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The law courses in Australian universities consist of writing and understanding legal memos in the curriculum. While writing a memo, it is essential to understand and be careful about the audience that they are writing for. Being a legal document, the law memo helps to explain the case to in-house colleagues or to other law firms.

Law Memo Writing Help

The assignments on legal memo prepare students to be extremely precise with the analysis of law and the applications. Law memo writing help prepares students to understand and comprehend the subject and discover more about it. Apart from improving legal writing, assignment help also aids to develop the ability to comprehend a legal matter with the help of a distinguished approach. Writing a memorandum of law can definitely get quite strenuous for students of law school as a result of their rigid academic schedule.

About Law Memo:

Most of the law memos essentially address a legal issue that emanates from the queries of a client. It requires students to perform in-depth research on any specific subject while coming out with the help of reasoned arguments. At the same time, it puts forward a point and ensures that the law memo is written in a convincing manner.

The conviction can be stated well with the help of highlighting the strengths of the client simultaneously while minimising the weak points. For example, if a question focuses primarily on issues related to parenting disputes. The legal memo needs to be drafted to take all statutory framework and academic literature into consideration. An essential aspect that needs to be remembered is to ignore the procedural irregularities during the deliberation of the parenting issues.

We have a large team of assignment help experts who are well versed with the essentials of law assignment help. Hence, it is definitely advisable for law students to seek professional Law memo writing help from trusted and reliable professionals.

Steps to writing a law memo:

Similar to any other subject assignment, students need to follow a few steps to write down a law memo. Let us explore the basic format in accordance with a few guidelines followed while writing a law memo as suggested by Law memo writing help.

Heading or caption

A heading is a brief to the entire assignment. Hence, without a properly-outlined heading, it is very difficult to start with the assignment. A caption or a heading set the tone of the entire assignment and hence needs to be brief enough to make it a compact part of the academic paper. The heading should include the identity of the authors, the recipient of the memorandum, the date, the client and the subject. With the help of a numbering sequence in the heading, a number of legal memos can be attached to the case. A brief statement needs to be stated and one should begin with a yes or no. At the same time, you also need to follow a clear and concise explanation for rendering a particular answer.

Questions presented

While writing a law memo assignment, students need to pose a few questions. At the top of the memo, students need to type ‘questions presented’ along with stating the issue that needs to be researched upon. As the memo is objective, hence the statement of the issue should not be answering the question one way or the other. Instead, the issue should be phrased in neutral terms.

Brief answer

Students need to quickly summarize the answer in just a few sentences. This need to be written at the end after the remainder of the memo has been drafted. The non-competition clause is enforceable as it is reasonable in terms of geographical cope and duration.


In addition to the above-mentioned points, the memo also needs to offer a section of facts. As you are not able to know the relevant facts on an immediate basis, hence you should not draft the paragraphs until the legal outline has been drafted. This is when you need to avoid commentary or making any other opinion. The opinion should be extremely limited to the conclusion, where a course of action needs to be recommended. At the same time, you also need to avoid adding several legal conclusions to the facts section. In other words, you can state exactly what was done, however without using words such as negligently in order to describe it. Remember to include all relevant facts in business law assignment help and when you do so, you also need to highlight the facts that are good for the case and also the bad ones. This is when the source of the fact should also be noted.


Under the heading ‘discussion’, write down the controlling legal rule. On the occurrence of a statute at issue, you need to quote the statute. The rule can be pulled out from the head of the outline. Some of the sample memos might even include a brief introductory paragraph where you need to summarize the questions and the facts presented. As the questions have been presented along with the facts, you can dispense with the paragraph. You can also discuss the contrary cases and if courts have found something reasonable however suddenly it does not, then you need to identify whether the case is a part of the larger trend or just an outline. Attain Law of Business Organization assignment help from reliable assignment help services to attain academic excellence.

Frame a conclusion

The conclusion needs to offer a summary of the facts along with the law. It should however be no longer than just a mere 5 to 10 sentences. As a part of the conclusion, you can also make a recommendation to the client. If the memo has been written about a potential lawsuit, the outcome can be easily predicted. Buy assignment online today to get rid of the stress and avail hassle free assignments.

Law Memo Writing Help

How can Law memo writing help be your perfect guide?

Well, law assignments cannot be written well without the help of the experts. This is especially because of the complications the subject offers. Let us explore the ways in which the experts at Law memo writing help be the ultimate guidance you need to seek.

  1. Live guidance

The subject brings along with it a number of intricacies and complications which need to be comprehended. Students often face a tough time to analyze the subject and understand it without the guidance of tutors. At Law memo writing help, we offer a large team of experienced tutors who offer immediate help and guidance with the same. As the tutors are well versed with the subject, hence they offer live guidance to the students and help them understand the nitty gritties of the subject better.

  1. Stringent quality check measures

At, the Law memo writing help professionals adhere to stringent quality check measures and ensures that you attain a flawless law assignment. With the help of our quality checking policy, you can attain a flawless law assignment in no time. Along with a strong and powerful team of writers, we also offer a powerful team of editors and proofreaders’ who ensure following a strict quality measure to deliver an error-free assignment.

  1. Advanced plagiarism software check tools

By making use of advanced plagiarism software check tools, the professionals at Law memo writing help check the plagiarism content. At the same time, the writers ensure that no percentage of plagiarism is found in the assignment and the one delivered by them is a completely unique look. By complying with a 100% unique assignment, the experts prioritize the grades of a student and help them acquire a higher one.  A plagiarism-free report is also attached to the assignment to help students stay stress-free.

  1. Meet deadlines

Timely submission of an assignment is undoubtedly the most basic criteria to obtain highly secured marks. The team of writers at Law memo writing help understand this very well and plan the processes accordingly so that the deadline is not missed. Irrespective of the time you wish to offer the assignment, we ensure that the assignment gets submitted before the estimated deadline. Do you stay worried regarding submitting timely assignments? Look no further; instead, seek expertise Law memo writing help and meet the deadlines as stated by the university.

  1. Unlimited revisions

The experts at Law memo writing help ensure that they offer an error-free assignment that adheres to all regulations as demanded by the assignment. However, still if at any point, the assignments need revision, we ensure that we offer you unlimited revisions at no additional price. Looking for a cost-effective assignment buying experience? Contact us now!

Customized Law memo writing help at your fingertips:

Attain customized Law memo writing help at your fingertips from myassignmenthelpau. The experts offer customized help and the assignments are personalized as per the needs and requirements of the students and the university. Reach out to the professionals at and contact the customer support team available 24*7 with their helpful services. Get in touch with us at the earliest to seek attractive coupons and vouchers.

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