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Boeing is one of the largest aerospace companies and the big manufacturer of the commercial defense, space, and security systems. Company also has an ethics program in regard to the federal government program against abuse, waste, and fraud. The company has also conducted a management guideline which is mainly connected to the ethical management and strong commitment to the better working environment.

Boeing has always involved in the game changing innovation and their business has evolved to experience the challenges of a global marketplace along with this also have the great opportunity. Boeing also believes in sharing their skills, time, assets, and talent in communities across the countries.

The company is also committed to help youth and children in achieving their potential through the support programs and educational enrichment which promote academic success, economic sustainability, and independence. Maintaining a local focus and greater flexibility to respond to local needs is essential for Boeing to maintain a good brand image among the eyes of the multiple stakeholders. The core value of a company is to give back to the communities by helping homeless people, providing job training to the unemployed, helping at-risk children succeed, and funding critical health programs.

Boeing also has environmental friendly, and economically beneficially goal with Dreamliner to increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the weight. The company has utilized its valuable resources for the betterment of the society at all levels. It also considers its employee health as a priority with the help of the health and wellness program. The company efforts and contributions are mainly focused on the making a strategic difference in the lives of the people worldwide. The company is focusing on building a better planet.

Every single day, Boeing has found new and innovative ways to serve the customers worldwide along with this they are also committed to the environmental developments both how they manufacture its products and services. The company always tries to build a better and bigger community and working accordingly. It is not only working to make extra profits but also working for the development of the society by taking effective and efficient initiatives. The company believes in providing basic fundamental standards in its working environment to make a Boeing a good and better place to work. The collective and individuals contributions of boring employees at all levels are crucial for the success of the company at all levels.

Earlier, Boeing has done a big donation of $100K to mother Emanuel help to help the victims which is considered as a great example of the corporate social responsibility. Company has been highly active for participating in the multiple charitable causes. Boeing also emphasizes on heathier lifestyle of its employees along with this supports around 110 human and health services in 15 countries (, 2019).

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