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  • 24 Jan 2022

An evolution in teaching promotes a greater emphasis on assisting students in their academic pursuits with various tools.

The Best 5 Online Quiz Makers for Boosting User Engagement in 2022

Instilling an idea of learning has now been replaced by traditional learning methods, now reinforcing and polishing skills through quizzes and more. Quizzes act as an asset for a student as well as a mentor that assists in gauging a student's knowledge.

However, formulating a quiz is not an easy task! It takes time. You can seek online quiz help to discover new ideas for quiz formulation. Here, we will discuss some interesting and popular quiz makers that will make your work quite simple! Most of the quiz maker tools are freely accessible, but some cost you for using them! Let's explore. Different quiz makers have various features that offer several benefits to the user.

Here is a list of top five quiz makers you can select that suits you best

The Best 5 Online Quiz Makers for Boosting User Engagement in 2022

1.  Lead Quizzes

Lead Quizzes is an attractive quiz maker tool for marketers and small businesses that can be used to engage the audience and used for business promotion. There is a lot of useful information on how to use the tools to obtain leads and expand your business, out of which this is the one. The Online Quiz Help articulated with the Lead Quizzes benefits students to learn a way to enhance their leads for making smart business decisions.



  • Has 75+ defined templates for Online Quiz Help
  • A reputed quiz maker recommended by a successful entrepreneur Neil Patel with his case study explaining how he increased website leads by 500% through this platform.
  • Without a doubt! Lead Quizzes may be used to construct online tests and assess how many right answers they can deliver in a problematic vocabulary test.
  • A customizable style that is easy to implement
  • Easy to integrate free images from various sources


  • Lead Quizzes only offers a 14-day free trial, while to continue its usage, you have to pay any amount.
  • On cancelling the subscription, all your quizzes on the website will be deactivated.
  • You cannot share your quiz results socially (on Facebook or Twitter)

2. So Go Survey

So Go Survey offers marketing services to help businesses gain new clients. Surveys, email invitations, and notifications are among the tools available to assist users. It includes a few premium plans and a basic free plan, but it also offers free annual licenses to students and non-profit organizations.

So Go Survey


  • With a straightforward, intuitive interface, creating surveys is simple.
  • The most adaptable and configurable survey platform available online
  • More user-friendly with a large number of question kinds and more customized questions than a usual survey platform.
  • Allows you to share your quiz results
  • It is a versatile online quiz help platform that analyses and automatically calculates quiz results.
  • Highly safe and secure


  • Each trial account gives you free, limited access to all of the features in the plan you've chosen.
  • Limited email templates available
  • Offers limited number of responses per survey in the free basic plan

3. Kahoot

Kahoot is one of the best quiz makers that propose an animated way of conducting quizzes and interactive presentations. This Online test help assist mentors in educating students via flashcards or different learning material, assuring their maximum involvement. It is a kind of gamification tool that incorporates zeal among the students to learn concepts easily.

You may easily design a quiz in a matter of minutes. You can use the application to run a live game with questions projected on a large screen or share a game with remote players.



  • Teachers can also get game reports and monitor their students' learning progress using the portal.
  • Different homeschooling apps are available on Kahoot for learning algebra, chess, numerical.
  • Teaching professionals can utilize the app to preview learning content, identify issues that need more attention, host live games, send students self-paced games, conduct formative evaluations, and poll students.
  • Different options for establishing question types and presenting ways
  • It is available for free but has different pricing offers.


  • It uses different and offensive nicknames in games that might hurt the sentiments of individuals.
  • Requires PIN to unlock any quiz
  • No option to collaborate with other teachers for discussion

4. Flexi Quiz

Flexi Quiz allows you to share quizzes both publicly and privately. Auto-grader, reports, email invitations, image and video compatibility, and timed quizzes are just a few of the fascinating features. All of the information (users and their responses) is maintained in the database of your quiz and may be exported in PDF format. It offers powerful online quiz help and allows you to create, send, and evaluate exams, quizzes, and assessments.

Flexi Quiz


  • Let’s you customize your email invites
  • Can be accessed freely
  • Multiple question types are available
  • Offers advanced configuration options
  • Secured with an SSL encryption
  • It includes videos and can be accessed anywhere
  • Auto-grading system


  • Lack of text styles
  • Requires Integration of a few more functions
  • There is no built-in survey to evaluate candidate feedback on the site.
  • Question analysis, including difficulty and discrimination indices, must be included in order to evaluate quiz quality.

5. Quiz Whizzer

Teachers mostly use this online quiz to help produce entertaining quizzes. It is inclusive of a variety of games that can be utilized by the mentors in different ways, with the option of constructing your own personalized game. This is a fantastic free quiz maker tool for learners' involvement and would be extremely beneficial to teachers. By providing a unique way to design your own game, it has gained a lot of users with time.

Quiz Whizzer


  • There's also the opportunity to clone someone else's board game and get started right away.
  • Multiple choice, multiple responses, true/false, numerical answer, brief text answer, and open-ended questions are all supported by the tool.
  • You can even add your avatars to players to further customize your game and improve interaction!
  • You can save the questions from the question bank later
  • The game timer will automatically prohibit participants from answering when the duration runs out.
  • You can gain more details on accuracy and check how well your students performed by downloading the game results as an excel report.
  • The free plan includes all functions and would be ideal for an educator who only wishes to play occasionally.
  • To guarantee optimal learning, students work individually on the questions.


  • Functionality limitation as per the costing as it works based on a credit system; it means different plans are available for using Quiz Wheezer online.
  •  The left-out questions are discarded when the player reaches the finishing line. This isn't good if you're performing some serious rewriting; in that case, the second mode would be more appropriate.


Quizzes are a trendier way of attracting students, marketers, and customers to learn many things. An online quiz maker can help you promote growth or make learning more engaging by using quizzes. To make this learning task exciting, an online quiz help provide an extra hand for simplifying the task.

While observing different features of online quiz makers, which one do you think is the best? Enabling customization and with features to expand your market size through an online mode acts as a secret weapon to help individuals. Apart from these, if you're looking for an interesting quiz design, you can contact My Assignment Help Australia and gain assistance. So boost your quizzing skills, try these tools this year, and have some fun with animated features.

Keep Quizzing!

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