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  • 01 Oct 2019

Well, every college student must have a desire to read different books so that they can enhance their English skills quite significantly. Yes, if you have the desire of reading all the time then, you have landed yourself in the most fruitful period as we will help you check out the best books which you can read during your college life and enhance your skills quite significantly.Below mentioned are few of the books which you must get to yourself during your college life, take a look:

The Running Man

It is basically a science fiction categorized book written by Stephen King as the story revolves around a guy who is not able to find work because of the economic collapse.

Charlotte's Web

This book has been written by E.B. White and is one of the most popular children's literature book but it will help you with the valuable understanding of how one should treat each other generously.

The art of happiness

It's a very popular book as the great Dalai Lama has written this steering his views and ideas which can be inspiring for anyone to read about.


This book exclusively displays the Supernatural life of classic German legend Faust. Written by Johann Von Goethe this book fruits to be an amazing lesson of understanding the difference between good and evil.

Civilization And Its Discontents

This book has been written by Sigmund Freud and is one of the most important books which you must get yourself before you graduate. It will help you understand much more about being in the society.


This book is one of the best which anyone has ever read written by the great William Shakespeare which revolves around the question of to be or not to be!

A Clockwork Orange

This popular book has been written by Anthony burgess as it completely insults the modern society and their with nature. It will help you with a completely different view of society.

Paradise Lost

Excellently written by John Milton this biblical story is elaborating more about Adam and Eve. So, you must read this Masterpiece as it will help you understand more about the differences between being bad and good. So, understanding who is right will certainly help you move ahead in your life. 

A River Out Of The Eden

It's a must-read book before you graduate from your college. That's amazing piece has been beautifully crafted by Richard Dawkins elaborate more about the birth of the world and how it developed with the evolution of unique scientific facts. So, it will help you understand a lot without being bored.

A Divine Comedy

Dante drafted this amazing piece with which one can understand the 9 circles of Inferno. It will help you understand how you have to pay for your sins. So, being in your college, it's a must-read book before you graduate.

A Farewell To Arms

This is a piece of Ernest Hemingway will certainly steal the show because of an amazing story of World War 1. You will certainly become a fan of this amazing please and it must for you to read before you get yourself out of your college.

Let The Great World Spin

A beautiful book of an artist written by Colum McCann has literally inspired a number of readers around the world. This book has been beautifully drafted which helps you understand the hardships witnessed buy an artist and the message at the end twelfth certainly help you feel connected.


If you are a fan of you more than, this book is just effective for you to have a great time. Yes, I am pleasingly written by Vladimir Nabokov as it helps you understand the story of love between a young nymphet and poor man. Then yes, the story is still controversial and will certainly help you a lot understanding the lesson about forgiveness and sacrifice.

Lord Of The Flies

This book has been exclusively drafted by William golding which was published in the year of 1954 exclusively depicts a wonderful story of a British boy who is stranded on the island. It will keep you engaged because of the adventure which is going to follow.


George Orwell helps you with this dystopian novel which helps you get to know Winston Smith a protagonist and how his life gets into mess because of revolution, civil conflict, and war. Must read before you get yourself graduated.

So, these are the books which you must get yourself before being graduated. It will not only help you get me better in English but also allow you to work on your assignment with much more clarity. You can always get connected to us for your all My Assignment Help requirements. We will never leave you disappointed.

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