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Developing short essays is a common practice in the academic years. They occupy an important place in a student’s curriculum irrespective of the field of knowledge they are interested in, be it literature or economics or cultural studies. Writing an impressive short essay is a regular task in your academic life.

A short essay is just like a typical essay that is written with an objective to provide a thorough description of a certain element or phenomena in detail. Even though writing 500 words might sound challenging to you but it is actually easy once you What exactly are you are approaching how you have to approach it.

You need to think of five different ideas you need to cover in about five paragraphs of a hundred words each, which include approximately 6 to 7 sentences. 

Although the words are less than a longer essay, students find it puzzling to write a short essay as they get confused with what to eliminate and what to include in the points covered in a shorter essay. With the task of writing a short essay, they often feel that they are deprived of enough space to make a strong claim in the write-up.

This article will help you to understand how to let the creative juices flow and include the most essential details in the shorter essay. 

What is the ideal length of a short essay?

Students often find it difficult to present their thoughts clearly with a limited amount of words in hand but experts suggest that it is not as bad as it appears. Different short essays are found to have a word limit ranging from 500 to 800 words.

All the short essay writing service manuals available online suggest that the art of preparing a high standard short essay can only be mastered with regular practice. The only positive aspect of writing a short essay is that you are required to present your opinion on a concept or idea and you are not expected to conduct extensive research on the topic. Therefore, the topic of these essays is generally easy to understand and get engaged with. 

A complete guide to help you prepare a comprehensive short essay

Just like a long write-up a short essay also includes different components that a student should necessarily focus on in order to create a lasting impression with his writing skills. Underlying are the details of different components that combine to form a short essay along with the details of the right way to approach them. 

A strong thesis statement

There are two things that a student should always keep in mind while writing a short essay the placement of components and their complexity. 

The shorter the essay is the earlier your thesis statement should be introduced. For instance, if you are preparing an essay with 3-4 paragraphs it is only ideal for you to introduce your thesis statement in the initial 3 sentences itself and if you are drafting a 1-2 paragraph essay your opening sentence should be the thesis statement of your write-up.

Keep in mind that the thesis statement should be engaging as well as summarising in nature. The shorter the word limit of your essay the less time you will get to set the content in motion, therefore, you should get on with it without any extra sentences in between. 

Along with this, it is also important to have a clear idea of the complexity with which you need to address the topic at hand. You should always go for essay topics that allow you to have enough room to discuss.

There is no need to add 3 to 4 examples of supporting evidence in your essay if you are only allowed to write five hundred words. Simply support the main point with one example to keep the write-up crisp and sparing enough room for introspection. 

The sentences should focus only on the target

A student should always remember that it is crucial to define the wholeness of your reasoning at the very beginning of a paragraph. If you want the message to be accessible by your readers it is your responsibility to make it snazzy.

There is no need to wait till the very end of a paragraph or essay as a whole to present your take on the topic in hand. Since you have fewer words to express your thoughts, each sentence should be written to either present, support, or introspect your argument. 

Limit your verifying facts

Since you are only allowed to write 500 words it is a smart decision to limit the number of sentences focusing on delivering a supportive back up to your argument. If possible, use only one sentence instead of two to present a story or state an example in support of your claim.

You might be thinking it is easier said than done but it is crucial to provide only the essential details so that the reader can get the entire idea of your essay. If it is difficult for you to express a certain example in one or two sentences it is best to change the example altogether. Be careful while selecting the topic for your essay as certain concepts require too much evidential support.

Introspection is the most crucial aspect of your essay

Be it a 500-word essay or a 5000-word essay, self-analysis is always going to be the most vital aspect of your academic work. It is only by assessing how you reflect on your argument can your professor gain an understanding of how well you know about the topic and how smartly can you present an argument.

It is always recommended not to get side-tracked in an essay with 4-5 paragraphs. Stick to the point and focus on supporting the thesis statement. Unnecessary sentences not only enfeeble your reasoning but also take up the valuable word limit. 

The conclusion should be strong and bang on

The ideal way to complete a short essay is by adding a concise summary of the main reasoning along with the short statement that includes the effect of your thesis on the future. This approach will present you as a forward-thinking individual without driving you too far from the main gist of your essay.

The conclusion section of a short essay should be approximately 3 sentences long. We understand that conclusions are important but there is no need to waste your valuable space in restating the points that are already stated in the content of the body. 

How to strategize writing a strong short essay?

There are several students out there who are often finding it complicated to write a short piece of essay for their academic program. When a short essay is assigned to such students they develop a long write-up at the beginning that includes all the essential details and then trim down the extra information to fit the content into the allotted word limit. If you want to approach your short essay assignment using this technique.

you can use the below-mentioned points to your advantage

  1. Ask a friend or family member to highlight the main points of your essay using a highlighter.
  2. Only include the sentences that have a particular and unique contribution to your essay. 
  3. Apply the necessity test technique if you find it difficult to trim your essay.
  4. Always remember to simplify the reasoning with one or two examples.

The above-mentioned points should come quite handy when you are about to compose a short essay for your academic program.

Do's and don'ts of writing an impressive short essay

Here is a list of certain factors that you should always keep in mind while developing a short essay for your academic program:

The Do’s

The Don’ts

Remember to keep your essay sentences snazzy. The sentence should either present, support, or introspect the argument made. Remember to eliminate all the necessary information that does not add on to the understanding of the main idea of your essay.

Do not assume that the longer the essay the better it is. It is necessary to stick to the allotted word limit. 

Make smart use of the semicolon, dashes, or compound sentences to condense the essay when required.

Do not get too attached to your ideas and be flexible to eliminate any unnecessary details from your essay to efficiently meet the word limit allotted.

Remember that the thesis statement should be covered in the initial 3 sentences of the essay if it is a 3-4 paragraph essay and be the opening sentence if it is a 1-2 paragraph long essay. 

Do not write a wordy introduction or conclusion thinking that it will enhance the appeal of your short essay.

Showcase your argument in the best light and related to the thesis cleverly. 

Do not select an overly complicated topic. Try to opt for something which allows you to have enough room for discussion.

Use only one or two examples to support your claims as you need to spare enough room for other elements as well.

Ensure that the essay follows all the page length requirements stated by your professor.

Always remember that the components of a short essay are similar to that of a lengthy one but less in the word count. If you still find it difficult to write an impressive short essay for your program, you can always get in touch with the Essay Help of My Assignment Help Au and get professional assistance with your short essays at extremely affordable prices. 

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