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  • 19 Jun 2018

When it comes to studying abroad Australia takes the cake boasting of numerous universities offering their high quality vocation courses of their choice. It is firstly not a very easy matter to get into the university class as a student has to first get the marks required by the university, then clear their visa application to earn the right to study there and after that it is all about making sense of the vocation course.  For those who even after making all the effort still cannot make any headway do not panic as professional assignment help is always, at hand.

Writing university assignment pieces is not an easy task as most professors would lead their students to believe. Students, in their first year, with no idea where to begin crafting their assignment from and also it requires lots of time and multi-fold effort on their part that they do not possess. In case of such a time it is best to avail online assignment help from professional experts to write the assignments as it is the best way to multitask while they attend classes in college.

Getting assistance from the essay writing service might be the only solution that many a student have at hand as most Australian universities aim a providing an all round education that consists of both mental as well as social skills. The universities demand of their students to be equally proficient in education, sports and social skills. They even mark their progress so that no student can lack in any department. This leaves most students lacking for spare time to do as they please. Thus it is best to delegate the work load off to the professionals.

Here is a peek at the top six universities of Australia that most students want to get into-

  1. University of Melbourne

Established in the year 1853, the University of Melbourne is the second oldest one in the country. The university is the home of about 6,500 staff members and 42,000 current students. The university boasts of about 280,000 students of alumni till date with more than 15% of them is based outside Australia for work purposes.

Each year the University of Melbourne, welcomes more than 12,000 international students to be enrolled in the advanced courses offered there. If a student of international origins does get a seat here, would be joining in fellow students coming from 130 other countries.

If a student secures a place in the University of Melbourne would be rubbing shoulders with a few of the best scholars of the current era. The university boasts of being the teaching base of Nobel prizewinner of physiology and medicine Peter Doherty, as well as being the base of teach or research for the Royal Society fellows like David Solomon and David Boger.

  1. Australian National University

Having founded in the year 1946, the Australian National University was traditionally a university for the postgraduate research for the Parliament of Australia. The vocation faculty of the university is really the best in the country boasting to be the teaching base of six Nobel prizewinners included in their faculty and alumni. The Australian National University is run by a Nobel laureate, as well. Brian Schmidt, the 2011 winner of Nobel Prize in Physics (along with Adam Riess and Saul Perlmutter) work there as well.

  1. University of Sydney

Established in the year 1851 the University of Sydney is the oldest one in Australia. It is the study base of 42,000 students representing 134 countries all over the world.  The university offers over 280 overseas exchange programs to offer assistance to students over 30 countries worldwide. The standard of the education provided by the university professors in any vocation is extremely high. The university is the alma matter of at least five prime ministers of Australia. Edmund Barton, was also a part of the University of Sydney, he ran in the first federal election ever held in Australia.

  1. University of Queensland

‘Scientia ac Labore” or by means of knowledge and hard work” is not only the motto of the University of Queensland but also rules that they staff and professors live by. The University of Queensland has an enrollment of 38,000 students that includes about 12,000 international students from over 141 countries. The university is the largest registered PhD cohorts in Australia of 13,800 post graduate students. It also boasts of having two Fortune 500 company CEOs, a Nobel laureate, poet Bronwyn Lea as well as Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush among their alumni. Located in the leafy suburbs of inner Brisbane is one of the most affluent parts of the city with a lush green field surrounding it.

  1. Monash University

The first university to be named upon a person rather than a place in Australia is Monash University. Located in, Melbourne gets its name from the great the great military leader and engineer Sir John Monash. It is the home base of 44,000 undergraduates as well as 20,000 graduates from all over Australia. It is made up of six branches that are located mainly in Victoria with only one in Malaysia. It also has a research school in Mumbai, India, a teaching and research centre in Prato, Italy and a grad school in Jiangsu, China. The university boasts of a high education standard and a famous alumni hat include Peter Carey, the Booker Prize winning novelist, musician Nick Cave and playwright David Williamson.

  1. University of Adelaide 

Established in 1874 the University of Adelaide campuses has six all over the area. It was formed after getting a donation of 20,000 pounds from grazier and copper miner Walter Watson Hughes and stood upon the bountiful support and donations the university received from Thomas Elder. Currently boasting to be the home of many a local and international student the university is recognized for their unflinching thirst to provide their student with the best education that is their right. The faculty and staff members also live by this motto. 


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