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  • 17 Sep 2020

If there is one thing that teachers are usually short on, it definitely will be time. There are several educators who frown upon the use of technology to automate the learning process but utilizing the advanced technology to automate the tedious processes or combine puzzling data seems to be a smart decision for a teacher. This is where the thousands of quiz making applications and tools come into existence.

An online quiz making website or tool allows educators to develop regular assessments easily and rapidly. The use of these websites eliminates the pressure of formatting the assessments and reduces the risk of committing silly errors.

The online quiz makers enable educators to develop an answer sheet side-by-side saving some valuable hours of their hectic schedule.

Some more advanced quiz making tools allow teachers to develop engaging content online and they even take off the burden of grading the assessments for them. However, the more general version of the Online Quiz Help tools is much popular which allows the teachers to generate a print of the created quiz.

The created quizzes can be taken online with the help of technology-based devices and even allow the participants to share their feedback about the content or the experience at the website almost instantly. Be it course evaluation form, exit slip, or a student-created quiz you can use these applications to develop any quiz for your learning unit and beyond. 

Students enjoy taking an online quiz as that is more associated with the assessment format implemented at the higher education institutions. Taking online quizzes also has a great benefit to the environment because we are saving papers while learning at the same time.

This article will introduce you to the most praised online quiz makers that can help you to prepare interactive quizzes in absolutely no time. Continue to read ahead to provide an exceptional experience to your students.

List of the most commonly used online quiz makers

Articulate studio 

This quiz maker is suitable for online test types and is best for improving your experience with a Windows operated device. Articulate is commonly used as an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint but it is also a complete software package ideal for e-learning processes.

It is suitable to use other programs along with the software to maximize the quiz making experience. Unfortunately, the software is only compatible with Windows operated devices.

The educators can easily include images and illustrations in their quizzes along with the insertion of different forms of media such as the videos or audio while using the articulate studio. The teachers can easily create free-form, graded, or survey questions at this software.

The created questions can either be added in the hotspot form or sequence. The teachers can also add animations and transitions to their quizzes while using this quiz maker. With the user-friendly interface, this is the best choice for you if you are using a Windows operated device.

Unfortunately, articulate only has a thirty day trial period. After this, you will have to pay for the full product suite.

Easy test maker

This quiz maker supports the printable quiz approach. It is best used for creating an assessment with a clear format. Easy test maker allows the teachers to develop printable test assessment sheets with objective type questions, fill in the blank questions, true or false questions, short answer questions, or match the column style questions.

The user interface is easy to understand and navigate with a comprehensive sidebar. Created quizzes can be saved online and accessed again whenever necessary.

Easy test maker allows the educators to use different question formats in a single online quiz with the multiple answer selection option. The serial numbers are adjusted automatically if the questions are inserted or deleted from the sequence.

In today’s technology-driven era, easy test maker does not supports creating online assessments. The platform has a limit of creating 25 tests on one account. You would have to buy a premium version to access the formatting facility.

School house technologies

Another quiz maker that supports the printable approach. This application is best suited for developing multiple versions of a single quiz. The teachers who deal with students at different learning levels and capabilities in one section can easily make the use of this quiz making website.

Ranging from assessments to worksheets to activities the school house technology website can assist an educator to develop each one of those proficiently. The platform can only be used with Windows operated devices. A teacher can choose from a wide array of 13 question formats including diagrams, checklists, tables, etc.

The trial version of this platform as well is not very efficient while all the other versions are paid. The expensive and premium versions of the school house technology website offer much better features to the users. 

iSpring quiz maker

iSpring is a quiz making tool that supports online quiz types. This tool is the best used by educators who want to use customizable and imaginative resources to enhance the learning experience of a student.

It can be used to create interactive quizzes or surveys using different question formats, informational slides, multimedia formats, and styles. It allows the teachers to create and publish tests online via LMS for Microsoft Word. The premium version of the software provides greater facilities and even allows educators to review the test data online.

An educator will be able to share quiz tests online by using the iSpring quiz maker. The multimedia formats include audio files, video files, formulas, and images.

The created assessments will be accessible on multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. The trial version of the software, unfortunately, adds a watermark of the iSpring quiz maker on the published assessments. It lasts only for 30 days.

