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In this world of technology, knowledge on computer networking has become an essential element. It is an evolving subject which has a promising career perspective. The subject enlightens the students with the communication process between two computers and the technique on which the internet works. Students often face problem understanding the subject as it is different from the other computer programming subject. But students should not despair as we the My Assignment Help Company is there to offer computer network assignment help that will make the subject interesting and fun to learn. Computer network assignment help online is provided by the expert assignment writers and you can submit a quality work within the time.

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What is computer network assignment?

Often question might arise in your mind that what is computer networking? Well, it is the mode through which the computers exchange or share data through a communication channel which is called networking. With the help of computer networking we can share file, data, printer, application store information virtually, perform parallel computing, video conferencing, exchange messages and other commercial activities like sale and purchase of products etc. An interesting fact is that internet is the biggest computer networks in the world.

We just can’t imagine the world without the huge network of the internet. It is the most reliable source of networking which is available at lower prices and the most efficient feature of it is that it is a flexible system to exchange the resources. As the technology is advancing to the new ea more and more computer networking professionals and experts are required in every field, be it at the academic level or at the corporate level.

Understanding the importance of computer networking as a subject, we have come forward to offer the student's computer network assignment help to make it easy for leaning. Our online university assignment help explains the subject in detail by answering the questions in a simple language that is easy to understand. The professionals who handle the assignments have relevant years of experience and deep knowledge about the subject because of which they provide a standardised computer network assignment help to the students.

Topics that are covered in the assignments

The computer network assignment help will include the basic and the advanced levels of computer networking. Few of them are mentioned below such as:

Different types of networking

  • PAN
  • MAN
  • LAN
  • WAN 

Hardware Networking

  • Repeater
  • Hub
  • Switch
  • Gateway
  • Firewall
  • Proxy server
  • Router

Different topologies

  • Ring
  • Tree
  • Bus
  • Star
  • Hybrid
  • Mesh etc. 

Networking models

  • TC/IP model
  • OSI model
  • Client-server model 

Different types of physical layer

  • Wireless transmission
  • Mobile telephone system
  • Guided transmission
  • Digital signal encoding
  • Analog modulation
  • Cable TV networks
  • Digital modulation 

Types of data link layer

  • Stop-and-wait protocol
  • Go-back-N protocol
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless LANs
  • Error detection and correction
  • Sliding window protocol
  • Ethernet
  • Switching technique circuit, packet switching 

MAC Sub layer

  • CDMA

Types of network layer

  • Congestion control
  • Mobile IP
  • IP addressing
  • Internetworking
  • IPV4 and IPV6
  • IP multicasting 

Types of routing

  • Distance vector routing
  • Unicast routing protocols; RIP, BGP, OSPF
  • Link state routing
  • Multicast routing protocols; DVMRP, CBT, MOSPF, PIM

Layers if transport

  • TCP
  • UDP 

Various application layers

  • Emails
  • DNS
  • Multimedia 

Types of computer network security

  • Firewall
  • Digital signatures
  • Cryptography
  • Compression techniques
  • Digital certificate 

Network protocols

  • FTP –file transfer protocol
  • POP3- post office protocol
  • ICMP- internet control message protocol
  • SMTP- simple mail transfer protocol
  • ARP-address resolution protocol
  • FODI- fiber distributed data interface
  • DHCP- dynamic host configuration protocol
  • DQDB- distributed queue dual bus
  • ATM-asynchronous transfer mode 

Common questions that drive students to take the computer network assignment help

  • Detailed definition of classless and classful addressing methods.
  • Explain subnets and they are useful in a congestion control in a network.
  • Draw a sketch of the actual bit transmission system

Determine the capacity of the channel if the bandwidth is x and the signal ratio is y.

  • Distinguish between IPV4 and IPV6.
  • How FDMA differs from TDMA?
  • What do you understand by a firewall?
  • Give a clear difference between hub and switch.
  • Explain connectionless and connection-oriented protocol.
  • Distinguish between UDP and TCP.

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