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With an immense globalization and massive outsourcing, the development is seen every field of application in India. Without any innovative concept, no company or corporates should exist in market and will not be able to meet the requirement of the consumer as the demand of new application is typically arose every single day. India is quick rising as a world R&D hub (Kapur, 2018). India gets the progress with different innovative ideas. One of such will be good if implemented physically that is Driverless AI Bus. The concept of driverless car is already idealized but this can be used in a commercial aspect. An innovation like this will help in economical growth of India as well as the Research aspects also. This will also help in improve the quality of life at all levels.

Section-1: Concept Description

Title of Concept 

Driverless AI Bus: An Innovation in Electrical & Electronic Vehicle in India.

The Idea in a nut shell 

India is progressively seen as a development destination. Firms are currently taking up complete product responsibility, together with advanced services like product management. Automobile comes with an exciting era in Indian trade as the growth and development is very fast and in most cases it is innovative. With such progressing innovations like Drone, AI cars, Automated Cars and very newly Driverless AI Bus will emerge the market of Innovations in India in Electrical and Electronic Vehicle Industry. This is considered as the strong concept because today people are appreciating the automated car concept which may help in reducing their burden of driving for long hours. But at the same time, there are some points which need to improve to make this technology better.

  • Innovative Idea in Electrical vehicle

Earlier, it could be seen that many people get stuck in the traffic for long hours or sometimes they have to go somewhere where there presence is not so important. These automated cars will help the human to stay away from the traffic as the driving seat can be better handle automatically. This could be seen as the major problem which attracts the people to go for automated cars.

It could be believed that many people died in the drunk and driving case which is a serious matter of concern. This lead to multiple losses of lives along with billions of dollars in the car repair, the automated cars will help the people to avoid the driving while drunk. This will helps in lowering the hundreds of accidents which happen due to drunk and driving.

In Electrical Vehicles, a number of innovations are done still now. India is progressing and so for the innovation in the vehicle science. The innovation is drawn as per the public interest. If a vehicle is designed so that the it can be driven using mobile application and can manage a number of passengers and driven by solar power and having a high capacity battery with 5-6 hours full backup of charges. This will be a car which can be driven as per requirement of the passenger. This car will follow Map enabled AI machine which will decide the stoppage for the passenger as well as it will enable the passenger to get into the car some any stoppage from where the booking is requested. It will be an autonomous car or better say it is the bus which does not require any manual drive and manual conduction of the journey. Sometimes people got frustrated due to their heavy work load but the automated cars do not care about such appointments along with this they can be better set to obey and follow all the rules and regulations necessarily.  Humans sometimes got distracted while driving but automated cars always drives with utmost care and safely.

  • Value proposition offered by this Concept 

This innovative idea for the vehicle will be effective after it is well accepted by the passenger and that requires a little bit advertising and marketing like free ride, advancement in the social media. If the bus will launch into the market, surely it will make a good impact on the passenger service and the economy as well. As the bus will be driven by AI, they will catch the shortest and the less congested route and will follow the traffic signal as well. So, a planned outcome can be seen by this.

  • Literature review, prior arts, existing patents and Background of concept 

As the government allows the private sectors to be involved into this innovation, the competition is there which leads to good quality and innovative product which are quite different from each other with different manufacturer and this leads to the GDP higher as different kinds of mass products are manufactured in Automobile Industry and still the innovation is going on in the commercially feasible transport sector (Nair, 2015). In one aspect the innovation plays role in ease of transport and on other hand, it is able to be more commercial as per environment (Kapur, 2018).

Section-2: Concept Analysis

Competitive advantage 

As the number of companies is increasing in the market, naturally the competition is increased to make ensure the company will product well. The automobile company should innovate such design and facility in it which will attract the people’s interest at a glance (Shukla, 2019). Just like and following the previous issues, this innovation can also take the Indian market but it still requires to compete the existing market and vehicles which the passengers generally avails. Such type of vehicles can create a market demand if the cost per passenger and the comfort will well established. Certainly such innovative idea will catch the eyes of the passengers and knowing such aspects, gradually the number of the vehicles will have to be increased such that more passengers can avail such ride and that should be periodic.

  • How competitive advantage will be sustained 

In automobile industry, the innovative concepts are applied there where the customer tends to be interested, like the transformation of general-purpose metro rail to Air-conditioned metro rail or we can take another example of Tata Nano car which was introduced for the middle caste peoples and with its introduction, a good numbers of middle caste people bought the car. This is the innovative idea which makes a good return when deployed.

  • Assumptions in formulating the idea 

As the number of companies is increasing in the market, naturally the competition is increased to make ensure the company will product well. Competition is an important parameter for which the innovative ideas come into field especially in the arena of automotive industry in their product design and comfort. As innovation emerges in the electronic or electrical vehicle, the passengers are getting comfort day by day with a minimum wage (Shukla, 2019).

Section 3 – Skills & Team required

Skills required

For a good innovative idea for such innovation need a good thinking for all the aspects like the transport system, public preference, economic issue etc. so that the innovative outcome will be suitable to the market. Some important key points for such innovations are (Abraham, 2001):

  1. Collaboration: This is nothing but a team work where the concepts and proposals are conveyed and the best one will be in focus.
  2. Ideation: Idea generation and convey is the important part of the innovation in manufacturing and design.
  3. Implementation: After successful idea is conveyed, the implementation is done for the final deployment of the innovation.
  4. Value Creation: Idea must be creative so that it can make a good impact on society and market.
  5. Competitive Advantage: There should be multiple firms in the market and everyone is creating their own design of their innovation. To make difference from others, there should be some distinct advantages of the particular manufacturing which may create an impact on services over others.

Team Management:

For a successful innovation, Leaders and the subordinates both play a vital role. The leader should make some innovative ideas and use to convey those to his or her subordinates and employees and if the idea is suitable for proper innovation, the proposals are being taken for future consideration. Without a good team, it could be difficult to make such an innovative idea to improve the technological advancement. As innovative ideas are the important aspects for an organization to proceed forward and manufacture some suitable design of the automobile body specifically the electrical or electronic vehicles, where the devotions and dedication for all is exclusively required.

Section-4: Conclusion:

As seen from the previous proceeding sections, the innovation in India for Automobile industry, specifically the electrical vehicles concept is taking a major issue which in turn makes the society habituated in accepting such for their ease of journey and comfort. Just keeping these parameters into mind commercially, the vehicle can bring a revolution in automobile industry which will be free from driver and fully automated. This, if maintained properly, will create a massive economy growth as everywhere the demand of the innovation is still capturing the eyes of the people.


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