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  • 10 Jul 2019

Are you off to your first day of college? Wondering what might you need in that backpack of yours? Thinking about the important things that you will most likely keep in your backpack to survive a day in college?

A student's life is incomplete without their backpack. It seems as if our backpack is our way to survival in the college campus. Many of the times, our college backpack is Pandora's box. You need anything; all you have to do is grab that out of your bag. But it can only happen if you have certain things certain essentials that you might need. Now how do you decide what to carry in your backpack and what not? What will be needed and what will not?

So we have carved out a list for the college backpack essentials and must haves that every college going student ought to have.

  1. Laptop and Laptop charger

Laptop is a must have if you have to take notes, mail your professor or draft your assignments. It is ever needed on campus and is easy to carry. It can also act as your daily planner. So if you are bringing a laptop o campus then you surely must carry the laptops charger as well. Many a times, the laptop battery runs out and we are not able to find the charger. So having the charger is super convenient.

  1. Notebook and Planner

If not laptop, then you must have a notebook or a few sheets tucked in a binder folder to take down notes during a class or maybe to pen down some important instruction or information. A scheduler or a planner is important to keep all your due dates, appointments, classes and other campus activities organized in one place. Planners are an imperative part of student's life to help them maintain their daily tasks.

  1. Course Material

Depending on which classes or lectures you might have in a day, bring the study or course material accordingly. You do not want to burden yourself by bringing something that is not of use for that day. Take a daily look at your planner and then decide which course material to bring with you.

  1. Stationery

Always have an extra supply of school or college stationery. It is a good idea to keep a pouch in which you can have all the essentials such as colorful pens, pencils, staplers, highlighters, markers, erasers, white outs, sticky notes, extra leads and flash cards.

  1. Campus essentials

You might have to show your college ID when entering the campus. So keep in your student ID, your locker keys, wallet and you phone always with you in your backpack.

  1. Water Bottle

It is important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. You have to travel so much that the last thing you would want is a headache after reaching your class. Usually the backpacks have 2 side pockets to keep bottles. So try carry one water bottle and one bottle with energy drink of your choice. You cannot be too sure about the outside water. It is best to bring it from home.

  1. Healthy and Light snacks

Always pack yourself with sweet and salty snacks to avoid those hunger pangs. Carrying a pack of granola bars is quite helpful. Sometimes, we might skip breakfast because we are running late for class. A little snack is something that you can always have in between the class. Even if not, it gives you a little rest till your class is finishes and you can have your lunch. It is best to keep fruits, nuts and vegetables.

  1. Headphones

If it takes you long to travel from your residence to your college, then you must surely have an extra headphones or earphones to help you with your travels and those hours which you have to sit out while waiting for a class to start.

  1. Phone charger or Power Bank

A power bank is the latest addition to every student's backpack. The phone is used so much that it often runs out of battery. And then there is no charger available or even if we have a charger, a plug in point is not available. With a portable charger, you may not be anchored to a wall till your phone gets charged, but you may go wherever you want without worrying about the battery life of your phone.

  1. Tissue and Sanitizers

Having a runny nose? Not having tissue or handkerchief? Well it is the worst. Don't you think it will be better to have a pack of tissues? It always comes in handy whenever you want to wipe your wet hands, when you have runny nose or maybe when you want to wipe off something that feel on your clothes. Having a sanitizer is useful before you eat something or have your lunch.

  1. Sunscreen or lotions

Going out? Applied sunscreen? Well think no more and put on some. It is advisable to apply a thick dollop of sunscreen while going to your classes or walking across the campus. During bright summer days, students usually chill and sit in the lawns under sun. Even though the days are beautiful, but one must carry sunscreen while stepping out in sun.

  1. Scientific calculator

Nearly all students need a scientific calculator in most of their lectures. Many courses and subjects may not be technical but certain calculations do require a calculator for fast calculations. If you are an accounts student, then you will surely need a calculator in your backpack. Having a calculator makes life so much easier!

  1. Chewing Gum or Breath Mints

These are an invaluable addition to your backpack. What I feel is chewing gum keeps you going in a boring lecture. Breath mints are necessary in case you are running late and skip to brush.

  1. Extra quarters or change

Always keep a small bag of change or quarters in case you need to buy a snack on your way to class or class. It is additionally incredible to convey some extra quarters and money for the snack machines and bistros around campus for those occasions you just truly need some food!

  1. Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit must have your medicines that you take regularly. Apart from that some painkillers for headaches, allergies, upset stomach, cold and flu and heartburn. It should also have band-aids, hairpins, tissues, cough drops, comb, lip balm etc.

  1. Deodorant or Perfume

Commuting is a sweaty business especially in summers. You have to walk miles across your campus to reach your classes; deodorant is what comes in handy for that foul sweat odour. You wanna smell good when you are around people, therefore you should always have either a deodorant or perfume.

  1. Sunglasses

Even though you have applied sunscreen, it is good to carry a pair of sunglass while going outside in sun. Most of the time students spend their time in campus lawns and having a sunglass is like a blessing.

  1. Folder

To carry that extra course material and to segregate the course material of different subjects, it is advisable that you have separate binders or folders in which you can keep your sheets or work papers or assignments without getting confused about the subject.

  1. Umbrella

Weather can be quite volatile. You may think after seeing the news channel that it will be a bright pleasant day, but you cannot know it may turn out to be torrential downpour. So to avoid getting wet and your stuff from getting soaked in water, pack that umbrella of yours in your backpack. In market, you can find umbrella that are foldable can take up very little space.

  1. A spare hoodie or t-shirt

What if you forget to bring that umbrella on a rainy day? Or what if instead of raining it is freezing out in the evening? You will always be thankful if you have a spare hoodie or a t-shirt in your backpack during those chilly evenings and the time when you have to sit in library for long. That hoodie will be your friend.

So we have given you a list of college backpack essentials that are must haves. But it all depends on the type of backpack that you use. Always go for a multi utility backpack which little compartments. Think about the size of the backpack, according to your needs, whether you will need a big one or a small one because you would want to invest in a comfortable, durable, and versatile backpack. So before buying the bag, think about these few purchasing points.

  • Will your laptop fit?
  • Is there a space for a water bottle?
  • Are there additional organizational pockets?
  • Is it durable?
  • Is it comfortable? – Most backpacks made by reliable hiking/outdoor brands will be perfect!
  • Is there space where you can keep your valuables? Perhaps an inner pocket?

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