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  • 15 Mar 2022

Workplace Rules For International Students In Australia

As overseas students return to Australia to study and work, they must be aware of their workplace rights. The national workplace regulator, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), has published a handbook on starting a new job in over 30 languages. Providers are urged to provide a comprehensive guidance to their students to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities at work.

A step-by-step guide to starting a new career

The Foreign Student's Guide to Starting a New Job gives international students an introduction to the National Employment Standards (NES), what to expect on their first day, and how to deal with workplace concerns. A handy checklist is also included in the handbook to ensure that overseas students have all relevant information regarding their new employment before they begin.

Employees can also take free interactive online courses from the FWO. The Starting a New Job course takes around 30 minutes to complete and offers new workers information on workplace rights and acceptable workplace behaviour.

Unfolding employment rights of international students:

International students have the same workplace rights as all other Australian workers, including the ability to receive minimum pay for their work.

unfolding employment
  • Employees who are 21 years or older and are not protected by an award or agreement will be paid $19.84 per hour, or $24.80 for casual employees, beginning July 1, 2020.
  • An award covers the majority of employees. Increases in award pay rates begin on three different dates for various groupings of awards this fiscal year. Find My Award is a tool developed by the Fair Employment Ombudsman to help individuals determine which award relates to their work.
  • Employees are also entitled to obtain a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement from their employer before starting new employment or as soon as practicable following. The Fair Work Information Statement is a document that informs new workers on the terms and circumstances of their employment.
  • We recommend including a copy of the Fair Work Information Statements in information packs for overseas students to familiarise them with Australia's workplace rules.
  • The Fair Job Ombudsman is Australia's workplace regulator and may help students understand their workplace rights and obligations and resolve workplace difficulties, such as if their work has been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Wages and pay

Employees must be compensated appropriately for all time performed, including time spent:

  • Training
  • In meetings with the team
  • Business opening and closing
  • Putting in too long trial shifts

Learn about your pay responsibilities, such as minimum salaries, payslip and record-keeping standards, and unpaid work restrictions.


Employees can take time off for various reasons, including vacations, illness, or caring for sick family members.

  • The National Employment Standards (NES) determine employees' minimum leave rights. Can specify other leave entitlements in an award, registered agreement, or employment contract, but they must not be less than those set in the NES.
  • With our My Assignment Help Australia service, you can test your knowledge of leave rights and receive comments and connections to valuable resources on leave entitlements.

New employment

Before hiring them, employers must ensure that prospective employees know their rights, duties, and obligations, whether they relate to wages, minimum terms and conditions, tax, or superannuation.

  • Employees should also be aware of their workplace rights and responsibilities to ensure appropriately treated at work.
  • Employee benefits differ based on whether they work full-time, part-time, or casual.
  • Take our My Assignment Help Australia service to test your knowledge of typical employee privileges and forms of employment. You'll receive feedback, as well as access to valuable resources and a certificate of accomplishment.

Working circumstances

There are restrictions governing what employees get at work, such as the number of hours they must work and how often they must take breaks. These regulations can be found in various locations, including an award, a registered agreement, or a contract of employment.

Working circumstances
  • The National Employment Standards (NES) and awards define an employee's minimum entitlements. Can include other rights in a registered agreement or employment contract, but they must not be less than those specified in the NES or the applicable award.
  • Pay and wages have information on employee pay rates and Leave to leave entitlements.
  • Try our My Assignment Help Australia service to test your knowledge of essential employee benefits such as flexible working arrangements and forms of employment.
  • At the conclusion, you'll receive comments and access to valuable resources, as well as a certificate of accomplishment.

Issues in the workplace

Every workplace encounters issues from time to time, and they may make workplaces unproductive and stressful for everyone if they aren't dealt with.

  • Some issues can be resolved with only a simple talk, and other matters at the workplace may necessitate extra time and effort.
  • In any case, it's better to spot and address issues early on before they wreak havoc on professional relationships and business.
  • Learn how to prevent workplace difficulties and address a problem in your workplace.

Termination of employment

Employment can be terminated for various reasons, and an employee can either quit or be fired by their company.

  • It's critical to follow the employment termination requirements, notice, and final compensation, regardless of how the employment relationship ends.
  • New rights and responsibilities apply when a position is eliminated, or a company goes bankrupt.
  • In the termination phase, you can take the help of our Essay Help Australia expert's guide, you may put your knowledge of terminating employment to the test.

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