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  • 23 Dec 2019

Education blogs are becoming a new emerging reality nowadays. Educators, students, and education administrators can interact more effectively than ever before. They also provide a great jumpstart to aspiring teachers and are great resources of information for those searching for the best online education programs at minimal costs.

They are the most interactive platforms to spark ideas, thoughts, opinions, creativity, and innovation. Out of approximately 63.1 blogs going on on the internet, about 6000 of them are educational blogs. They are mostly written by parents, businessmen, teachers, administrators, etc. who have their unique style and content.

A good educational blog has 4 criteria to meet to be written and circulated:

  • Social Reach: A blog needs to cover as many aspects of education as it can, so that it stays relevant at the main domain for at least 10 days on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms. It should remain amongst the top 10 searches on the search engine.
  • Activity: The frequency of posting blogs should be high, as it increases your visibility. Content also needs to be updated from time to time to appeal to the readers.
  • Authority: Inbound links will define how good your blog is or not! The more the links are in your blog, the better is the authority of it.
  • Presentation: The presentation of your blog with a proper infusion of the topic and making it engaging will exclusively define the quality of your blog quite significantly. It amounts to how well a combination of all these has been used to make the educational blog more teachable.

These blogs can be submitted by anyone in case they find it helpful or educational. It can either be the one you write yourself or one that you follow. 

  1. The Learning Network 

Falling under the New York Times umbrella, this 1998 originated blog is highly popular amongst students and teaching professionals. They are dedicated to helping people learn and teach with Times Network. 

The content becomes a huge hit among the teachers, students and even bigger networks not only because of the content it showcased but also because of the way it was presented. Yes, it was very connecting and it exclusively becomes one of the best blogs to be read ever all around the world. There is so much to learn from this blog and one must always read it to draft their papers accordingly.

  1. Classroom 2.0

This is another blog that has exclusively caught the attention of a number of readers around the world. Yes, it is not easy to draft such a classical blog which can keep you hooked even when you have read it more than twice. Yes, such as the quality of blog which one must check with if you are a beginner and are processing ahead with the blog. The representation of each and every fact is done so amazingly that it will give you something new to learn about.

There are a number of reason which makes this blog a significant piece of paper and you must go through this before moving ahead with the blog. To make it engaging, there is a number of videos too which is unique and attractive as well.

  1.   Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The one who loves reading about the technological facts must go through this masterpiece as it gives you an amazing outlook on how you must represent all the information that can keep your audience engaged till the end. Yes, it has been considered to be one of the best and exceptionally written contents which one must go through to have a great idea about the way one should represent the respective blog. It’s a great piece to go through and learn how you must represent your information in a precise way.

  1.  Tech Thought

This is another blog that aims to promote a lot of digital products and has exclusively catch a lot of attention from readers all around the world. This is the reason why you must check with this amazing drafted blog as it will give you a proper knowledge of how you must draft technological blogs that connect socially and even provides the best of information which can help you make an impact.

  1.  Homeroom

This blog exclusively deals with education-related issues and has been drafted exceptionally which can connect with the readers. So, you must go through it and understand how you need to draft the respective masterpiece which will help you connect with the audience.

It is a great source and destination of information for anyone willing to stay on top for a larger period. More visibility helps increases its audience exponentially.

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