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Field of Research. 3

Raw Secondary Data for research in Marketing. 3

Research Questions. 3

Search terms to identify literature in the field of marketing. 4

Three peer-reviewed articles Scholarly articles. 4

References. 5

Field of Research

The field for which this research in business profession would be conducted is chosen to be Marketing. This is quite relevant to the business as without marketing and promotion of its products the business cannot make sure if the business will grow further or not. If marketing doesn’t support business, its growth becomes stagnant and slowly the business will start declining. It is not only used to make high sales but also to win the trust of people building brand image.  The marketing strategies often used are mix of online and offline nature (Nguyen).

Raw Secondary Data for research in Marketing

The sources of secondary data in the field of marketing which are publicly available are in the form of trade publications such as periodicals and news articles the content of which are also available online. Other than this the industry data and competitor data from specific industries are also available online. Other sources which are available online are government statistics through their website, data obtained from industry associations, company websites of competitors, and market research reports published online. Few examples of such sources are trade activity, patents, economic trends, industry trends, demographic presence etc (Wolf, 2016).

Research Questions

  1. What is the target market for the products and services?
  2. What is the motivation of the customers to choose these products?
  3. What is the method purchase for these products?
  4. Does their buying decision get affected by the change in price and how much it is going to impact on the sales?
  5. What kind of improvements the customers are looking for in our products and how can it lead to generating referrals?
  6. What are the possible new offerings that can be made to the customers?
  7. What are the best ways for reaching out to target audience?
  8. What kind of messages should reach to customers for encouraging them to buy our products?
  9. Is there any reason that sales are being increased under the influence of external environment?
  10. Is our Marketing campaign being supported by the Social Media influencers?

Search terms to identify literature in the field of marketing

Literature research in Marketing

Marketing Literature research

Literature Research in the field of Marketing

Marketing Research Literature

Marketing Literature research relevant to business

Marketing Literature research in business profession

Three peer-reviewed articles Scholarly articles

These literature articles are based on e-marketing, e-marketplace, e-commerce, mobile e-commerce etc. They briefly define the opportunities in the market, understanding the process, and monitor the overall performance.


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