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  • 16 Oct 2019

Essays are nowadays one of the most important parts of one’s academic curriculum. Therefore, learning and building skills in writing a good essay are incumbent in getting good grades. A student learns to write an essay throughout his/her academic career. But it is important to establish a proper groundwork before starting to write one. The most common difficulty noticed while writing an essay is the language in which it is to be written. 

Tips to write better Essays in Foreign Language

Every student tries to make an essay better than the previous one. However, the problem arises while repeating the same trick again and again in writing a different essay with an expectation of making it better than the previous one. Now, the question arises of how to find out tricks and methods that enable you to make an essay better, attractive and interesting for the reader.

Here are few tips that one can follow in order to make their essay creative:

Learn by reading other essays:

To learn to write an essay in a foreign language, one can start by reading essays written by other people. This will give you an understanding and help you in building up your essay-writing style. You should read a range of essays. These essays may be written by your peers or your teachers or some other expert. You should read essays on a variety of subjects and should not just restrict yourself to studying your subject. While studying other essays make a point of what you like or dislike about it? What are the supportive shreds of evidence that the writer includes in his essay? What are the different writing techniques used by the writer to make his essay creative?

Use of Good Vocabulary:

While writing an essay in a foreign language you must also keep in mind the use of good vocabulary. The vocabulary must be as clear and concise as possible. One should always endeavor in displaying a good vocabulary. This enables you to deliver a more persuasive essay. Writing an essay becomes a little tricky sometimes. Not only it requires customized writing but it also requires intellectual thinking while portraying it. Basic customization of your work combined with intellectual thinking will surely help you in writing a great essay. Therefore, one must endeavor in getting a robust understanding of the expectation that an essay has to deliver. 

Adequate Planning:

Before writing an essay in any foreign language it is very important to plan it out in your mind. Planning enables you to organize your thoughts and follow the plans that you have made in making your essay great. By seeing the traditional style of writing an essay, you will notice that it includes an introduction, the body part and a conclusion of your points mentioned. Your planning must include all the parts to be included in your essay in a detailed manner. Planning your essay encompasses a brainstorming task. Moreover, robust research upon the topic is also important before starting your essay. The task may appear to be a burdensome one. Nevertheless, following such disciplinary rules will inculcate within you a habit in writing a great essay. 

Generally, essays are written within its pre-defined parameters to make it an acceptable one. However, one should not restrict itself in just following the rules. Rather following one’s style will help you in making your essay a more creative and interesting one. 

Post-Writing Works:

A simple trick rather an important one is to draft out your essay which is generally referred to as post-writing work. This gives you a chance in understanding your mistakes concerning your improvement in language or inclusion of important points or the inclusion of valid examples. This also allows getting new ideas concerning writing up of a creative essay. Once the essay has been drafted it is very important to go through your work again. Reading up a few times will give you a closer look upon the sentence structure, grammar or even improvement in your wordings. 

You may even ask someone else to read your drafted essay to get feedback upon your work. It would be much better if you ask an expert knowing the language in which you have drafted your essay. They may help you in knowing the various rules that are to be followed while writing an essay in that particular language. You may even consult your teacher or may even learn by reading books. 

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