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Before the introduction of the assigned topic, you should first try to understand what exactly Assignment is; it is an act of assigning tasks or responsibilities to be performed by the assignee within the stipulated period of time. The assignment can be given in form of homework, topic, essay, etc. to students which they are supposed to complete during non-school hours. Sometimes these days assignments can be given in live classes as well.

There are various types of assignments that can be assigned to you from your teachers some of them are mentioned below.

  • Project and Project Report: When the teacher assigns you a topic that consists of various sequences of the task and is suppose to be completed within a designated period of time with a certain outcome is a Project. It is a short period task assigned with proper inception and end. Project Reports are the tools of communication with your research, findings conclusion, etc in a form of Hard or Soft copy in written form.
  • Essays: An essay is a form of written documents that are not too long but should be presented and supports the thesis. The essay represents your thought, analysis, views, idea; facts, etc on a particular topic and validates your evaluation. Basically, essays are of four types; Descriptive, small, explanatory, and argumentative.
  • Case Study: It is basically an investigation report which is based on facts and figures and is actually in the real-life context. It is a study that can be done for an individual or a group of persons or for an organization. Unlike, essay and project report case study is a kind of research that is done till the depth for any major complex issues, it is basically done for any running unit where there are some major problems inside the company whether it’s a man staff issue or financial loss issues. No assumption can be made here and proper research is required in conducting these assignments.

The above mentioned are few examples of Assignment, apart from these, there are many more types of assignment which your teacher can assign you like academic homework, writing generals, articles, reviews or bibliography, and even technical assignments too.

The assignment is given by teachers with the aim to generate interest of students towards study to fulfill the spare time of students during nonschool hours and to work on their own responsibility.

Teacher’s assigned these assignments as an exercise from student’s subjects in view of making them revise the topic and analyze whether students have understood the topic well or not.

You should also know the rules for an Assignment like

  1. Instructions: you should always read the instruction first before you start with your assignment then only you will be able to express your requirement to the Assignment Help service so that your task completed without any error.
  2. Read the topic sincerely: you should be well aware of the topic you have been assigned by your instructor, reading the topic or question 2 - 3 times will help you to detect any unfamiliar words and at the same time it can be clear with the instructor.
  3. Research on the topic of assignment: It’s very important to have proper knowledge of the assigned topic, as if you complete your assignment with half information then it might get rejected or results in poor grades, so irrespective of whatever information you have about the assigned topic you should make sure to do more research so that any new findings or updates can be added to your assignments.
  4. Drafting of Outline: it will help you to cover all your ideas and facts in a short summary. Don’t underestimate this point as it helps you in summarizing your assignments.
  5. Academic references: While preparing your assignment you should always mention the references to prove your findings, it always helps you in securing better grades.
  6. Draft: In this form before summarizing up your assignment you can make a draft copy of it first so that whatever errors are there can be rectified and then the final copy should be prepared.
  7. Proofreading & Editing: Check the grammars or any silly mistakes after you prepare the draft copy. So that whatever mistakes you have done should be edited here only.
  8. Plagiarism: This is one of the most important rules while doing your assignment, as if there is any plagiarism in your task then it will immediately get rejected and will also impact on pupil image. It is basically a copy of the content from the internet, so the professor just hates that assignment where there is any plagiarism.
  9. Revision: it is a tool for going through your entire task once again before submission of your assignment.
  10. Final submission: Submit your task timely is the final process of the assignment.

Apart from these major advantages of Assignments which were discussed above students should also keep some more important notes, then only they will be able to design and present the best assignment.

There should be challenges in the assignments: if the instructor assigns any irrelevant or less enthusiastic topic to students then it will demotivate them and they will try to find excuses for not doing the task due to lack of interest so the task should always be interesting and as per the caliber of student.

Message in Assignment:  Assignment should always carry some messages in it as meaningless assignments are usually boring and of less enthusiasm. So it must be definite and specific and should also be narrated in a clear and simple language which can be understandable to others too

Goal-oriented: Instructors clearly instruct you what they want from you in the assigned task, so it’s up to you how you are going to take it up. Your duty, responsibility, and ability to understand the topic will let you understand your goal and frame your assignment accordingly.

Time Limit: Each assignment carries a particular period of time for it. As submitting the task after time gets over is not acceptable by any university.

It plays a vital role in Academics and Teaching; sometimes instructors carry very less information about topics so when the task is submitted by a student which carries a lot of updated information and findings in it then these assignments help’s them to enhance their knowledge about particular topics.

Assignment Helps carries purposes in it, as it needs proper planning and execution. Its main aim is to make students learn effectively and also make them active towards their studies.

Assignments help students to think beyond their level and thoughts, so whenever they got stuck anywhere in the middle of their task they will learn how to come out of it and discover new alternates and findings. This helps them to find out ways in the difficulties. Assignments Help students to learn about synchronization, the importance of a schedule.

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