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Good grades and hard work are an important part of every student’s life. The top universities in the world offer the best facilities and opportunities for growth and research. We are discussing the top universities. This list will help the students to aim for higher studies.

List of Top Universities in The World

Harvard University

It was founded in 1636. It is the oldest educational institution in the United States. It is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The university has the facility of Medical school in Boston. Also, the research takes place in more than 100 centers.  The university has undergraduate college and eleven other degree colleges.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is founded in 1861. It is located in Cambridge. The institute has 11,000 students and more than 60 percent of them are at the graduate level. It has five schools such as engineering, architecture & planning, social sciences, art, science, and management. The institute provides many facilities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Stanford University

It was founded in 1885. It is located in the California Bay Area. The university has seven schools. Three schools offer graduate and undergraduate degrees such as engineering, earth sciences, and humanities & sciences. Also, law, education, business, and medical schools provide graduate courses. The university provides housing to four years for undergraduates and around 90 percent of undergraduate students live on campus.

University of California

Berkeley- It is located around 15 miles away from San Francisco. It was founded in 1868. Around 70 percent of the students are undergraduates. The university has 14 schools and colleges. The university offers around 350 courses. Some of the popular courses are political science, economics, psychology, and business administration. Many undergraduate students live on campus.

The University of Oxford

The school has its roots since 1096. It is situated in London. Around 45 percent of the students are graduates. Around half of the people conduct research. The students perform research in all academic divisions such as physical & life sciences, humanities, mathematical, medical sciences, and social sciences. It is a central university consisting of 38 colleges and six private halls.

California Institute of Technology

It was founded in 1891. It is situated in California. There are more than 2,200 students and around 55 percent studying at the graduate level. The university offers housing facilities to undergraduate students.

Columbia University

It is a private university and was founded in 1754. It is situated in New York. Approximately 30 percent of students are of undergraduate level and 30 percent of students are international. Also, undergraduate students live on campus. The university has three schools and enrolls undergraduates.

Princeton University

It was founded in 1746. This university was located in Princeton in New Jersey. The university offers housing facilities to undergraduate. It has six undergraduate colleges. The language is in English. You might be getting assignments; if you are founding It difficult to submit the assignment on time then you can take the support of University assignment help.

University of Cambridge

It has traces in 1209. Approximately 19,000 students study in the university and 35 percent of them are at the graduate level. The university has six schools such as humanities, clinical medicine, biological sciences, social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences. It has around 31 colleges that enroll graduate and undergraduate students.

University of Washington

It was founded in 1861. There are three campuses. And around 70 percent of students study in these three campuses. The university offers around 370 graduate courses. The university consists of 16 schools and colleges. If you find it difficult to do the assignment then you can take the support of college assignment help.

Johns Hopkins University

It is a private university and founded in 1876. The campuses are in Baltimore, Columbia, Italy, and China. Here three is a trend of semester-based calendar in many courses. English is the medium of education. It offers courses in nine divisions like engineering, arts & science, business, medicine, education, music, nursing, and international studies.

Yale University

It was founded in 1701. It is one of the oldest top universities in the world. It is located in New York. The university provides semester-based programs. Around 80 percent of undergraduates live in housing provided by the university. The university consists of the graduate school of arts & sciences, undergraduate courses and history, and political science.

University of Chicago

It is a private university and was founded in 1890. Approximately 40 percent of students study at undergraduate schools. The university offers housing facilities to all the undergraduate students in all four years. English is the main medium.

University of California - Los Angeles

It is one of the top universities in the world that was founded in 1919. Approximately 70 percent of students study in under graduation courses. Students also offered housing facilities to undergraduate and graduate students.

The University of California - San Francisco

It was founded in 1864. It provides graduate courses. It has three campuses. The school has around 3000 students. It charges high tuition fees from non-Californian students. There are main professional schools like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing.

Admission process

The standard admission process has mainly four sections like Math, English, reading, and science. It also has an optional essay portion.

Admission tests

The tests determine the skills of the students. It also helps to evaluate if the student is a better fit for the college.

Articulation agreement

There is an agreement between four and two-year colleges.


The agreement that enables applicants to accept or decline admission offers. The agreement allows for getting responses from colleges.

Class rank

it is a number that determines the achievement with other students. It is dictated by a weighted GPA for evaluation.

Coalition Application

It is a standard application that is applied by the students to ninety universities and colleges.

College Application essay

The students write an essay. They are required to answer answers or write an essay on themselves. Many colleges called it a personal statement.

College credit

The student needs certain credit points. The credit points are given by the respective college. These credits are required to score in exams.

Common application

This structure is acknowledged by universities. Almost 700 universities across the world acknowledge this structure.

Deferred admission

it is also known as postponed admission. It is known as permission that is given by the college. The postponement may be up to 1 year.

Early action

It is a provision for submitting applications before the deadlines. The students get decisions from the colleges. The colleges offer early action.

Early decision

It is a provision for applying to your preferred college. The students require an admission decision. You can enroll in college if admitted. The college also provides financial aid as per the requirement.

Financial aid

Money is given by the state and Federal Government, private organizations, and colleges. It helps you to pay for college.

Grade Point Average

It is a number that tells about the students’ academic performance.  It is evaluated by point value to grade earned.

Legacy Applicant

You are known as a legacy applicant if your relative like grandparent and parent has been graduated from college.

Need-blind association

It is the approach of setting confirmation choices without monetary conditions.

Open admission

The policy enables high school graduates to get enroll in the college irrespective of grades. The universities have open admission policies until the classes get filled.

Placement tests

You might be facing problems in doing assignment then you can take the support of assignment help Australia. The various skills that are tested are writing, reading, maths, and other subjects. The tests determine what courses are good for the student. Also, you will know how remedial classes are.


The date must be to submit the college admission, financial aid, and housing applications.


The center is answerable to keep records and understudy documents.

Rolling admission

It suggests application with information like test scores and study records.


This test features three sections such as reading, math, and writing. It comprises of a written essay.

So, we have mentioned many universities that are top universities in the world. So, you must think about the above universities. Also, colleges or universities give you an assignment. SO, you must take the help of assignment help for submitting the assignment on time. They have an experienced team of professionals and experts.

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