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Question 1. 3

Question 2. 3

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Question 1

The simulation can be considered as approximate imitation of the process of the system. One of the basic areas the process of simulation directly depends is on the model, which has to be constructed in a proper manner. The model directly represents the key areas, which would be covered up in the model. The main components, which are included in the model, are the key characteristics, physical property and functions (Gilbert and Doran, 2018). There are different types of protocol and experiment, which can be focused on the domain to detect the functionality of the system. The simulation area of the real system is one of the important parts, which can be stated to be playing a significant role in the simulation context. The model in the context refers to the system itself and the simulation directly represents the operation over time.

The simulation system can be stated at the end as fully dependent on the model so that the overall functionality of the process can be managed and incorporated in the working.

Question 2

There is 11 tools and techniques category, which can be seen in the policy-making areas, which are stated and explained below:

  • Tessa: This tool is directly useful for work at the side scale or across the site. it also includes guidance for the stage of scoping and area of dull assessment.
  • Aries: It can be directly be related to the flow and uncertainty area. It covers all the major area of risk, which are involved in the area of working.
  • CEV: It aims at the sector of corporate, which directly involves the area of expansion.
  • Costing nature: It involves rapid analysis of bundled services, which directly help in the domain of planning of the ICT involvement area.
  • EcoAim: It involves a trade of maps, which help in the degree of policy-making which helps in the area of manipulation of the different strategies (Cairney, 2016).
  • Eco Matrix: It can be considered as an area, which is related to the site scale ecosystem service assessment.
  • ESR: It involves the policy-making area, which is related to the involvement of the stakeholders. The service, which is generated, can be altered and directly managed and implemented.
  • Invest: it directly provides a basic framework, which is related to the policy-making area, which helps in the information area of the trade-off.
  • LUCI: It is directly involved in the sector of intuitive to the interpreter and the user. The concept can be also be related to the factor of the trade-offs margin (Khudolii et al., 2016).
  • SoLVES: It directly creates a map, which is related to the area of the creation of social value, which is related to the factor of engagement of the criteria of policymaking and how it can be implemented.
  • WRAP: It is used in the sector of development of a plan of management by incorporation of data on the site (Birkland, 2015). It directly reflects the policy, which would be beneficial for the management area, which would be aiming at future development perspective.


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