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  • 31 Mar 2020

We are here to discuss about tragic hero definitions and how it has evolved over the period of time from Aristotle's time. There are a number of students who are pursuing literature course and are always looking forward to understand the changes related to the tragic hero definition.

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When it comes to a tragic hero, it is basically acknowledged as a protagonist who is acting according to the situation which is defined to be tragic. So, the ones who are trying to do the role of heroic character in a tragic situation is acknowledged to be a more precise definition of tragic hero.

But, the times have changed and it has evolved in the more unique away. During the time of Shakespeare, Romeo’s character was acknowledged in the tragic Hero definition. But now, things have completely changed and it is getting different when it comes to tragic Hero definition.

Aristotle Tragic Hero Definition

Aristotle was one of the first Greek philosophers who brought the context of tragic hero definition into existence. He brought the respective concept of tragic hero definition to his Greek drama. According to his drama, tragic hero was not actually considered to be hero at all. They followed the concept of having the infusion of tragic heroes with which the act of tragedies will be showcased in a very efficient way. So, when it comes to Aristotle's tragic Hero definition, there are few specific features which the respective character must have, take a look:

  • Firstly, it is important for the character to be sincere. Yes, it has to be Noble and also it should have the capabilities of taking powerful and impactful decisions. So, the shows that being sincere certainly falls into tragic Hero definition.
  • Another important feature which fall into the category of tragic hero definition is that it is a reversal of fortune. Yes, here the hero is the sufferer and will never be benefited with the fortune. It can be anything in the form of losing out on status or money and even the characters that dies in the end.

So, these are the features which exclusively define Aristotle’s tragic Hero definition. There are a number of students who are asked to elaborate on it in assignments. You can always consider connecting with experts and get this covered with perfection.

Modern Tragic Hero Definition

Over time, the features of the tragic Hero definition has completely changed and it is important for you to understand how now the people considered as the background of tragic hero, take a look:

  • It is quite possible that tragic heroes do not belong to a noble family. It can be anyone even a female can also be acknowledged in the form of a tragic Hero.
  • It is quite possible that a tragic hero can be anyone from any part of the world. Yes, it can be a person like you as well without any kind of qualities which match with the heroes we see.
  • Another important feature which contributes to the modern tragic Hero definition is gaining the sympathy. Yes, it is important that tragic Hero comes down and gets near to dead or dies because of the tragic character and this is when the audience will relate the character with sympathies.

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