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Australia is a popular study location for students from all over the world, and most students who want to study abroad choose Australia as their first choice. According to statistics, behind the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia attracts the third-largest number of overseas students in the English-speaking world. However, once you've decided on a place, the following question is generally, "Which school is ideal for me?" This post will learn why you should study in Australia and how to gain admission to an Australian university quickly.

What institutions in Australia provide the top Master's degrees?

There are several world-class universities in Australia where you may earn a master's degree. This advanced degree will allow you to upgrade both your academic and professional credentials.

The following are the best universities in Australia in which you can get a master's degree:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • Holmes institute
  • Monash University
  • The University of New South Wales
  • RMIT University
  • The University of Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of Adelaide
  • The University of Western Australia
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • The University of Newcastle
what institutions in Australia

Let’s have an overview of one of the above:

Holmes institute for international students

Holmes Institute has maintained a devoted, active, and vibrant teaching atmosphere and state-of-the-art campuses. The Institute is affiliated with some of the world's best lecturers and academics, providing students with a different road to success. The students are provided with all of their needs on campus, and the classrooms are equipped with innovative learning technology. A campus resource library and lounges with culinary facilities are available to students. All of these facilities are designed to provide students a world class learning experience.

Courses of the Holmes institute

Holmes Institute is a three-tier educational centre with secondary education, certificate courses, and higher education courses. Secondary school is the cornerstone of a student's future profession.

The Holmes Institute takes pride in its entire range of vocational and diploma courses, resulting in a business or diploma degree for the students.

The following courses are available to students who wish to get these certificates:

  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management, all accessible on the Cairns campus.
  • A diploma in Hospitality Management is offered at campuses in Sydney, Gold Coast, and Cairns.
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery is offered at the Gold Coast and Sydney campuses.
  • Certificate III in Patisserie is offered at the Sydney campus.

The university has restructured its curriculum to be more industry-focused in the higher education sector, allowing students to flourish in their careers.

  • Bachelor of Business (BBUs)
  • Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Business (BFB)
  • Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business (GDB),
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA),
  • Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)

The top course of Holmes Institute:

  • HC1011 - Business Accounting Assignment
  • HC1082- Marketing Assignment
  • HM2011- Human Resource Development Assignment
  • HA3021- Corporations Law Assignment

What qualifications do I need to study at Australia's top universities?


In general, the criteria for studying in Australia vary greatly depending on the school you apply to. However, the focus of this essay will be on Australia's core academic standards. The majority of them are listed below:


Language requirements in English

Will teach all of the courses you'll take in Australia in English. You may be required to produce the results of an English language exam in certain circumstances. A university's English language competence level may differ from the skill level required for your student visa application.

Academic requirements

Academic requirements

Academic requirements vary according to the level and subject you intend to pursue, and various institutions may have different admissions criteria. The following is a complete list of admission criteria for various levels of study:

 English language courses: admissions requirements differ from institution to university and course to course, depending on the level of English necessary.

 Schools: Different schools have different admission standards depending on the state or area.

 Vocational Education and Training (VET): In most cases, VET institutions do not require admission examinations. However, a student may need to study certain topics or have acquired job experience to study particular courses.

 Undergraduate higher education courses: You must hold an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or equivalent from another country. Certain disciplines may be mandatory in some undergraduate programs.

 Higher education postgraduate course: You must first complete an undergraduate degree program to pursue this. Your research aptitude or appropriate professional experience may also be taken into account by the institution.


Visa requirements

The sort of student visa you'll require depends on the degree you're applying for. The following are some of the most common prerequisites for obtaining a student visa:

  • Students must get an eCoE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) certificate.
  • Applicants must fulfil the requirements for a Genuine Temporary Entrant and present proof of adequate means to cover flights, course fees, and living expenses.
  • Applicants must be able to communicate well in English.
  • They must also be in excellent health and have a decent moral character.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate proof of Overseas Student Health Insurance.

How much would it cost to study at one of Australia's best universities as an overseas student?

  • International undergraduate students paid an average of AU $30,840 (US $22,170) a year, while international postgraduate students paid an average of AU $31,596 (US $22,700).
  • The yearly tuition costs for overseas graduate students, according to Study in Australia, the official government website for international students, are:
  • Master's degree - AU$20,000 to AU$37,000
  • Doctoral degree- From AU$14,000 to AU$37,000
  • Tuition costs at Australian institutions are generally calculated by unit rather than per year.

As an international student, how can I get into an Australian university?

You may require several papers, but they will vary from one university to the next and from one nation to the next. As a result, be sure to examine institution websites for admissions teams. In general, you will require:

Have an up-to-date passport

Evidence of English language ability (for students from countries where English is not the native language)

A breakdown of how you plan to fund your education

Students pick their courses before beginning their studies in Australian universities, similar to how they do in the United Kingdom. You can, however, apply to many fields or universities at the same time. Furthermore, it is recommended that you select a course (or courses) that you are passionate about because you may not be able to change your mind after you arrive.

A student's ability to apply to several institutions is limited in several states. As a result, strive to be picky about where you learn. You have various alternatives when it comes to applying to any Australian institution. You can apply on the institution's website, a local university, or an outside agency. You must take an English language competence exam if you come from a country where English is not the first language, and the IELTS is the most widely used.

You may also take the exam online through their website, but expect to pay roughly AU $300 (the US $230). For your visa application, save a copy of your test results, since you will need them.


You'll have to apply to universities on your own. Please visit the admissions websites and chat with the admissions staff to learn more about the application process. In most circumstances, you will be required to write a personal statement, application letter, personal information, TOEFL/IELTS, GPA, and SAT/ACT score.

Notify the University of your Acceptance of admission as soon as possible to guarantee you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (Coe) letter in time to apply for your visa.

First, check sure you have health insurance approved in Australia and will cover your stay in the nation. It's available for purchase online.

Directly apply through the Australian Immigration website. You will be required to pay AU $550 (the US $420) and provide extensive information about yourself and your academics.

For your visa application, you'll need the following proof:

  • Current passport
  • English language proficiency exam results
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (Coe)
  • Health insurance that is accepted in Australia
  • Verification of criminal records

Now that you have your visa, all you have to do is get ready for your trip. It is ideal if you come 90 days before the start of your study. To begin planning your trip to Australia by reserving your flights or railways.

Keep in mind that your journey does not end when you arrive in Australia. This is because you will still have to pass through immigration. Attempt to maintain all of your documentation on you so that you may easily access them when you are being examined following your arrival.


Because of the cultural variety, friendly locals, and high-quality education, many international students opt to study at Australia's top institutions.

Australia also provides exceptional value for money and has one of the best living standards in the world. Meanwhile, Australia's standard of living and tuition fees are far cheaper than those in the United Kingdom and the United States. Paid internships while studying are another benefit for Australia in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

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