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  • 08 Jun 2021

We at the MyAssignmentHelpAu portal excel in assisting students who struggle to develop a high-scoring thesis on their own. Unfortunately, there are some scholars who get the dubious privilege of seeing several unsuccessful thesis drafts and reading as many blistering reports by evaluating committees. Here’s a list of some common reasons why students fail their thesis papers, along with relevant recommendations to avoid such pitfalls.

Unimpressive presentation of the content  

A large majority of the unsuccessful academic theses are sloppily presented. They contain typographical, grammatical, punctuation, and referencing errors, along with inconsistencies in presentation. Observing some thesis feedback reports, we noted the common issues supervisors had with the document were:

Badly written document.

Unnecessarily long sections with improper structure and bad writing.

Students cannot formulate their thoughts or make a case for their reasons. It's terribly arduous to determine an honest a part of the thesis.

The quality of written English is not as per the academic standards of a particular country. 

The language used is oversimplified and doesn't replicate the quality of writing as expected by the professors.

Several professors and supervisors can find a few aspects of your thesis off-putting and this can be reflected in your poor grades. 

Language errors tend to affect the reading speed and might frustrate or irritate the supervisors. At worst, the students will lead them to misinterpret a specific argument. Students need to think about hiring an expert editor and proofreader to review and modify the thesis, as per a particular university’s regulations. Even after a professional editor is done with the manuscript, students need to analyze and review the paper thoroughly.

Students usually tend to read their thesis so many times that after a while the mere sight of it made them nauseous. However, your efforts will be rewarded once your supervisors will determine that it had been the best-written thesis. This is all about tedious and repetitive revision.

Lack of critical analysis in the document 

Lack of critical and detailed analysis is one of the major reasons students fail their thesis. A large number of supervisors believe that the success of a thesis lies in the descriptive and analytical approach followed.

For achieving success in thesis writing, students should have a thorough knowledge of the topic matter. They need not just restate or paraphrase what different students/researchers have aforesaid or done. If not, the thesis won't be original. it'll not add something of substance to the sector and can fail.

Students ought to adopt a reflexive approach to their work. They should answer the why, what, how, and when of distinct aspects of the thesis paper. If you struggle with this, you need to consult your supervisors for recommendations on how to incorporate some analytic sophistication into their thesis.

Adding an unnecessarily lengthy thesis abstract

Students often are found to be super excited to share their findings with the world and since abstract is the very first thing that they simply get to write for the process. Naturally, they begin gushing their heart in the section and eventually the chapter ends up stretching too long. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with that; well, everything! The professors ultimately want to know about your hard work, however, the thesis abstract isn't the place for it. 

Students need to keep in mind that a well-written thesis abstract shouldn't be over one page long. Therefore attempt to sum up your thoughts in one page and let other chapters do their work.

Lack of rationality in the arguments 

It is important to know that the argument running through the thesis must be coherent and the paper should not be poorly organized aligning the details without any apparent logic

The thesis ought to be seen as one coherent piece. It can not be a series of self-contained chapters sewed along haphazardly. Students ought to spend considerable time working and thinking about the structure of the thesis, both at the level of the whole thesis and also the level of the chapter. A sorted way is to refer to other theses and monographs to urge a sense of what constitutes a suitable writing structure.

Creating a mystery around the actual purpose of your thesis for too long 

Who doesn't likes some drama? Adding an impressive introduction to your thesis would hook your readers in your storytelling. However, you've got to visualize what proportion waiting your readers will be able to manage before the chase frustrates them. If you stretch it too long, your professors may simply abandon your piece and go somewhere else. Therefore as a thesis author, you need to ensure your readers don’t stay in dark for too long. This approach will only ruin their interest in the thesis paper. Attempting to create up some extent of mystery will be nice only till your professors and readers have the patience and interest to unravel it.

Inability to make the necessary changes

It is rare for students to fail to get their thesis outright at the oral examination. Usually, the scholars are given a chance to render their documents after making some required modifications. 

Students often submit their revised thesis alongside a document explaining how they implemented the supervisor’s suggestions in the paper. Scholars typically believe, wrongly, that this document is proof enough that they have incorporated the requisite changes and that they must be awarded their degree.

In fact, the professors or supervisors might feel that the changes don't reveal additional misunderstandings or deficiencies. However, making a few improvements to the thesis can help you to tackle this concern easily.

If you find it hard to develop a publication-worthy or top-scoring thesis in the shortest possible turnaround, you should consider getting in touch with the thesis help experts of the MyAssignmentHelpAu portal. You can also get in touch with our customer support executives to resolve all your concerns related to the thesis writing or the editing process. Remember sometimes a revised thesis can end up being worse than the original draft so, make a wise decision to grab the desired grades without any hassle. 

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