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  • 15 Nov 2019

Do you want to make your assignments bold and attractive?

Well, you can do so by applying an appropriate format to your assignment.

Formatting on assignment can be done in many ways. However, one of the most important ways is to follow the Harvard Referencing style.

Confused about what a Harvard referencing style is?

Harvard Referencing style is one of the referencing styles used for inserting the name of the author and the year of its publication within the text. This is done to indicate the source of your reference.

What is the use of the Harvard referencing style?

You may have noticed that many times you need to insert a quotation or a paragraph or an idea from someone else’s original work. But doing so in your work, without taking any prior permission, is a breach of its intellectual property. Thus, by using this style, it is possible to use other's work as a part of your content without breaching any of the laws.

Let us understand the components of Harvard referencing style:

The Harvard referencing style consists of two components. One is the in-text citation and the other is the reference list.

An in-text citation is when we include the name of the author and the year of its publication within a bracket to indicate its possible source.

A reference list is mere underlining of all the sources from where the content has been taken.

There is a difference between the two components.

While an in-text citation is a mere indication of the quotes and paragraphs mentioned, a reference list contains a complete list of citations arranged in an alphabetical order from where the reader can locate the source quite easily.

It must be written in such a way that it becomes very easy for the reader to take the sources from the in-text citation and retrieve the information from the reference list.

While using the Harvard referencing style, you must keep in mind to follow the below-mentioned rules:

  1. The entries to be made in your reference list must be done alphabetically as per the last name of the author.
  2. If you are using several works of the same author, you must arrange them chronologically as per its year of publication.

Let us discuss some of the ways that can help you out in citing from the different types of sources:

  1. From a book:

While citing any information from a book, keep in mind that the title must be mentioned in an Italics format. Keep the first letter of the name in capital.

  1. From an edited book:

Books contain a lot of chapters being written by many different authors. The referencing format to be followed is similar to the format followed for a book with a minor addition. The name of the author is followed by words ‘eds.’ to specifically distinguish the name of the editor from the author.

  1. From an e-book:

While referring to an e-book, you will notice that the information collected by you is not taken from one single source. Make sure you mention all the information mentioning your location, the source from where you have collected the information and the date on which you have accessed the information. The contents of the e-books are updated as and when required. Therefore, you must mention the date of your access properly.

  1. From a journal:

On citing information from a journal, make sure that the title of the information is mentioned within a single quotation mark. It must be followed with a title of the newspaper in Italics in which the journal was being published. Just like the format in the book referencing, keep the first letter as capital.

  1. From an article:

The rules for this are similar to that of a journal. Remember to include the name of the newspaper, date of publish and the name of the editor.

  1. From a film:

You can also cite information from a film. While doing so, keep in mind to include the name of the movie followed by the name of its director.

Let us discuss upon the advantages of using the Harvard referencing style:

  • The primary advantage is that becomes easier for both the author and the reader in using the Harvard referencing style. For the author, it becomes easy as it eliminates the necessity of including a footnote in your assignment. The referencing does not even let your other content on a page to get cluttered up.
  • On the other hand, it becomes easy for the reader to take note of the possible sources and verify its accuracy. 

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