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It is difficult to define an essay because its structure often overlaps with an article or a short story. In the academic field and essay is usually defined considering its objective. An essay provides an understanding of the particular issue which depends on the arguments and explanations given in it.

If you want to receive higher grades then you need to combine the material that is taught in your class along with research in external sources. It is usually tough to write an essay and that is why many students opt for Essay Help.

Usually essays are written in the third person format, however, some essays like reflective essays are written in the first person format. The structure of the essay depends on the type of essay that you have been asked to write. The standard format of an essay is as follows – an introduction, the body of the essay and a conclusion.

The introduction provides the gist of what the argument is about. The body contains detailed argument to explain your subject or point of view. The conclusion is the summary of the essay and it also provides a clear picture of the question that was asked and the answer that you provided.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay uses an argument to answer the basic question being asked. If you are supposed to write an essay based on a question then you should not include a normal discussion. Instead you should include an argument that is centralized and this argument is the base of the discussion.

There need to be paragraphs in the essay and these paragraphs depend on the word count required. Every paragraph has to provide relevant details which are supported with evidence and support the overall argument. There can be more than one argument in an essay which will be able to answer the question in a detailed manner.

Essay in the form of a pedagogical tool

Nowadays essays are becoming the backbone of most of the academic institutions. Teachers and professors are giving students tasks of writing essays and teaching them how to form the structure of an essay. This endeavor is aimed at enhancing the writing skills of the students.

Or of the criteria of admission in different universities is writing an essay. The student’s essay writing skills decide whether they will get admission in the particular college or university. Essays have become the tools to judge the students in the secondary as well as tertiary education sector.

The admission authority can ask the students to write an essay that provides an explanation a comment or and assessment of the topic to be studied. These essays are written in a formal tone and the first person is not used in them. Instead they are written in the third person.

Different types of essays

During your academic studies you will come across many different types of essays. The different types of essays provide an insight into the writer’s mood. However, you need to write an essay as per the instructions given by your teacher.

Writing an essay according to the instructions of your teacher can be difficult and this is why many students take essay writing help Let us look at an overview about different types of essays and what is the outline of the essay.

A five paragraphs essay

The first technique to learn while learning to write an essay is to write a five paragraph essay. As mentioned above this essay also comprises of an introduction, body and in the end, conclusion. The first paragraph is of introduction. Then the next three paragraphs are the body and the final paragraph is the conclusion.

The introduction is essentially the thesis statement of the essay. The body of the essay will explain the thesis and also gives supporting evidence for the same. The conclusion will reiterate and summarize the discussion about the thesis statement which has been elaborately explained in the body of the essay.

Most people support this method of writing an essay, but others say that this kind of writing is very inflexible and repetitive.

Academic essay

Academic essays can be tough because they usually have a word count of 2000 to 5000 words. When the word count is this large then it becomes difficult for the students to write the essay and this is where the essay writing service come into the picture.

Earlier this method of getting essays done by professionals was frowned upon, but nowadays it is the accepted norm. with a large word count it becomes difficult for the students to create a proper connection between each paragraph. This is the reason that the students are not able to organize the essay properly.

Here you need to bear in mind that no reader will like to read such a lengthy essay if the title and introduction are not interesting.

It is a good idea to begin such essays with a literature review which has a summary of different literatures which have been written on the same subject or topic. Essays with such large word counts usually also have in them a definition of words and phrases which are related to the topic.

Almost all educational institutions recommend to use references in the essay. Without referencing an essay is just a statement that does not have any authenticity. Citations have to be used to support the facts which will help the reader – a teacher or a peer – to verify the statements and facts which have been made in the essay to explain the topic.

Writing an essay exhibits the intellectual ability of the student and the teachers and professors give the task of writing essays to students in order to test just that.

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is a strong picture of some individual, his or her location, any objects, some occasion or an argument. Just because such essays are called descriptive essays it does not mean that you should provide a mere description. Instead the reader should be able to imagine the items that you are mentioning in the essay while reading the essay.

In order to involve the total attention of the reader you can use content related to the senses with the help of which the reader will be able to comprehend the emotions and feelings which the writer was undergoing while writing the essay.

Such descriptive essays can be very tough to write, especially if they are based on some tough topic like leadership. This is where students can take the benefit of leadership essay help.

Narrative essay

This kind of an essay describes the events written in the basis of first person pronouns. It is an essay which can describe any events that have either occurred in the past or can occur in the future. In other words, an essay based on pronouns in a narrative essay.

The character of the person can be developed by writing such an essay and this is done in the form of different incident reflections and descriptions. The view point of the narrator and the influence that the event had on him or her can be gauged through a narrative essay. The ideal narrative essay is one which involves the reader in such a way that he or she starts identifying with one of the characters.

Persuasive essay

An essay which persuades the reader to accept the opinion or claim made by the writer is called a persuasive essay. The reason behind writing such an essay is to persuade the reader into believing that the view point of the writer is correct and fair.

There will be arguments from each side in this type of an essay. This type of essay is very difficult to write, because it is not easy to make a reader believe in your own view point. This is the reason that many students opt for essay writing companies in order to write such essays which are very tough. Getting the essay done by professionals is sure to fetch you good marks in the assessment of the essay.

There are a few other types of essays as well, but they are not so popular. The above mentioned types of essays are the most popular and as mentioned above, if you want to get good marks in your essay writing then it is a good idea to take the help of professional companies that write essays for students in exchange of a nominal amount.

Needless to say all students are not ace writers and then again there are other things that take up their time. For instance many students have to work after classes to sustain themselves and there are social factors as well due to which they may not get the time to write an essay by themselves.

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