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We know that when it comes to assignment essay, writing or article language is an essential aspect. Your writing style tells everything about your knowledge. Keep reading so that you will come to know about the methods to analyze the language. It will cover everything about an analyst's perspective and the writer's perspective. The article will include the below-mentioned points:

  • Definition of language analysis
  • Language analysis elements
  • Features of language analysis
  • Techniques of language analysis

What is the Language Analysis?

It is to understand what the writers are trying to say in their piece of writing like an article or an essay in simple words called Language Analysis. How a writer is conveying his thoughts or ideas with the help of techniques of language is also refers to Language Analysis such as sentence structure, speech, word choice, and tone, etc. You have to be very careful while studying or examining an essay/article or any other text piece. Hence each component should be appropriately identified. If you get to write an assignment on language analysis, you should not worry about it as all the aspects of the language help you to have a better analysis of things.

There are Ten Elements used in Language Analysis;

Author, Text type, Audience, Publication, Arguments are supporting Contention, Contention, Visuals, Tones, Title, and Persuasive Techniques. Let discuss them in brief -

  • Author - First of all, find out who has written the writing piece. We should also develop the curiosity about the article that who might have written this? So you should note the name of its author before you should move towards the analyzation of an article or an essay. 
  • Text type – You must know what piece of writing you are going to study. Whether is it a speech, an opinion, a letter, or an editorial?
  • Publication - You should know that who published the write-up?
  • Audience – You should also know about the audience for whom the

 the write-up is getting published.

  • Contention - In the author's write-up, what he is trying to convey or what is the main point he is trying to tell the people?
  • Arguments supporting contention –

The arguments have an impact on the contention of a write-up. So, you must know whether the arguments made were positive or negative.

  • Title - Write-up pieces are an essential part. More audience gets attracted by winning titles. Keep in mind that the title should always relate to the contents.
  • Persuasive techniques - You should need to find out what convincing techniques are used by them. 
  • Visuals - Things you have written in your write-up, such as videos or visual items or other pictures are essential to emphasize. An excellent write-up will always have reliable visuals that support the content.
  • Tones - The content an author expresses in his write-up is reflecting his attitude. The tone remains the same or changes throughout the write-up. The use of syntax, diction, viewpoint and the level of formality reflects his tone in the write-up. So, the tone of the author should be checked by you.

Language Analysis Techniques are as follow:

To understand the format, Identify the use of Rhetorical Language, Finally, write your analysis, Revise and apply final touches.

Five Main Features of Language Techniques:

Alliteration, Simile, Metaphor, onomatopoeia, and personification. Below is the brief description

  • Alliteration - It means words that are having the same sound and same letter at the beginning of the pronunciation. Heavy alliteration should be ignored in the whole write-up because sometimes heavy alliteration makes it blur.
  • Simile - Usage of simile is the next important part of the write-up. It is a figure of speech that compares two things. 
  • Onomatopoeia - "The sound I make" is the literary meaning of it. We can easily feel the sound being made. So an indication of the activity is given by it. In other words, visualization is straightforward.
  • Metaphor - Again, it is an exciting feature of the analysis of language. It is a figure of speech that can be used to compare two things that are not the same, but they do have something in common.

Personification - It is a figure of speech where qualities of human beings are given to non-living objects.

So these are the five main features of the analysis of language.

Five main features of the Language Analysis:

Vocabulary, Syntax, Perspective, Grammar, and Imagery. Let Discuss them in brief

  • Vocabulary - You should need to know about the words used by the author used in his/her write-up. If the author wants to make his write-up more engaging, he should use symbolic characters to make his write-up more interesting. To show some emergency, the author may also use verbs depicting motion in his/her write-up
  • Syntax - The author can also use some tricks in his/her write-up such as No use of punctuation, Short or heavy punctuated sentences.  An author should use folktale and easy narrative language.
  • Perspective – You should also see out the viewpoint that the author is keeping in his/her write-up.
  • Grammar - Sometimes, incorrect grammar is used by an author in his/her write-up. You should check the grammar properly.
  • You should check imagery - What kind of picture is used by the author in his/her write up. The words can also connect things. Mix up of any color can be used by the author in his/her write-up, which symbolizes many things. So the feeling of the author should be checked by you in his/her write-up


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