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Essay writing is an integral part of an academic course. It gives a student practical insight into a real scenario. Essay writing is basically an additional topic given by professors, regardless of course of study and institution.

An essay is a complete writing skill of a student that always develops contradiction based on evidence, analysis, and interpretation. There are many types of essays one might write as a student. Content and extent of essays are completely dependent on the caliber of students, as it might happen that the Essay Help topic assigned to the student is not familiar to them or even they have no idea about it.

So definitely students will take help of other to complete their task and it will be very limited in terms of information, but if students are well aware of the given topic then he might write all the important information and knowledge that they possess in a very lengthy form of essay. However, most academic essays share the same goal.

An essay can be written in three major steps

Preparation: Given the chance to write an essay on your own, the first student should decide the topic of your interest, and then you should have proper research of it, maybe online or with the help of your coursebook. Finally, create an outline of the essay.

Writing: you should be confident enough of what you have mentioned in the introduction by setting an argument, then develop proofs and evidence in the middle or main body stage, and just like other articles and essays wrap it up with the conclusion based completely on your thoughts.

Revision: There is a chance of mistakes done while preparing the essays, so it’s important to revise your entire plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, irrelevant sentence, and the format of your essay.

Apart from this, carefully read the assignment and always makes yourself sure whether you have understood the topic assigned to you very well or not. You should know what content, format, or structure of your essay requires by your tutor. It is also vital that you know when the assignment is due and start working on it well before the due date.

If in case you have very little information about the assigned topic then you can take the help of various online resources and their references of your research as proof.

After you outline your draft for an essay, then you should begin with an introduction which will give an idea about the topic you are going to write an essay. Others like to start with the body of the document, which includes the main part of the text, and then return to complete the introduction once the body is complete.

Many students feel that writing an essay is the easiest task. But how sure are you that paper has turned out flawless? So you should have to do proper proofreading as a next step. Therefore you must have an idea about how proofreading should be carried out.

Proofreading may seem boring, but it can make a lot of difference in your paper, and it will help you in creating a strong impact on your presentation.

There are a few things one should keep in mind before you are submitting your essay

1) Go for a break-This may not sound a convenient option, specifically when you are running out of time or you don’t know how to write an essay properly. However, taking a quick break can actually give you time to gather your thoughts. When you come back to carry on your assignment, you will be able to write your essay with new ideas and will be able to find out the loopholes.

2) Concentrate on individual words and terms-Try paying attention to every single word. We often see what we mint to say and not what’s written there.

3) Read it precisely-when you utter the words you have written down, you can catch the rhythm of your essay and you can quickly notice when something doesn’t seem right. It will assist you to stay focused not only on phrases but also on their meaning.

4) Pay attention to the format-Take a look at specifications laid down by your respective institution. Always ensure that you are maintaining the correct format and maintaining the mentioned instructions.

5) Work on the overall outline-Appropriately outlining an essay means being considerate of the reader’s logic which means you are putting yourself in your reader’s shoes and read the paper carefully. Crosscheck if you have mentioned in the beginning what your essay will be all about, whether your write- up is relevant and meticulously arranged.

6) Write the conclusion and introduction at the last-Write your conclusion and introduction at the last so that you will be able to prepare your introduction and conclusion at the last, more meticulously, as you can understand the course your essay paper is taking. The introduction and conclusion of an essay are some of the toughest parts of your essay therefore keep it away until you have completed the rest of your essay. By the time you have completed the main body of your paper, you will be able to get a clear picture of the direction your essay is taking. Since you already have spent considerable time on your arguments, so that things will be easier for you.

7) Write down the notes directly within the draft-Type in that you had written for your essay directly into the draft as you have created. This could be presented in bullet points or one-line summaries of what you want to include in each of the paragraphs. For each argument do incorporate a few lines on what supporting evidence you have adopted.

8) Prepare the reference list alongside writing the essay-If you have been asked to include a bibliography and reference to your essay, make sure to prepare the list while writing the essay. As and when you quote a text or a speech, make sure to include a footnote stating the source of that particular quote.

9) Type the essay instead of writing it-It is seen that an average person writes the essay slowly instead of typing it. So unless you have been asked to write the essay, you should go for typing it. Therefore it will be simple and more convenient to type the essay instead of writing it and typing the essay will include more words and more meaningful sentences.

Another advantage would be that it would be more convenient for the assessing person to read the typed essay than the handwritten essay. Therefore it would save your effort and would Convenient for the assessing person and thus it would be an added advantage for the two of you.

10) Keep the paper concise-When you are passed against time to write the essay. It is not a good idea to go for long rambling sentences. You should opt for clear and concise words and sentences.

Keeping your essay to the point and coherent when it adequately conveys the right message is the ideal thing to do in this case. Being judicious with words will enable you to explain your ideas more coherently, and will also save your time.

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