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The ranking of the University is decided on a wide array of factors including academic prestige, intellectual dynamism, and scholarly excellence. All universities from all across the globe have major four core missions including research, teaching, knowledge transfer, and international outlook. When choosing an educational institute, one needs to consider several factors. We had analyzed several performance indicator parameters to carefully compute the most inclusive list of top universities.  

Wish to study at the world’s best university? Read the below-given ranking list of the world’s top 10 universities for higher studies

  1. University Of Oxford

Oxford is the most historic University in this world. This institution is considered a world-leading center of teaching, research, and learning. There is no clear evidence for its exact founding date but teaching took place in 1096. There are almost 38 Oxford colleges in the United Kingdom, which hold financial independence from the government. This self-governing University relates to some kind of federal system. This University is globally famous for the study of science, arts, and humanities subjects. The University comprises 44 halls and more than 100 libraries over which 22,000 students are pursuing their academic curriculum.

  1. University Of Cambridge

Established in 1209, the University of Cambridge is widely renowned for its outstanding academic achievements. More than 18000 students from various cultures and corners of the world are studying in the 31 autonomous colleges of University. The intellectual achievement of its students reflects the servings and knowledge of 11000 staff members. Most of the world-class research is carried out by the staff, departments, and students of the University and the college. Moreover, six schools of this University are unfurled across the colleges offering major courses including physical sciences, clinical medicine, humanities, technology, biological sciences, and arts.

  1. California Institute Of Technology

California Institute Of Technology or abbreviated as Caltech is a world eminent house for science and engineering students. This 124 acres education institution was founded in 1891 and gave birth to the world’s brilliant minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific queries. This 38 Nobel Prize-winning institution has tough a tough competitive admission process and a very small number of students got blessed by taking admissions. The extraordinary faculty and students of this education center strive hard to turn down complex questions, lead innovation, discover new technology, and transform the future.

  1. Stanford University

Learning, expression, discourse, discovery, and innovation are the other name of Stanford University. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, this education institution was founded by Jane and Leland Stanford in 1891. More than 16300 students, 2180 faculty, and 1800 postdoctoral scholars are residing in the 8180 acres campus size. Stanford University is also renowned worldwide with the name of athletics powerhouse because 137 national champions and 23 consecutive Directors’ Cups were awarded to the students of this education center. Many famous people have been a part of this University including Herbert Hoover, Sally Ride, and more. 

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is situated in the city of Cambridge. Founded in 1861, this institute is indulged in the field of biological research, the development of radars, the discovery of quarks, and the innovation of magnetic core memory. MIT offers five different courses to the students such as engineering, humanities, arts, social science, architecture, and planning. In a 126-acre campus size, approximately 11000 undergraduates’ studies and 1000 facility members serve them.

  1. Harvard University

Initiated in 1636, Harvard University is regarded as the most prestigious university all across the globe. Situated in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, this Ossian University covers 5000 acres of area. With 20.4 million volumes, 400 million manuscript items, 124 million archived web pages, 180,000 serial titles, and 10 million photographs, This educational University is considered as a home to the world's largest academic library. Some jewels of Harvard University are Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Al Gore, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, here are a few but the list goes on.

  1. Princeton University

Located in New Jersey, founded in 1746, Princeton University is considered one of the most acclaimed Institutes for higher education. This Ivy League institution has produced more than forty Nobel Prize winners, seventeen National Medal of Science winners, and five National Humanities Medal recipients. Recognized for its allegiance to teaching, more than 10, 000 students are pursuing their academic curriculum on its campus. 

  1. Imperial College London

With the motto of scientific comprehending the crowning glory of empire offers several courses based on medicine, business, science, and engineering to students. Around 15,000 students and 8,000 staff members are part of this UK’s one of the leading education centers.

  1. University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago is considered an intellectual destination for students. The 2350 faculty members innovate new insights to benefit future and present generations. This John D. Rockefeller founded university has contributed to various researches like generating the link between genetics and cancer, founding revolutionary theories of economics, and many more.

  1. ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Built in 1855, this Federal Polytechnic school is counted amongst the most reputable universities of science and technology. More than, 20 Nobel prize winners are part of this university.  To give a notable contribution to the science world, the 16 departments of this university continuously work in the field of architecture, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Final words- Top 10 Universities for Higher Studies

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