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What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a research-based project assigned to the students as a part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. As it depends upon deep research over a topic, one must possess excellent researching skills. A dissertation is subjected to the methodology used for the research process.

Well-defined research-methodology supports you in conducting your research smoothly, provides proper evidence as proof to validate your argument, and ensures that the study you are doing is in the right direction.

Types of Research Methods:

  1. Experimental Research Method:

The experimental research method involves the experiments done by different scientists when the conditions are under control or gathered after the investigation. It has three types of variables- independent variable, dependent variable, and controlled variable. The experimental research method is subdivided into four processes:

  • Laboratory Experiment method

The Experiments are performed in the laboratory, where the researchers have complete control over the experiment's variables.

  • Field Experiment method

The experiment is performed in the open area. Specific artificial changes are temporarily made to support the experiment process. In this type of experiment method, the researchers have no control over the experiment's variables.

  • Natural Experiment method

This experiment method is conducted in the natural environment where the experiment participants are unaware that the investigation is being performed on them.

  • Quasi-Experiment method

The quasi-experiments use natural occurrences as an opportunity for them to proceed with the experiment, and researchers have not freedom to assign random participants to the groups.

  1. Descriptive Research Method:

In this type of descriptive research method, all you need to do is gather data or information related to the topic. It is mainly done to answer various questions like how, when, whom, where, etc. There are several data collection methods like surveys, case studies, experiments, etc. Data analysis methods are audit studies, cross-tabulations, table of means, etc.

  1. Historical Research Method:

Historical research method, an investigator gathers, examines the information collected to understand better, describe, and explain the incidents before. The researchers make efforts to determine the events that happened in the past and investigate the real story and original data. It restricts the manipulation or variable's control by the researcher.

  1. Quantitative Research Method:

Quantitative research is all about calculations and numerical data or scalable data. Quantitative data is usually used to study a large group population. The data collection process is carried out using statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques.

Some of the most used quantitative research methods involve data-driven dissertations, reflection-driven research, and theory-driven studies.

Quantitative research is connected with testing the existing theories proposal declared by other researchers through an extensive route or way. It intends to examine the research hypothesis or answer established questions of the research.

  1. Qualitative Research Method:

It is subdivided into three categories:

  • Action Research:

Action research is preferred when you want to find an instant solution to a problem when you see it challenging to solve. It is used in the educational field to act as participants in the complete research process.

  • Case Study:

A case study involves the gathering of information from various sources as and when required. In this type of research method, the researcher cannot behave as the complete research process participants.

  • Ethnography:

Using various study methods, gathering information about people in their environment. The methods may include participant observation, face-to-face interviews, or others. It also involves the delivery of a detailed description after the extensive study of one's culture.

  1. Mixed Research Method:

It is an intermediate, or you can say a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Primarily, researches are conducted using mixed research method nowadays. The results you get using this method are more holistic and dependable.

There could be multi-level investigation or analysis while you choose the Mix Method approach for your project research. You need to interpret and examine the data collected by the research techniques.

This method contains both types of research methods, i.e., qualitative and quantitative, it is a bit more complex. It involves the use of strategies of both approaches. Proper care must be taken when working on your dissertation project.

While selecting the suitable research method for your Dissertation Project, it is significant to carefully examine your research topic, research questions, and research objectives. It will be an intelligent move in terms of a philosophy of research design.

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