funds numerous honours around Australia counting the highly prestigious Australian Business of the Year Award, the Telstra Award which was earlier known as the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA), and the MYOB Small business Award. 

The current data of Telstra Corp. Limited

  • The financial performance report Created in line with the market expectations of the Telstra Corporation Limited for the fiscal year of 2019 states that
  • The total income of the organization was recorded at 27.8 billion dollars, which is a 3.6 percent decrease from the previous year.
  • The total profit earned by the organization was calculated apps 2.1 billion dollars, which is down by 39.6% from the previous year.
  • The total retail post-paid mobile services offered by the company in 2019 were 378,000.
  • The underlying fixed costs of the company were recorded at 456 million dollars which is a 6% decrease from the previous year.
  • More than 1.9 billion dollars were returned to the shareholders in the financial year of 2019.
  • The total dividends for the financial year of 2019 were recorded at 16 cents per share fully franked. 

Highlights of Telstra Corp Limited for the Financial year of 2019

  • The organization launched Australia’s first 5G network. 
  • Telstra introduced a new rewards program for its consumer.
  • Approximately one million customers stayed connected in vulnerable circumstances. 
  • The organization radically simplified its plan making them go from 1800 to 20.
  • The organization enhanced its coverage to even more extent. 
  • There was a 22% decrease in the complaint calls to the call centres of Telstra.
  • The organization reduced its emissions intensity by 40% since the year 2017. 
  • Telstra focused on providing digital capability training to almost thirty-six thousand people. 
  • The performance of different segments of the Telstra organization 

Performance of different segments of Telstra Corp Limited

The report on segment information for Telstra Organisation is formed on the same basis as the company’s core administration report structuring at the present time. The section comparatives basically echo the organizational variations that have happened since the previous reportage period to the current date for a clear opinion. 

  • The total external income for Telstra Consumer and Small Business segment was recorded at Fourteen Thousand Two Hundred Seventy-One Million dollars for 2019 which was a decrease of 1.6% from the previous year.
  • Telstra Enterprise earned a total external income of Eight Thousand Two Hundred Forty-Three Million dollars in 2019 which was a 0.3% increase from the previous year. 
  • The Networks and IT segment of the organization earned a total external income of seventy million dollars in 2019 which was a harsh decrease of 6.7% from the previous year. 
  • The other segments of the organization together earned a total external income of two thousand one hundred and sixty-six million dollars in 2019 which was a 22.3% decrease from the previous year. 

Hire only native Australian writers for formulating a strong Telstra Case Study assignment paper

The telecommunications giant, Telstra, is known as Australia’s leading information & telecommunications service organization, and also as the best-recognized brand in the country.  With the information provided above, it is clear that Telstra offers a wide variety of services to the customers in almost all telecommunications market place spread-out all-over Australia. The company offers 8.8 million natives with static line facilities and 10.3 million natives with portable facilities. If you are amongst students who are assigned a Telstra case study assignment and are struggling to understand where to start from, then it is highly recommended for you to avail the help of a reliable Telstra case study assignment help platform. These platforms focus on providing specially tailored solutions for your Telstra case study assignments.

Telstra Case Study Assignment Help

In order to get your Telstra case study assignment written by the experts of a trustworthy Telstra case study assignment help platform, all you have to do is share the case in which you require assistance with the panel of these portals. Once the team receives your request for developing a case study assignment, they will forward it to the professional writers. 

Telstra case study assignment help service is one of the top-notch services offered by several assignment help offering platforms available in the industry. The objective of these platforms is to support all the struggling students with their academic workload worldwide. Most of the Telstra case study assignment help platforms have branches in almost all the countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, and Australia. These platforms have appointed a Ph. D. or Master’s degree holder to address your Telstra case study assignment order so that you can attain better grades in your assignments.

Tools used by the professional writers to analyse a Telstra case study assignment

The case studies ordered at a reliable Telstra case study assignment help platform are created by executives, educators, or highly educated academicians who are well-versed to use different tools or systems like:

  • OB practices 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Leadership theories 
  • Porter Five forces model 
  • PESTLE analysis 
  • Strickland’s grand scheme 

To develop impactful case studies on Telstra Corporation Limited. The formats as per the above-mentioned tools can be efficiently used by scholars in writers’ case studies related to Telstra. Every format regulates the information presented as per the need of the scholar and this is what differentiates these tools from each other. 

A proficient Telstra case study assignment help platform appoints the highly qualified tutors from the industry for developing an influential case study for enrolled students. These tutors are from diverse backgrounds such as marketing, statistics, accounting, and finance which makes them an ideal choice to prepare your Telstra case study assignment in any of the topics. Since most of the case study writers available at these platforms have advanced degrees in their respective fields, a student can be assured about the quality of assignment that would be delivered to him. 

Why is it worth it to avail the help of a Telstra case study assignment help platform for your academic needs?

A Telstra case study assignment help platform will offer you an attractive opportunity to reduce your workload and regain control of your academic life by providing you with world-class assignments that can impress your mentors easily. It doesn’t matter if you are amongst the scholar who desires to travel, visit a museum, take up a part-time job or just want to watch his favorite TV show. The assistance of a credible Telstra case study assignment help platform can help you to fulfill all these obligations efficiently. Even if you plan to write your Telstra case study on your own, there is a strong possibility that the quality of your assignment might not turn out to be fruitful in the end. But if you avail the service of a dependable Telstra case study assignment help platform, you need not be concerned anymore! You can have peace of soul knowing that 100% authentic and creative case study assignment will be delivered to you prior to the set deadline. 

It is not a surprising fact that a good case study can take weeks or even months to develop and structure properly. While working on your Telstra case study assignment paper, the writers of an online Telstra case study assignment help platform conduct an extensive study on the selected aspect which includes tracking down primary source documents and going through heaps of information about the organization. The data from only the trustworthy and proven resources are added in your Telstra case study assignments. No matter what kind of case study you want a platform to develop for you, it can be wordy or brief, you can thoroughly rely on the expert team of these platforms for delivering an exceptionally executed Telstra case study assignment. 

The services offered by a Telstra case study assignment help platform are low priced, with several appealing discounts and offers being made accessible to you. Most of these platforms started their work in this industry when the founders were students themselves, so they completely understand how a student is often on a tight budget. They know that your education is no joke and thus, you shouldn’t be expected to give large amount of money into the suspicious internet accounts without expecting any kind of oversight being rewarded to you. That is what Telstra case study assignment help platform guarantees, the project you order is entirely yours; you have the control and therefore, you only justify. 


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