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  1. Define what a methodology is and the role it serves in project management.

The methodology is the model where the project managers tend to work on employing the designing, planning, implementation and achieving the project objectives. It includes the adaptive project framework with agile software development that needs extreme agility in requirements. The project management includes the planning, execution and focusing on the closure of the team work. It is mainly for achieving the different goals under a given constraint. Hence, the methodology involves the challenges to optimize the allocation and shape or reform the client brief to feasibility for addressing the client’s objectives (Joslin et al., 2015). The project management helps in handling the documentation with higher risks and agile software development focused on PM methodlogy to manage the complex projects. The emphasis is on adaptability to change the situations, with ongoing communication for the project team in between them and client. The project management focused on customer value, with adaption to the changes and being agile or hands on to make the decisions. For the project management, the management of companies includes the detail about consolidating efforts in organization. It includes providing a benchmark for producing continued feedback in the organization.

  1. Research and Study about various methodologies & processes in the list below. Choose two methodologies/processes from this list to compare and contrast, analyzing the similarities and differences between them both.
  • Agile XP: The extreme programming is the framework for the software development that aims for producing a higher software quality with better quality of life. They are specific for the agile framework with handling the engineering practices (Uhl et al., 2016).
  • PRINCE2: The process-based method is for the effective management which includes the recognition and use in the private sector. The public domains tend to focus on the business justification, with organization structure for the management team. The product-based planning emphasis on dividing the projects into the managed forms. The benefits are for the individuals seeking for the leading of projects with management skills.
  • Unified process (Object Oriented Approach): The prototypes are developed for exploring the different deigning. It includes the use of the iterative and the incremental approach which requires planning more, when it is compared to the waterfall model. The model works on the architecture centric and the risk focused factors to address the critical risks. The deliverables are for the iteration with selecting and ensuring about the elaboration, construction and transition with final production release (Kerzner, 2018).
  • Waterfall: The model is the first process which includes the linear sequential life cycle model. The phases are defined under the sequential approach with designing, construction, deployment and maintenance. The focus is on the manufacturing and construction with high structured physical environment working on the designing changes. The documents include the schedule and planning based on documentation to recover from the loss mainly.
  • Agile Scrum: Agile software development includes the methodologies for the iterative development, where the requirements and the solutions are worked upon through collaborating in between the self-organizing cross-functional teams. The processes are defined through promoting the disciplined project management with teamwork, self-organization and accountability. The development process includes the process which is aligned to Agile Manifesto.

Comparison in between Waterfall & Agile Scrum


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They both have the individuals and the interactions for the processes and tools, where the working software is over the comprehensive documentation. The collaboration is done with the customer over the contractual negotiation with response to the changes in plan.

  1. Finally, identify how your chosen methodologies/processes in 2. relate to the project life cycle (PLC):

Waterfall: The waterfall includes the project life cycle where the coding, testing, reviewing and planning is done to manage the projects. The best way is to carry out the phases with focusing on the execution of different phases. The estimation is based on the tasks which is done in time and then planning about how it creates project plan, with workflow documents or process maps. The resources are gathered to make sure that software are there to complete the tasks.

Agile Scrum: The customer satisfaction is through delivery of the software in the incremental phase. Here, the idea is about demonstrating the feedback based on project life cycle that will help in delivering the work software. It will also create self-arising team with motivation and trust (Hornstein, 2015). The project lifecycle includes the initiation, planning and prioritizing the tasks based on execution phases to discuss about the progress. There are perspectives based on planning and identifying the scope, deliverables and project stakeholders to compare the potential costs and benefits in a project.


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