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  • 30 Jul 2019

When you are planning to make a visit to a college that you want to attend, you need to be prepared. While you can discover many details about the college on their website, but you have to visit it personally in order to make your ultimate decision between lots of colleges.

Whether you have decided your dream college or you are still finding the best college that will suit your expectations, there are various things that you need to look out during your college tour.

Lecture halls:

What are lecture hall rooms look like? Can you feel relaxed? Can you look at, listen to, and study within these rooms in a manner that will keep you a bit comfortable? Is it comfortable during both the summer and winter seasons? What rules does it have? Is the room bright with enough lights? You need to check if all the electrical outlets are enough for managing the use of laptops or tablets in the room or not.

Check around. In case you are having a doubt, then simply raise a question. College tour instructors are well-experienced in solving all your queries, and they never neglect your queries. It’s quite better when you actually attend a lecture as a demo in order to look at what you can learn.

Fitness or Rec Center

Visit the college’s fitness or recreational area and check if the campus has a good area, or additional health services, for example, tennis areas, swimming pools, basketball lawn, and so on. Check the timings to get these facilities and even find out if these services ask for any particular requirements from students or not.

Student house:

In some colleges, staying in dorms as a new student is a choice, whereas there are some campuses where it is quite mandatory to stay in dorms for having a better college experience. When you are planning to stay in a dormitory, then you must check all the facilities that these rooms provide. You can even look for some residential staying houses. On staying in dorms, you can ask your caretakers what things are acceptable and what not.


Checking the library is an essential part of any college tour. When you enter the library, you need to examine every area thoroughly and can even have a word with the students there. Have they kept enough study materials? Study areas? A computer lab? What are the library hours, especially during exams? Some campuses allow students to stay for long hours even during the examinations whereas some put some restrictions. Check before you prepare to join!

Health Facility Centers:

What are the health facilities provided to the students? What are the precautions when you feel sick or get hurt? What services will be offered if you feel the need for general counseling? Most colleges have student health centers exact inside the campus itself and therefore, you don’t need to go far for the remedy. Bigger colleges have bigger centers. Examine and check around. You just need to look where you get the services quickly and easily.


Food is quite essential for everyone. Is the campus has a cafeteria space? In rural and remote colleges, the lunch area is the only choice that you have to make unless you plan to go to any nearby areas or towns. Check whether the college has any cafeteria food plan for students or not? If so, inquire about the plan and check which food choices will be budget-friendly for you. You can even ask if you can order any food from outside the campus area or you need to totally depend on the cafeteria section.

Off-College Accommodation:

These off-college accommodations have different spaces and facilities in various areas. You need to check the rent of these rooms. Whether anyone is giving a room for rent or not? What are the benefits of staying in off-campus housing? Some students prefer staying in these accommodations whereas some like to shift in other renting spaces that will be like your own house. At times it actually is reasonable to rent a house with few friends than to live in on-college in a dormitory. Check around and inquire what are the costs and facilities?

Organization Guidelines:

You want to study in colleges for learning all the facts about the academic organization. Check whether the college has some rules and restrictions or not.

Nearby Areas or Towns:

When you study in college, it is not that compulsory that you spent all the time studying. It is a better idea that you check what the surrounding area looks like. Students who are staying away from their homes must check the nearby area as a sense of safety. When you discover the nearby towns or cities, then you can know about some campuses for your further education. The areas where you stay can be considered as your second home because you spend a lot of time there and it is quite near to your college. Some weekend trips will make your life a bit adventurous. Move out and discover places!

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