Poll maker

Poll maker is a quiz creating platform that duly supports online assessment type. It is best for integrating assessments with social media platforms. It is widely used by teachers to develop simple surveys and polls for the students. The interface is easy to use and the platform requires no registration or charges.

You can choose from a wide variety of themes to improve the look of your quiz. The teachers can enable or disable comments for the quiz or survey. It largely depends upon the teacher how the results will be displayed. Also, the educator can limit the number of attempts a student can take on a quiz or survey.

Unfortunately, the poll maker is not really an education centered tool. It only allows teachers to deal with limited question formats.

Go Conqr

A quiz making platform that supports both printable as well as the online quiz types. It is best used for sharing quizzes and networking. It is a platform that uses a crowd-sourced resource bank, with more than 3000 resources at present, to develop a variety of tools that can be downloaded for offline access.

Go Conqr has an online panel that allows you to get associated with other educators and get feedback from students in real-time. It allows the teachers to use fill in the blanks question format by providing a drop-down menu for the option. Students can also use this platform to develop study plans.

Unfortunately, the users can only use the platform for three subjects. The uploaded resources are public therefore there is a high risk of plagiarism. The ads available at the platform can often be frustrating and distracted. If possible you can purchase the premium version of Go Conqr to have a better experience with the p[latform.

Pro Profs

Pro Profs is an online test type supporting quiz maker. An educator who is looking for support can opt for this platform. Not only the educators but even the employers can use this tool to develop surveys and tests for their workers.

The platform has live chat support, multiple templates, and a well-maintained blog that proves to be beneficial for the users. Various tips and ideas are shared with the educators for creating quizzes and surveys via the blogs present on the platform. It is easy to navigate through the platform. Students can share their feedback after every question to improve the test-taking procedure.

Continuous interruptions from advertisements on the website often become irritating. It is not a solely education-focused tool and hence requires some extra efforts. Try the paid version of the website to experience better services.

Class marker

Another quiz making platform that is suitable for online assessment types. If you are looking for something that allows you to share the assessments rapidly this is the platform for you. Class maker is a secure platform used by business organizations and educators to develop online assessments for students as well as workers.

All you have to do is simply share a link with your scholars and they will get access to the quiz. The interface of the website is easy to understand and use. The quiz can be shared easily by the generated URL. Class maker allows educators to create quizzes in multiple languages and is hence a personal favorite among teachers.

There is a question bank that allows the teachers to select random questions. Images and other multimedia files can be inserted easily. It is a convenient platform for students as well because you can save your progress and return to the test at a later stage and not miss out on your already attempted answers.

Unfortunately, advertisements are going to be bothersome in the free version of this platform as well. Developing questions on this platform is a little time consuming as compared to other platforms.

Internet access is mandatory for creating as well as taking the quiz. If you are using free version of class maker you can only save a hundred responses to your quiz. There is not a wide variety of question formats to choose from. Use the premium version of this platform to have a better experience at quiz making.

Help Teaching

Help teaching is a quiz making platform that supports printable assessment types. It has a wide variety of content that can be filtered to prepare quizzes for diverse academic levels and subjects.

The formatting option for the quizzes is limited but the resources available are ideal for an educator who are new to the industry. A large archive of worksheets is available to help you prepare yours efficiently. 

The platform, however, only allows an educator to add 10 questions in a quiz. It is suitable for educators and institutions residing/ working in the United States of America.

Quiz Works

It is a quiz making platform that supports online assessment type. It is best suitable for educators who want to introduce fun learning and allowed the students to learn while using their smartphones in today’s tech-driven era. Teachers can easily create educational games, assessments, or examinations for students to access online.

The questions and quizzes are completely customizable and suitable to function on all technology-driven devices. The ultimate objective of using quiz works is to make learning fun for students. The quizzes created can be shared easily on social media platforms and the interface is user friendly.

With the advanced features, the platform can be a little confusing for the educators to use during the initial attempts. The quizzes might take some time to load.

The details of all the quiz makers shared above has some importance to the industry. The teachers who know exactly what they want from an assessment can easily use these software to make the most out of technology and put in the efforts to make learning an interactive process.

Online quiz makers are truly helpful in the present cutting-edge time. There are literally no limits when it comes to trying the premium or pro versions of these quiz makers. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

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