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Minitab is an Application Software which is used for studying different statistical tools. It is the basic need of business. This software product is mostly used to analyze and manipulate statistical data. Minitab is mainly designed for Six Sigma Professionals so that they can identify new trends, patterns and input the statistical data effectively. This software is widely used by all types of businesses. In Six Sigma Projects, Minitab provides us effective solutions to analyze current issues.

Six Sigma Professional

Six Sigma Professionals deals with the set of qualities that helps in improving small and large businesses. They have to deal with many decisions and statistics, based on the historic data of there business process. Below are some  of the expected work of Six Sigma Professionals

  • Monitor trends
  • Implement and upgrades different strategies
  • Identify pain areas for business process
  • Use Minitab Tools

Minitab help will help you to Manipulate the datasheet, identify patterns, simplify data of statistical analysis and solve problems rapidly.

What is Minitab?

Minitab is one of the leading software and service provider that helps to improve statistical education and overall improvement of any type of business. Minitab is privately owned by the LLC company located in Pennsylvania, USA. This software helps institutions and companies to spot new trends, discover business insights and solve problems by providing the best statistical analysis. Minitab Application Software has helped organizations to improve customer satisfaction, enhance satisfaction, improve cost containment and effectiveness.

Why learn Minitab

Minitab is the first choice of every professional when it comes to mathematical and statistical functions. This application software offers us its specific statistical context in a better way. The focus of Minitab is to improve service/product/ process by providing clean raw data of your business.

Features of Minitab

Minitab is a user-friendly software application and its data can be successfully drawn by less knowledgeable people. In colleges and universities, Minitab teaches data and statistical analysis to students. You can monitor your real-time Statistical business insights, that will automatically display on your display. Minitab has Multi-User licensing features which is really beneficial for companies and universities. Below are some other features of Minitab Software Application:

  • Statistics: It covers every type of Data, Covariance, correlation, descriptive and Statistical Analysis.
  • Regression: With the help of this feature, you can easily find the relationship between variables.
  • Graphics: This feature allows Minitab User to draw different statistical graphs and charts like Marginal Plot, Histograms, Scatter Plot, matrix plot, and bubble chart.
  • STC ( Statistical Process Control): It allows us to create time-weighted charts, variable control charts, variate control charts, and effect diagrams.
  • ANOVA: This feature allows us to analyze the difference between variance and group means
  • MSA ( Measurement System Analysis): It is a unique mathematical method that allows us to find the amount of variation that is available in the measurement process.

Minitab Essential Training

Six Sigma Professionals works on hard and statistical data to improve all the business processes. They are trained to utilize data formats, strategies, and tools to identify problems within their process. However, they have to learn the specific methodology to do so. In a company, every type of professional uses specific tools like administrators use Excel, Graphic designers use Adobe and Six Sigma Developers uses Minitab Software. In this Minitab Training is meant for anyone who is interested in data analysis, meaningful charts, and business improvement tools. It consists of basic five modules

  • Basic Minitab (opening/saving projects, report pad, toolbar, help topics, saving graphs and calculator)
  • Inputting hard Data (Sort/code/change data, Typing in Data, copy/paste programs, using patterned data and other data formats )
  • Manipulation of Worksheet ( Conditional Formatting, subset worksheet, stack/unstack columns, set a description for worksheet and splitting of the worksheet )
  • Creating different charts and graphs ( Dot/Box/Line Plot, Time series plot, Histogram, Individual plot, Scatter Plot, and Bar Chart )
  • Data Analysis ( Correlation, ANOVA, Variance/paired test, Chi-Square and sample size )

After learning about these five modules, you have to implement them in your work and then you will get Minitab Certification

Job Duties of Six Sigma Professional

Minitab / Six Sigma Professionals work in every type of organization and company. Some professionals are often employed by contractors, healthcare, manufacturing, financial companies, and government agencies. They can improve business with Six Sigma

analytics and methodology. Below are some of the specific job duties of Six Sigma Professional

  • Facilitating Rapid Improvement Events ( RIEs)
  • Quality Trends and result
  • Translate concept
  • Process improvement project
  • Identify opportunities

Salary Outlook

Minitab Job is among the highest paid jobs in Australia. Minitab Certification offers you 3 levels of certification- Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt.

  • Black Belt: It is topmost Six Sigma Certification with average Salary between AUS$130,000 to AUS$ 135,000 per year. With some years experience, Black Belt Minitab Professional Salary ranges between AUS$ 130,000 to AUS$170,000
  • Green Belt: It is Mid Managerial Certification with an average salary range from AUS$75,000 to AUS$130,000. With ample years of experience, it will increase up to AUS$180,000
  • Yellow Belt: With Yellow belt certification you can hold Business Process Analyst, Quality Engineer, Project Manager, and Process Engineer process. The average salary of this level is AUS$80,000 to AUS$120,00.


You can become an expert in large industries, firms, government sectors, and institutes.  Minitab can improve the growth of the Business Development Process, Statistical Methodology, Eco-Effective Design and building capability. Minitab opens up many career possibilities. By choosing this field as your career, you will have many skills and endless opportunities to remain profitable.


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