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  • 06 Aug 2020

Developing case studies is an amazing way to inform the clients and readers about the worth of your goods or services. Crafting a case study is way different than putting up a simple testimonial that uses some real-life instances showcasing how your goods or services successfully satisfied the requirements of your consumers and eventually helped them to achieve their goals. 

With the support of a well-written Case Study Help, you will be able to define your success story in a way that will encourage any potential client to be your valuable client. This article will focus on some valuable tips you can use to make case studies a powerful tool in expanding your business.

10 valuable tips to help you transform your case studies into an outstanding business asset 

Tip 1: Case study should be easy to navigate

What is the point of having amazing case studies about your business if no one can ever locate them? A well-written case study can only have an impact on the readers if it is exposed and placed cleverly.

Make sure that the case study you have developed is thoroughly organised and easy to find on the website you have decided to place it on. The task does not end at the placement of the case study, it is also important to grab the attention of the right readers on different social media platforms to promote your case study appropriately. 

Tip 2: Use different appeals to satisfy different types of content users

Not all readers or clients are the same when it comes to the consumption of content. While some of your customer base might enjoying reading, there might be others who prefer an audio or visual representation of your case study more than the words. Therefore, it is only beneficial to consider preparing the content of your case study in different formats. 

Although the approach is commonly overlooked, it has become a common practice while crafting a case study about any professional service. The digital appeal can help you to communicate your experience and story in a way that words alone might fail to.

You can use a podcast, a YouTube video, or simple infographics to grab the attention of your potential clients. Following this technique will also allow you to reach out to a large set of potential clients assisting them to understand how they can benefit from the goods and services of your business. 

Using different methods can allow you to develop a suitable setting or feel quickly for a client and hence spice up your case study. 

Tip 3: Focus the story of your case study on someone or something your potential clients can associate with 

If you can identify your ideal consumers, you will be able to draft your case study in a much better way. If your potential clients are from the marketing industry you should focus your case study on the social media trends and if they are from the education sector you can focus your case study on university consumers. 

The ultimate objective is to ensure that once an ideal consumer gets his hand your case study he should:

  1. Clearly observe that you understand the specific requirements of his industry.
  2. Recognize that you’re at complete ease while talking about his industry.
  3. Understand your outlook to the achieve targeted outcomes in his industry. 

Let's take an example to understand this more clearly. We all might have accessed a how-to blog at some point in our lives. Most of these write-ups are focused on informing something to an average reader but as soon as you stumble across a how-to blog that focuses on your forte or passion, such as on marketing or advertising or nursing or coding,  you are more enthusiastic to grasp the information and practically apply it.

Similar is the case with case studies. Potential clients who are reading your case study should be able to understand that the products and services you are promoting will work wonders for them in the same way they benefitted you.

Tip 4: Tell a binge-worthy story right from the very start till the absolute end 

Who does not like reading a good story? A high-quality story has an interesting beginning, an engaging middle, and a whacking end. The story in your case study should showcase the struggle against the odds and twists and turns with the right words. If it is too simple and there is no mystery or drama it might fail to impress your clients.

This does not mean that you should transform your case studies into some appreciative piece of literature but a little bit of effort in storytelling will definitely help you to go long way and catch your reader’s interest in knowing what you have to say. 

Explain the hurdles, goals, requirements, etc. related to the lead character and how your goods and services satisfied his requirements. Use your words smartly to paint an impressive picture of how it is like to associate with your business. 

Tip 5: Different formats can also work to your advantage

Although storytelling is the most frequently approached case study method, it is not necessary that every case study should fit into this style. You can use different formats such as a case study interview to help your readers relate to your case study in a much better way. Quoting the actual words of the subjects will help your readers to trust the claims being made. 

Tip 6: Clearly communicate the strategy you used to achieve your goals

Let's understand that your services helped an organization to boost its sales, perfect. But what the potential clients would want to know is how you did it and the specific procedure followed to achieve the goal.

This is the section of your case study where you promote your goods or services simply by stating which all were used to achieve the desired outcomes. Do not be vague and say “oh our marketing services helped us to achieve these results” that’ll be a huge disappointment for the clients.

Clearly explain the combination of which marketing strategies or what campaign led you to achieve the results and in what time frame. 

Tip 7: Reader-friendly format will be much appreciated

Even if your case study is interesting, engaging, and full of twists & turns no one is going to pay any heed to it if it's ill-formatted. Just a block of text will not attract any readers.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are using the right formatting elements to improve the overall look of your case study. Smartly use headers, images, lists, bold and Italic font to enhance the feel of your case study section.

Several readers out there might simply just skim through the information rather than reading wordy paragraphs, therefore, these elements come quite handy to impress even the rushed readers and clearly portray how your business can be beneficial for the potential clients. 

Tip 8: Add the actual figures to impress the readers

Using figures adds credibility to your case studies in a way that words cannot. Numbers can be powerful in describing the magnitude of challenge your products or services were able to tackle. Do not just vaguely say that your services doubled the sales of an organization readers would love to see real figures as possible proof of your claims. 

Do not just add the tables and graphs to illustrate the figures associated with your services but also highlight the factors that a reader should be aware of. This will help you to showcase tangible results that helped the subject to reach a better place with your assistance. 

Tip 9: Add the right keywords in the title and body of your case study 

It is important that you conduct a keyword analysis on the topic of your case study and include the terms in your writing. This will help the search engines to locate your case story easily and share it with the right readers. Try to include the identified keyword in the title of your case study and at least two to three times in the body depending upon the word limit of the study.

Tip 10: Do not hesitate to get professional help with your case study

It is not mandatory for you to prepare a strong case study on your own. You can definitely seek assistance from a professional writing service to write, edit, or proofread the document you have written. It can actually be a very smart decision.

Case studies play a crucial role in content marketing in the present scenario; therefore, it is important to get them right. Do not make the process of writing a case study painful and keep its excitement alive by taking help from expert professionals in the industry. 

With the above-mentioned tips in your bag, you are good to go for writing a persuasive case study. Remember to update the details every now and then to highlight the fact that your products and services still have a positive impact on the consumers. This can make the case study even more profitable for you. 

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